Would She Still Date Him After He Says This….??  | Tell My Story, Blind Date
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Would She Still Date Him After He Says This….?? | Tell My Story, Blind Date

[Music] my ideal woman is like someone that you see walking down the street and you’re just like damn she’s attractive like she has a nice smile but you see like she has like a sophistication about her ideal guy is a little scruffy looking maybe you’re mountain man I’m not super picky when it comes to appearance it’s mostly the things that the appearance says about you that I’m more interested in like how long did you spend on your hair today [Music] your name is chase and this is your story you are 31 years old for work you are in marketing promotion your cultural or ethnic background is black and maybe Nordic somehow my name is actually feel I am 31 and one of the jobs that I have is a marketing like brand rep and I am black not sure I don’t know what Nordic is but I’m not Nordic your name is Nicole and this is your story you are 25 for work you are a bartender your cultural ethnic background I think it’s Caucasian my name is Megan 29 years old for work I’m an actor and I am white I grew up on a farm my mom rode horses my dad was a pilot I’m kind of a hippie because like I’m really strict about not wasting things and trying to be sustainable and I don’t use normal shampoo and conditioner on my hair I’ve had my heart broken with my most recent relationship sometimes it seems like it’s just you and the other person doesn’t necessarily have the same vision as you like just completely destroys relationship your first concert you’ve ever went to was in sync you’re guilty music pleasure is idiom and your favorite type of music is pop all right first concert I went to was meat loaf I’m not guilty about EDM but my guilty pleasure is probably like emo and I’m not a pop person my favorite type of music is oldies okay first concert you ever went to is like a John Legend you’re guilty musical pleasure is like emo ish stuff and your favorite type of music is jazz my first concert I haven’t went to like my mom took me to like a Janet Jackson concert it was like a long time ago my guilty pleasure is actually like EDM music and my favorite type of music is hip hop when you say like like emo music me like like R&B or like like like you having a breakdown or something to play I don’t know it’s like guys with guitars okay like pour out their emotions okay maybe I didn’t necessarily grow up with both of my parents I live with my mom most of my life and then when I got high school I moved with my grandmother so what I was like very observant about what’s necessary in order to have like a great stable family my dad was home a lot even though he was the worker the breadwinner he was probably around more than my mom he worked probably less than half of the month so we always had dinner together no matter how much like I was fighting with my mom which I did a lot the good thing about my mom was that she made me super independent you want to get married sometime in the future your greatest fear about married life is getting trapped and the main role of a man in the marriage is to provide the role of a woman in a marriage is to be supportive and mostly raise the family I do want to get married sometime in the near future my greatest fear about married life is being lied to the role of the man is definitely the provider and I think the role of a woman in their marriage is to support you want to get married sometime in the future your greatest fear about being married is being lied to and you think the role of a man in a marriage is to be a leader and the role of a woman is to support I don’t know if I want to get married sometime in the future my greatest fear about married life is feeling controlled the role of a man in a marriage is to just do his thing in the world of a woman it’s just do her thing I have weird thoughts on marriage I don’t I am a very free bird I probably tough for a lot of guys to deal with i man I think I have a general idea – I grew up in a pretty traditional family like my dad worked my mom stayed home but even so she was not a normal home maker wife I got from her this sense of like I just want to do whatever I want as far as like the rose in marriage it’s just what I’ve witnessed that like works just from like having conversations with like older people who are married we’re like in a new age but it’s still like you go out on a date like the man put out your check and pull out that card like you pay like you you provide it’s not to say like the woman is like beneath the man it’s just like as a man like you just feel better when you feel better like about yourself I have a big fear like guys expecting me to be a certain way but all that being said I feel like such a hypocrite because I do love getting taken out like a guy paying for it like doing the courting phase [Music] at the beginning I said I would date you he seemed like sweet and you actually seemed a little shy and then now after we have talked I changed their traditional roles of marriage and stuff I think because I am so afraid of like getting pinned down that I’ve learned to just be like don’t even try to wrestle with it all right at the beginning I said that I would date you like even still after hearing like your answers and like how we have certain differences like I still would they too because just for like though like you seem like you know how to have like a really good time awesome I mean not really disappointed it sucked but you know you can feel it like where it was gonna go some people would like dismiss things before they even get a chance to test it out I think it’s great to kind of get the important stuff out of the way but yeah I wish I could do this with like every every potential nice to meet you [Music]

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100 thoughts on “Would She Still Date Him After He Says This….?? | Tell My Story, Blind Date

  1. She’s not for him..he can have different that’s better for him..even right when you see them they don’t go together at all..couldn’t you have paired up people better? Or did you want this to happen? Lmfao

  2. Best thing mom taught me was to be super independent……..that’s perfect when your seeking companionship. I guess?

  3. when this chick looked at the paper when it asked her if she would date him it was like she seen her first math problem again

  4. Whhat? why are these white people scared, say yes to the chemistry… its not like you have to marry him jeez. its a date!!!

  5. It was kind of mean how she rejected him and laughed about it then laughed after he said he would date her

  6. She is stupid. So many women cannot get a decent man who wants to provide and worst yet even get a man to marry them. Most men out there are losers,users and abusers. She lost out on a good guy.

  7. Omg I literally guessed her name right before she said it!!! 🙆🏾‍♀️🙆🏾‍♀️🙆🏾‍♀️🙆🏾‍♀️🙆🏾‍♀️🙆🏾‍♀️ When he said Nicole, I said nah, she looks like a Meghan… and she was!!

  8. She talking about paying for meals??? 🤔 I’ll pay her no attention that’s what I would pay her 🤷🏾‍♂️

  9. I agree with the girl. And I was really good at understanding what each of them wanted. Especially the woman

  10. the major eye rolling is cause this weekend knock off is living in the 90s in his man heart and confused with many contemporary women . the role of a woman is to be a partner…..the end……

  11. I don’t see why everyone is hating on the girl? I wouldn’t be comfortable dating someone who only expects themselves to be the “leader” or “provider” even though it might be traditional

  12. Oh my god let her reject ppl as long as it’s not in a rude way which apparently y’all think this was which To I respond that y’all really overreacting

  13. No my guy. That's when you or her have to compromise and then start the journey downhill. And then get destroyed by the relationship.
    Luckily she said no.

  14. does anyone finds it uncomfortable when he started to make assumptions about her? if so, why? i mean, when someone makes assumptions about yourself and youre actually surprised how far they actually got, i would definitely laugh as well because of how different his/her assumption to how i actually am

  15. I still don't get how it is a blind date the only time the guy closed his eye Is when she wasn't even there

  16. I feel like people are giving Megan a hard time in the comments. She seemed really nervous to be and tried to cover it up with laughter. She just doesn’t want a traditional role. And there is nothing wrong with that. I’m sure they will both find someone else worthwhile.

  17. I've read the comments before watching the video and thought this was going to be a cringe fest because of all the comments that said the woman was being rude. She wasn't, at all, imo. I think they're both very nice people, though I can see why some would think that.

    In her defense, no one is entitled to date anyone just because they seem nice or they look attractive. Like most things in the world, relationships aren't black and white, some work and some don't. Even the nicest persons break up, that's just how it is.

    Just my two cents.

  18. They're both normal dude was hotter and more "relatable" ppl here r sooo biased she was fine and yall don't have a psychology degree and are basically just judging her from the way she acted

  19. It’s so telling that the majority of people on these episodes think “White” is an actual answer for cultural/ ethnic background

  20. i'd take this guy lmao. although i disagree with the wife should be a support. i don't mind the man to be a provider because i'd like that, that's how i've been raised to think, but i want to pursue my own dream. i'm also a free bird but i want to be loved and i don't mind being tied down by someone who won't limit the length of my chain.

  21. why do americans say caucasian to white people??
    caucasus is a montain in Russia, and this is the only place where CAUCASIANS live.PERIODT

  22. U dont have weird thoughts girl, everybody does their thing and men and women dont have "roles" nowadays, get over it ppl

  23. I feel like they might be a pretty good couple. Megan is like a bubbly, motherly person. Phil is very loving and caring. Not the best couple, but pretty good.

  24. Somebody need find his social 👀. But he’s 31 might not be into social media.
    Mr.Handsome if you see this. Heyy 👋🏾

  25. Typical jewish anti-white propaganda.
    -White girl: "Nordic? I don't even know what that is."
    How does anyone not seriously catch this?

  26. Some of these videos are pretty good, but I can't help but think they purposefully pair people up who have little in common simply to provide good entertainment. I guess I can't blame them cause I keep clicking, but still. I don't know

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