Your Biggest Questions About The Mastery of Sleep | Dr. Michael Breus & Vishen Lakhiani
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Your Biggest Questions About The Mastery of Sleep | Dr. Michael Breus & Vishen Lakhiani

Now, Michael,
people always have interesting questions about the program. And what we want to do over here
is spend a few minutes going through some of the most common questions. You all set? I’m ready to go. Great. So, the first question is,
will this require me to take any type of medication or purchase
any special equipment? No, absolutely not. There are a couple of things
that might be helpful in terms of accentuating what we’re doing. Like, if we’re talking about light,
maybe you might want to consider blue light blocking glasses,
but everything is contained in the course and it will help you without ever doing
anything outside the course. Now, second question is,
who is this program for? Literally, it’s for everybody. Now, I would be honest in saying that we
probably don’t want people taking it who are under the age of probably 16 years old
because their sleep patterns are going to be very, very different,
and I would have to make special accommodations for them,
but literally everybody out there would be able to benefit from this course. So, this is a common question, I guess.
“I don’t have a lot of extra time. How many hours will I have to
spend on this program?” So, it’s actually not that much
time at all. I mean some of the modules
are only five minutes. Some of them might be as long as 20. The only thing I ask you to do on a
regular basis is to track your sleep and then also do the assignments
in the Facebook group. Next, how is this program different
from any other way of learning and optimizing sleep? Well, I think the first thing
that shows a big difference is just the depth of content
that we’re going to be giving people. I mean it’s unbelievable how much
information we’ve got here but I really like the adaptive learning section
of this part as well because it becomes personalized and that’s the thing that’s
so different than anything else that I’ve ever seen is nobody actually created
programs that people can go and do, have differences in their lives
that would affect their sleep. So this is what’s so amazing about this. I mean there’s literally
not one like this in the world. Right, I mean and then, of course,
there are books you can read on optimizing sleep but we know that typically,
when people read these books, it may lead to one or two ideas but it
doesn’t lead to a rapid transformation. This program is designed
to transform people on an identity level. That means your beliefs,
your mindset, your attitudes all shift. Now, for this to happen,
there are a couple of ingredients which are necessary. One is it cannot be a straight-up
watch eight hours of video. It has to be 5 to 20 minutes a day today. Slowly, behavioral modification occurs. It has to be done with a community because
we learn our best often when we are collaborating and communicating
with everyone. Now you don’t have to join the community
but that’s there as a bonus. And, it has to be spread out over 28 days
because it takes around that time for you to start locking in these new beliefs
and these habits, and that’s what makes this effective. Finally, it’s Mindvalley’s magic. It’s the quality of the app,
the quality of the filming, the quality of our teacher,
The Michael Breus, and the quality of our learning lab which actually builds these
programs constantly taking into account all these different dimensions and
theories on learning so that we actually have completion rates 10 times better
than most ordinary programs. It’s really amazing because when you
get people in that environment, they almost can’t help
but change their lives. Now, another question is,
“Do I have to sleep eight hours a day?” No, that’s the whole point. You’re going to figure out exactly
how much sleep you need, and then when you should have it,
and that’s what’s going to happen. And then, “I have a diagnosed sleep
disorder such as sleep apnea or narcolepsy.
Will this program help me?” So, that’s a great question
that I think we should definitely spend a minute or two on. So, this is not a program for somebody
who’s trying to cure or treat their sleep disorder. So, if you have undiagnosed apnea
or narcolepsy or restless legs, this is not the course for you. However, if that’s something that you’ve
been treated for and that’s currently going on and you want your sleep quality
to improve, this is absolutely a course for you. So, again, this is not a course to fix
or treat your apnea, narcolepsy, or restless legs but,
if that’s already been treated in you, you are good to go. Fantastic, Michael.
So, this is amazing stuff. I cannot wait to get started and thank you
so much for joining us in Mindvalley. No, the pleasure is all mine. I’m excited to be part of the Mindvalley
community, part of Mindvalley platform, and really help people,
educate themselves about this. And, thank you, all of you guys,
for watching. So, if you want to sleep like a champion,
simply scroll down below, click enroll, and I’ll see you in our sleep program
with Michael Breus. I cannot wait to see the results you’re
going to be getting from this program.

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