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– Hi, everyone and
welcome to Yoga with Adriene. I’m Adriene and this is Benji. And today, we
have yoga for nurses or for anyone who’s
wanting to nurture themselves. This is a yummy practice so
hop into something extra comfy and let’s fill our cups. (upbeat music) Alrighty, my friends. Today, we’re gonna
begin lying flat on our backs. Yay! So take your time getting there. There’s no rush. Remember, this time is for you. This valuable,
valuable precious time with your body, with your
breath and with your heart. When you get there, go ahead
and lay all the way down. So relax your limbs. Let your arms rest
gently at your sides. If you have a ponytail or,
I don’t know why I said that so weird,
that’s a weird pony. If you have a ponytail, go
ahead and put it to the side. And alright, ladies and
gentlemen, boys and girls, let’s take one nice, full, conscious
breath in together to begin. Here we go. Big inhale in through the nose. And exhale out
through the mouth. Don’t be shy. Awesome. Close your eyes
and just take a moment to notice where you’re at today. Start with the
soles of the feet. We’re gonna scan the body all
the way up from the soles, all the way to
the crown of the head. So, depending on
your personality type and your energetic state, we all experience this
body scan a little different depending on whether you’re
more right brain or left brain. So I don’t really
wanna tell you how to do it but rather, just
invite you to scan the body from the soles of your
feet to the crown of the head and to breathe
deep as you do so. Close your eyes and begin. Nice full body scan. Take your time and if
you zoomed through it, you can go back to the soles
of the feet and try it again. See if you notice anything new. Great, and then as you’re ready, you’re gonna take a
deep breath in again. And exhale out
through the mouth. Don’t be shy. So we sigh out through
the mouth, our little sigh. We’re signaling the brain. Communicating that this
time is time to slow down. Check in, take stock. All right, bring the
thumb to your fingerprints. You’re just gonna move your
thumbprint on your fingers starting out nice and slow. And if you’re totally exhausted
and you’re like so tired, you can go to sleep here. I got your back. We’re gonna ease
in nice and gentle. So just take one
moment at a time. Try to, just let one
present moment be a window or a doorway into the next. So don’t get
ahead, if you’re tired. It’s all good and
that’s why we’re here, to nurture your sweet self. Self-care, self-love is the way. And through this practice today, will hopefully
leave you feeling nurtured so that you can fill your cup and be
available to serve others, help others, nurture others. Alright, release
the fingertip thing. We’re gonna bring the palms
now flat down to the earth and you’re gonna
press into the earth and use this
connection to sweet Mama Earth to press, excuse me,
draw the navel down as you press with the hands and you’re gonna slowly lift
the knees up towards the chest. You can do it
either at the same time for a little core stimulation or if you want
to keep it softer, just one knee at a time. Then scoop the tailbone up. You’re gonna give
yourself a big hug. Wrap the arms around your
legs and then close your eyes and find what
feels good here. You might rock
gently side to side, you might point
and flex the feet. And we’re just
finally dropping in, realizing, oh my gosh,
I need this time, I need this practice. Feel your yoga mat rising
up to meet your back body. This practice has your
back, I have your back. I admire you for being the type of person who is willing to serve others but even more so
for taking the time to make sure that you, yourself, are taken care of and nurtured
so that you can do your job and be your best self. Hold on to your right knee,
send the left leg out long. Go ahead and let the
left heel come to the earth. You’re really gonna
squeeze the right knee up towards your heart and then open it up
towards your shoulder. Again, squeeze it
up towards your heart and the action of drawing
open towards your shoulder. Right, activate your left leg. So firm down
through the left thigh bone, left toes up towards the
sky, take a deep breath in. And a long breath out. Great, then you’re
gonna lift your left knee up, press your left
foot into the ground. You’re just gonna shift
your hips over to the right and then extend
your left leg out again and you’re gonna come
into the supine twist. So you’re just
shifting your hips over towards the
right a little bit. And then right knee comes over towards the left
side of your mat. And then you can stay here opening up through
the right armpit, chest, the pec, the shoulder
or bend the left knee. You’re gonna reach down. Aim to grab your right,
excuse me, your left foot, your left toes
with your right hand. And then we open
up the chest here. So you’re opening the right
shoulder towards the right, kind of down towards the earth. And then the last
yummy ingredient here is just
breathing into the belly. Think spa breaths today. Whatever that means to you. The way you
would breathe in a spa. And don’t get sad if
you’ve never been to a spa. You know, don’t
choose that path. Just use the creative image too. Oh, what would a
spa breath be like? A blissful breath. (breathing deeply) One more, inhale in here. Right down into the belly. Gorgeous and then your exhale to release that
bottom foots, bottom leg and then slowly guide it
back all the way to center. Shift the hips down
right to the center line and hug both
knees into the chest. Awesome, this time we’re gonna
take the hands to the knees. You’re just draw
gentle circles in one way and then the other. One way and then the other. So massaging the
lower back, the SI joint. We’re stretching
through the hips and the glutes. And maybe, most importantly, we are just taking
this time to soften our gaze and close our eyes,
breathe deep and again, feel supported. So you spend so much
energy supporting others, being present, listening,
to being very supportive so just take a
moment to really feel that. In fact, you might
quietly whisper to yourself, I am supported. I am supported. Sweet, then hold
on to your left knee, send your right
leg all the way out. Go ahead and bring your
right heel to kiss the earth. And squeeze the left
knee in towards your heart and then open it
towards your left shoulder. Again, the action is
squeezing in towards center and then opening. So we’re creating
a little compression in the front of the
left hip crease here. Breathe deep. (breaths deeply) Then lift up
through your right knee. Press your right
foot into the ground, lift your hips,
scooch it over to the left and then extend
your right leg out. And as you’re ready, guide the
left knee over supine twist. Notice how this
side is different. Right side, left side. And breathe like
you love yourself. Left arm can go all
the way out and stay there or we’ll bend the
right knee this time. Maybe reach down, try to catch
the right toes, right foot and then open the left
shoulder one more time. And then go ahead
and use your right hand to gently guide that
left knee a little deeper. Breathe deep here. Breathe into your belly. Spa breaths. (breathing deeply) So when I get
really busy with work or when I get really invested
in other people’s stories, I have to up my self-care and tend to my mental
headspace, not just my body. But I have to be able to kind
of soften my thinking space and make sure that
I’m taking time to restore and tend to myself so that I
don’t spiral out of control worrying about
others or depleting myself. Take one more breath. That’s why the spa
breath is so important. Okay, and then use
and exhale to release the bottom leg and we’ll
shift slowly back to center. Hug both knees into the chest, and then this time,
we’re gonna inhale in, exhale, peel the
nose up toward the knees. So it doesn’t
have to come close, just creating spaciousness
between the vertebra. And then if you want,
you can grab the feet, you can grab the shins or you can take your
hands in to the midline and take a
little Happy Baby here. So I have some options. A little hedgehog pose. Maybe you’re here or Happy Baby. Take three
cycles of breath here. Count them out. One. (breathing deeply) And two. (breathing deeply) And three. (breathing deeply) And then we’re
gonna bring the hands to the back of the thighs. Keep breathing nice
long cycles of breath and we’re gonna rock
and roll all the way up. So take your time massaging through
the length of your spine. You should feel really awesome. We’re also waking
up the core muscles that we need for a strong back but also a nice
connection to that third chakra which is our
home base, it’s that self-care center. And then rock as many times as you feel
awesome and comfortable and you’re gonna
come all the way through to a nice comfortable seat. You can center
yourself on the mat. And then right
away, let’s inhale, reach for the sky, big stretch. And then exhale, you’re going
to open twist to the left. Now fingertips can
go down to the earth or maybe you
catch a little bind. And then inhale,
reach for the sky. Back to center and
exhale to the right. Catch a bind or
fingertips on the mat. Inhale back up to center, lift
all four sides of the torso, lift and lengthen, exhale. Open twist to the left. Inhale to center. Sync up with your breath here, open twist to the right. And you can find a
little more fluid movement here. Inhale, reach up high. Exhale, open twist. Maybe integrating the neck here. Keep it going. One more time on each side. Beautiful, inhale reach up. Exhale bring the hands down. You’re gonna open the
legs a little wider now so that we come
into Baddha Konasana. So the soles of the
feet are gonna come together. You’re gonna take
your hands to your feet and you’re gonna
practice a little self massage. Now, you can start
by taking the thumbs to the arches of your feet and just gonna kind of start
there and work your way out. And then take
your eyes off the video and I mean this
with all sincerity. Like really focus in
on what you’re doing. I’m laughing because I
know it can seem kind of silly but many people
will get emotional here. And I wanna tell
you why I think that but I just want you to
feel your way through this. And if you’re not feeling
anything, that’s great too. Just give yourself a
nice little foot massage. Breathe deep. All right and when you’re ready, you gonna open the
feet as wide as you can, just like a book. You don’t have to force it. And you’ll grab the ankles,
try to keep the feet open and then roll up really
tall through your spine. Inhale, lots of
love in, stay present. Exhale, relax
your shoulders down. Lots of love out. Try to create more space. Inhale, lots of
love in, lift your chest. Exhale, relax
the shoulders down. Lots of love out. Great, take the left ear. Drop it over the left
shoulder, breathe deep. So I’m actively kind of tagging some weight down
through my right elbow. And then bring it up to
center nice and easy breezy over to the other side. Oh, yeah. Awesome, bring
it back to center. Take the hands, lift them up. Bring them to the
outer edges of the legs, slowly close the
knees together, lean back. Lift your shins. If this is too much on your back and we’re kind of
needing to nurture the back, you can keep the toes on the
ground or heels on the ground. Otherwise, you’re just gonna get a little core strengthening. You can hold on to
the backs of your legs or you can send the
fingertips out wide. We’re just gonna
breathe deep here and see if we
can keep a nice calm, cool softness in the face. So soften your brow. And then the pose is really
meant to inspire the breath and the breath
there to nurture the pose. So the more we can sync those
two things up, the better. So breathe deep. Awesome, then in the air here, see if you can catch some air. You’re gonna cross
one ankle over the other. Bring the palms together, and then we’re gonna slowly clap and then rock
all the way through and take it to
Downward Facing Dog. Take your time getting there. Let each
movement be soft and easy. Remember the
intention of today’s practice is not meant to bust
your chops or break you, but rather to nurture. So let your movement and the
way you move reflect that. Shake the head,
soften through your jaw. And then here we go. We’re gonna do baby steps all the way to
the top of the mat, but really see how
many steps you can take. So pay attention to the nuance. Try to stretch through
the fascia of the foot, the ankles, the Achilles. You might crisscross the feet
to get more into the calves and then through the backs
of the knees, the hamstrings. Then once you arrive
at the top of your mat, bring the feet hip width apart and bend your knees so
that we can give some love, and by some, I mean a lot
of love to your lower back. Clasp opposite
elbow and breathe deep, inhaling lots of love in, as you bend your
knees generously. And exhaling, relaxing
the weight of your head over. Letting go. Fabulous, release the arms. Press in all four
corners of the feet, tuck your chin into your chest and with so much love
and tender loving care, roll up to Mountain Pose. And as you rise up here, try not to fidget and
if you did, it’s all good. Take what you need. And see if you can just
pause and be still here. Allow your breath to evolve. Nice full loving breaths. Awesome, then we’ll
slowly bat the eyelashes open if your eyes were closed. We’re gonna inhale,
reach up, look up. And then exhale,
soft bend in the knees as you open twist to the left. And then inhale,
reach up, look up. Ground through the heels,
exhale, soft bend both knees as you open twist to the right and then keep it going
just like we did before. Inhale, reach up rise up. And sync up with your breath. Exhale, open, maybe look back and then inhale,
reach up, look up, rise. Moving with your breath and again, protecting the knees by keeping them nice and bent
every time you open twist. So most people practicing
this will probably intuit that but just in case,
be really mindful. Soft bend as you open twist. Let’s do one more on each side. Nice yummy spa breaths. Inhale, reach. Awesome, then the next time
you inhale, reach for the sky, bring the palms together. You could give it
a clap if you like. And then we’re gonna Forward
Fold all the way back down. Great, then
bend both knees here. Right fingertips are gonna
come to the center of your mat. And then you’re gonna slowly
straighten just the left leg. Keep the right knee bent
as you reach left fingertips up towards the sky. Big open twist
and then take it down. Inhale. Exhale. Open twist to the right. Straighten the right leg. Keep the left knee bent. And back down and same thing. So you inhale to center, exhale the twist. And then you’re alternating
which leg is straight, which leg is bent. Alright, even it out. Bring it all the way down. Forward Fold. Awesome, from here,
we’re gonna bend the knees, plant the palms. I’m just gonna step one
foot back and then the other. One Plank Pose in this practice just to wake up
our center or core. Big breath in. And then exhale all the way
down to the belly nice and slow. Loop the shoulders,
pull the elbows back. Inhale, open the chest. Baby Cobra. And then release. Awesome, you’re gonna
press up to all fours, then curl the toes under and then peel it from your tail. Downward Facing Dog. Big breath in. Long breath out. Sweet, baby steps
to the top of the mat. Take your time here. Really maximize this journey so you can find
stretch in the side body. Again, waking up
through the feet, tending to some tired legs by stretching through
the Achilles, the calf. And then all the way
back up to Forward Fold at the top of your mat. Great, feet hip-width apart, inhale, halfway lift,
lengthen through the spine. And exhale to soften and bow. Root to rise here. Press into the feet,
bend your knees a little, reach the fingertips
way up high, big stretch. And then exhale, hands to heart. Mountain Pose. Take a deep breath in
and a long breath out. Beautiful. So from here, we’re
gonna walk the feet together, really together. And I like to
challenge my friends lately to try to do that
without looking down. It’s harder than you think. Then bring the palms
together if they aren’t already. We’re gonna shift the
weight to the left foot and slowly pick
the right knee up high. So we’re gonna squeeze and lift. Interlace the fingertips,
squeeze and lift. Lift, lift, lift. You can rotate the right ankle
one way and then the other. And then bring the left
hand back at your heart space and you’re gonna
take the right foot and bring the right heel either all the way up
to your left inner thigh or maybe drop it down
to your left inner calf or maybe big toe on
the ground for a Tree Pose. Hands on the heart,
palm face down. So pick your Vrksasana today. And you’re gonna try to hug
everything into the midline as you open up through
that right outer hip lengthen tailbone down. Think upper body lifting and back body grounding. And then tap into a
little ocean breath here. You might soften your gaze down or challenge yourself or if it just
feels better today, we’re aspiring to look up. You might do that. Find your flavor
and breathe deep. And then slowly bring
the right knee back up, squeeze and lift. We’re gonna inhale,
reach for the sky. Standing one-legged Tadasana. And then check it out. Exhale, open twist
to the right, whoa! Hug everything into the midline. Open, twist. You might create
a little resistance between your left
arm and your right knee. Maybe you look
back, breathe deep. Inhale in and then exhale, release everything,
Mountain Pose. Awesome work, super fun. Inhale, lift the chest. Exhale, relax the shoulders. All right,
inhale, hands to heart. Shift your weight
to your right foot. Bring the feet
together without looking down. Awesome, then slowly
lift the left knee up. So activate the core here. Interlace the fingertips,
squeeze and lift. Press away from the earth. So press your
standing foot down. Lift your chest. We’re creating a
healthy flow of energy with this little
ditty here so stay focused. Breathe deep. Rotate the left ankle. It might start to
get a little warm here. It’s all good. And then the right
hand comes to the heart and you’ll find your Tree Pose on the other side, your version. And there’s a tendency to kinda push into
the right side of the body so let’s balance out right
side and left side of the body by pushing back a little bit. Finding that
equilibrium, that balance. And then again,
you might look up today or soft gaze down. Find what feels good. Maybe you challenge
yourself by closing your eyes. And then notice what’s
coming up in your mind, your heart space
and just breathe deep. Create a little warmth. Awesome, then you’re gonna
slowly inhale, lift the chest. And exhale, release. Bring that left knee back in. We’re strengthening core here. Squeeze and lift,
standing one-legged Tadasana. Inhale, reach for
the sky and then exhale. Keep pressing
into that standing leg, lift your left knee up,
open twist to the left. Create a little resistance
here, a little fulcrum. Hug navel in and up. So upper abdominals
and lower bellies zip in towards your navel and you might look back past
your left shoulder, breathe. And then use an
exhale to release everything. Mountain Pose. Whoa, bring the feet
together, really together. Bring the hands to your heart. Take a deep breath in. Exhale, close your eyes. Inhale. Cleansing exhale. Release something,
let something go. Great. Final asana, we’re
gonna step the feet very wide. So feet will start parallel and then you’ll inch
your big toes in a hair. So you can really feel the
outer edges of the feet connect. Inhale, hands together and lift
your chest, lift your heart. Exhale, microbend in the
knees as we’ve been doing, then you gonna
send the hips back, lead with your chest. Standing
wide-legged, Forward Fold. Eventually, the hands
will come down to the earth. You might widen your stance,
you might make it more narrow and then yogi’s
choice, my dear friends. You might bring
the hands in line with the arches of the feet, bringing the
crown of the head down. If headstand is your
practice, you can send it up. Maybe we’re here
keeping the wrists right underneath the shoulders. You’ve done a lot of twisting, but if you’re feeling
it and you wanna continue, you can do open
twist to the right and open twist to the left. So we’ll take five cycles. Five mindful
cycles of breath here. Engaging the inner thighs,
staying connected to your core. Letting go of
any stress or tension by simply
breathing with consciousness. Keeping the skin
of the face soft and relaxed. If you’re upside down,
make your way back down. If you’re in a twist,
even it out. We’ll slowly walk
the hands back out. And this time, bring
them to the waistline. Bend the knees,
activate your core. And again, with your heart,
lead the way, rise up strong. Great, beautiful. Just feel the effects here,
blood flow, energy, that flush. (breathing deeply) And then we’re gonna slowly
inch the feet nice and slow all the way back
in and underneath us. Keep the hands on the waistline, and stand tall. Inhale, lots of love in. And exhale, relax the
shoulders, lots of love out. Awesome work. Release the
fingertips down to come up. We bring the palms together and all the way
up to the third eye. Close your eyes and just feel
this out for a second here. Feel your feet on the earth. Feel the energy
that you stirred up. Blanket yourself in love here, and gratitude for taking
the time to fill your cup. I wanna personally
thank you for all you do to take care of others. Probably goes without
saying, but I genuine, I’m gonna get emotional but I genuinely
believe that this practice is a great tool for all of us to take better care of ourselves so that we can
take care of each other. Treat everyone with the
love and respect and kindness that the world needs. Can I get an amen? Okay, take a deep breath here. And exhale one
last cleansing breath. The awesome in me
bows to the awesome in you. Please share these
practice with anyone who you think
might benefit from it and I’ll see you next week. Namaste. (upbeat music)

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  33. It's the UK's National Health Service 70th birthday coming up. An amazing service that ensures free health care for us and is delivered by an incredibly hard-working workforce of care givers. I will share this with them as a birthday gift. Thank you Adriene for caring for the carers. x

  34. Adriene thanks for the daily reminder to be happy ! How feasible is for u to release a serie/video/practice for unicorns? ๐Ÿฆ„

  35. I imagined myself as a hard working nurse at the end of a long shift and used this practice to gain strength in my mind and body too. Many of us need mental strength to support those close to us and you give us positivity and love to help us do this. You are awesome Adriene, we love you so ๐Ÿ’žfeeling emotional ๐Ÿง˜๐Ÿผโ€โ™€๏ธ๐Ÿง˜๐Ÿปโ€โ™€๏ธโ˜บ๏ธ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ’ž

  36. Hi Everyone, I'm following along with Adriene's "Catch a Wave" June calendar so I am repeating this practice again 6 months later. I am a year into my career as an RN and this practice couldn't have come at a better time. As I lay on the floor in supine twist and said to myself, "I am supported," tears actually came to my eyes. As a nurse, I spend so much of my time listening and supporting others, often a complete stranger whom I've just met for that 12.5 hour shift. It's a nice reminder that I have people on my side too, supporting me and giving a s*** about what happens to me. Love to this community. Love to Adriene. Namaste.

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  38. I'm just so happy and surprised over how much my balance has improved this year! When doing the one-legged pose today I was sure I was on my stronger, right leg at first, before I realized I had been doing a tree pose on my weaker left leg without struggling at all. Love the monthly calendars and how much regular yoga practice has helped me both mentally and physically โค๏ธ

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  42. RN here. Oh my god you werenโ€™t kidding about getting emotional. I was actually crying while engaging in this video and I was crying for myself. I have not been practicing real self-love and self-care lately and your words were just a reminder to me. We always use the oxygen mask example: we must take care of ourselves before we take care of others.

    Thank you, Adriene โค๏ธ

  43. Wonderful practice! Can we get a yoga for law enforcement? My boyfriends hips suffer from carrying that weight on the belt.

  44. Thank you so much for this beautiful practice. Even though I'm no longer at the bedside, my back often thinks I am, and this practice helped loosen up some of those spaces. I plan to share this with my freshmen next fall, which will include nursing students, rad tech students, and respiratory therapy students. Get them taking care of themselves while they're preparing for the helping professions, you know? On that note, if you are ever looking for ideas for other "yoga for x profession" flows, may I suggest radiography and respiratory therapy?

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  48. Did this in honor of the nurse practitioner I saw today for a physical and the nurse that administered a flu shot and another nurse that took my blood for lab work. Thanks!!!

  49. Adrienne- Thank you so much for this video. I just finished 2 13-hour graveyard shifts (I have one more to go) and havenโ€™t been able to sleep more than 7 hours between the 2 days. My body was tapped and aching from walking the ER floor all night, but I did this practice in my pitch-black room to try and relax. I started in my bed (a yoga no-no Iโ€™m sure!) and continued the practice with my eyes closed, listening to your voice until I was out of my bed fully taking part in my self-care. Now my feet and heels have stopped aching, my knees and back have stopped aching, and while I havenโ€™t slept- I feel refreshed! Truly, thank you for your gift of service. – E

  50. This is awesome! Saving this to do after shifts in the pharmacy! Flu season is upon us and it's already getting to be so busy! We're on our feet all day with no break, and this practice is a balm and a gift. Thank you Adriene โ™ฅ

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