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Your experience with BMI Healthcare

If you’re living in pain, you don’t have to wait for treatment. At BMI Healthcare, you can get fast access to private care when you need it. We have hospitals located across the UK so your local BMI hospital
is never too far away. Find us online and speak and
one of our friendly advisors. We’ll book you in for
an initial consultation within 48 hours and if you’d
like to pay for yourself, discuss flexible finance options, allowing you to spread the
cost of your treatment. Upon arriving at our hospital, our reception staff
will get you checked in. During your appointment,
we will take the time to discuss your symptoms and any concerns. Our experienced team of consultants will assess your condition and book you in for any tests or scans that you may need. From this, they will create a bespoke treatment plan for you. This may be a program of physiotherapy or other noninvasive treatments, or it may be that you’re
recommended for surgery. If you do require a scan, a member of our team will
be there to support you and talk you through every step. We want to make sure you
feel comfortable and informed throughout your journey. Once these assessments are completed, we’ll talk you through treatment options and decide together what’s best for you. If you need surgery, we’ll
schedule a pre-assessment. This might be done over the phone, or it could be face-to-face. Your pre-assessment will
include a discussion on your health and medical history, so that both we and you
can be fully prepared for your procedure. You’ll also be given guidance about what to expect on the day, and advice on preparing your
home for when you return. On the day of your operation, our friendly ward staff will
prepare you for your treatment, and we’ll always be on hand,
should you have any questions. Your comfort and safety
is always our priority. You’ll begin your
recovery in a comfortable, well-equipped private room. Our on-site kitchens offer
various meal options, which can be tailored
to your dietary needs. Our dedicated team is always on hand to support you throughout your stay. After a final round of checks, when your consultant
and nursing team and you are fully satisfied with your progress, you’ll be given the all clear and allowed to return to
the comfort of your own home to continue your recovery. The reassurance of private aftercare means we’re still here for
you after you return home. Whether with calls,
follow-up appointments, or physiotherapy, we’ll
monitor your progress and make sure you’re on track to recovery. Let us help you get back to being you.

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