Yoga at Elderday Adult Day Health Care
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Yoga at Elderday Adult Day Health Care

I teach Shakti Naam Yoga It’s a yoga that is based in healing It’s heart-centered, it works with breath, sound, movement. We can do it in a chair, we can do it standing our group we do it sitting. What I notice in our participants is that they are more alert They’re very present and very grounded in their body They’re ready to move on to their next social activity. It creates more room for them to connect and socialize. And, they keep asking for it! Because they really, really like it. So even those who may not have, you know, a strong memory of what we’re doing, they really… it taps in. It taps in to their nervous system, and enough so that they really continue to want to do it and enjoy doing it. They’ve gotten quite good at it!

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