Women Test Themselves For Food Sensitivities
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Women Test Themselves For Food Sensitivities

– Just do my Hail Marys. Okay, I’m good. Just do it, just do it. (screaming)
Oh, God. (upbeat music) Today, Chloe and I are going
to test our food sensitivities. – Using this at-home kit by EverlyWell. So, for the last kind of two years, I’ve had a lot of digestion issues. – I get constant bloating. I feel like I always am on my period. – I get cramps and stuff
I don’t wanna go into, and I can’t figure out what
kind of food does it to me. – It doesn’t matter what I eat. It only happened eight months ago. – I’ve been to the
doctor about it recently because I was just like, this
isn’t normal after two years. They basically say that
I probably have IBS, fun! – I have tried probiotics, seeing if it’s an imbalance
of my hormones, lab work, checked to see if I have
a bacterial infection. – My doctor told me to
try the elimination diet, which you take out certain
foods and then, you know, see if you get better. I have taken things out of my diet, I’ve been vegan for a
while, I’ve been vegetarian. So, this test just does it in a few days, you get your results online. – It tests 96 foods you
could be sensitive to. – I don’t know how accurate it’s gonna be, but I’m super excited to try it. – The only thing about
it is that there’s no doctor supervision with this. – This is a very convenient thing that you can just buy online and then just prick your finger at home, which I don’t mind about. Sheila’s freaking out. – I’m gonna have Chloe help me. I hate needles. I literally have to hold on to something every time I get a shot. I need a lollipop by the end of this. Look what just came in the mail. Super excited. It tests for 96 foods. – A bunch of dairy, fruits,
grains, seafood, seeds and nuts, spice, and vegetables, and meat. The fact that it has healthy
stuff on here, too… I know that sometimes
I’ll eat healthy stuff and it still affects me.
– Yeah. – It’s not just me
eating a bunch of cheese and feeling gross, you know?
(laughing) – Oh, I feel like a doctor with all this. Oh, these are bandaids
for the blood (echoing). – This is well packaging, actually. You have to register
your kit, which we did. There’s a biohazard bag,
blood collection card. – Oh, we have to drink a glass
of water 30 minutes before. – Did you do that?
– No. – Go on, it says squeeze
the base of your finger with your free hand
(screaming) to produce more blood flow. – I’m sweating right now. I’m gonna need your help.
– I’m here. I’m here.
(laughing) – Okay.
– Alright. – Let’s go drink some water.
– Woo hoo! – Chloe, you’re up first. – Oh, I have to hang my hand down. – Yes, hang ’em down, hang ’em down. – By my side. I have to clean the site. I just washed my hands,
was that not enough? Wipe, wipe, wipe, wipe, wipe. Here’s the collection thing. Oh, okay, okay, you just twist that off. Place your finger against a firm surface. I’m gonna use my knee. Press down on the yellow button until an audible click is heard. – I can’t look, I really can’t. – This is making me scared
’cause you’re scared. – No, it’s okay, you’ll be fine. – Three, two, one.
(clicking) Oh, that was nothing. Okay, I’m barely bleeding, actually. Okay, it’s coming, it’s coming. Dude, come on. It literally won’t drip. I’m gonna have to do this again. One, two, three (groans). That one hurt a little more. Yes!
– Oh my God, you got it. – I’ve never tried to bleed before. This is really weird. – I really thought it was
gonna be gushing blood. – Yeah, me too. I’m gonna do an extra one just because I don’t know
if this is good enough. I did it, it took me like
an hour, but I did it. – I’m dangling my arms, and
Chloe’s gonna be my nurse. Okay, I can do this. Okay, just wipe it off. Just do my Hail Marys. Okay, I’m good. Just do it, just do it. Oh, God, oh, god, is it bleeding? It’s just a waiting game now. – I don’t think these
things pierce deep enough. I think that’s the problem. That’s very small (laughs). – Gotta use my other finger ’cause there wasn’t enough blood. – Good?
– Wait, yeah. – Ready?
– Wait, yeah, hold on. – Okay. – [Sheila] That one definitely hurt. – [Chloe] Oh, really, I’m sorry. Maybe that means it’s deeper. – Come out, come out.
– Yes, yes! Yeah, nice.
– Oh, (bleep) – Nice, that’s fine.
– Oh, okay. – Now we’re going to the post office and mail it to the laboratory, and hopefully we hear back
within five business days. – Yay!
– Yay! So, today is the day. We have our results back. I’m about to open them. I’m really kinda nervous, honestly. – I like how they email it to you because it’s super accessible. – So, I’m gonna click on my results. Low reactivity foods should
be considered largely… This is really confusing,
just so you know. (sighs) I understand. Okay, I finally understand this after like five minutes looking at it, and I’m a little bit disappointed because I have zero high
reactivity and zero moderate. I only have 22 mild and then 74 low. which is basically
nothing, like no result. – So, there’s no high for
me, zero moderate activity. I only have 19 mild and 77 low reactivity. I wish I would’ve gotten something to kind of point me towards
the right direction, and now I feel like I have
to start back on square one. – I really really thought I would get at least some high and moderate, and that kind of worries me
because what is wrong me, then? What is going on? – Alright, so for mild reactivity, the first one is actually pork. I don’t normally eat pork,
so that’s really interesting. – My top one is a pear. I never eat them anyway,
so I guess that’s good. My second highest is sole, the fish. So random. – [Sheila] Yeast bakers, so that’s bread. – [Chloe] Cottage cheese, which I hate. – I am shocked that
black pepper is in here. I use black pepper on everything. – Wheat, which I do eat quite a lot of. – I had a feeling I would’ve
been reactive to cow’s milk because dairy doesn’t
sit well with my stomach. – Now I’m just like, cool, I’m mildly reactive to a bunch of crap I barely eat anyway like kelp. – So, the things that I
love like bread and beer are things I probably should try to avoid. – I mean, it’s not the test’s
fault, the test did its job. I’m just disappointed that
this isn’t more helpful for me. – I feel like I have to start back and do some detective
work and really figure out what’s causing all this bloating. I wonder sometimes if
bloating is caused by stress. – I will try and cut these
things out, I suppose, and see if it helps. At least it gives me a
bit of a thing to try, like a little bit of a guide. The good thing, I guess, which
I’m not even appreciating, is that I haven’t got that
many food sensitivities. – I think that it’s worth doing this because at least you’ll be informed if it food or if it isn’t. (upbeat music)

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100 thoughts on “Women Test Themselves For Food Sensitivities

  1. Interestingly I've never known anyone that has done one of those tests and had it come back with NO issues. All they end up losing is 💰💰💰💰💰

  2. Get a referral and see a GI specialist for a full panel and colonoscopy. I did and found out after 2 years I have crohns disease located in my small intestine. It's genetic and I suffered for at least 2 years not knowing what my body was going through. Now that I know I take medication and can manage my symptoms and flare ups and even explain to my family when I'm just too tired to function as a normal human. Having crohns and chronic migraines was not a good combo being undiagnosed and I did a lot of damage. Now I'm treating and healing my body still. Recovery can take a long time if left untreated. And your GI tract is very important for your health and mental wellbeing as well. Take care of yourself. Even without insurance there are programs that can help you get your medications that you need to survive.

  3. The blood would have come out so much easier if you would have milked your finger after your pricked it.
    And little tip, it’s hurts much less if prick the side of your finger instead of the pad.

  4. If you ladies are interested in a test that's more accurate on food sensitivities, you should look into Alletess. You have to go to a doctor to get it done but it's much much more accurate. They do a blood draw and then send it off to Alletess to get the blood test for up to 184 food sensitivities. The doctor I work for uses it and highly recommends it!

  5. i’m a type one diabetic and watching these people prick there fingers and draw blood with such problems is so funny cause i do this literally everyday

  6. You all really need to learn to put links about what you're talking about in the description box and not just links to other buzzfeed videos

  7. I wanna do this … eating basically everything upsets my stomach -.- can't even eat when I first wake up cause I'll get sick

  8. So I don't know if you guys actually read the comments, but I have IBSD and that comes with significant food allergies. The woman who's British, I promise that if she cuts out gluten, she'll feel better within three days. But also, they both should do the elimination diet. What it is is you remove all foods that can trigger GI issues, then slowly add them back one by one to see if you have a reaction. A blood test is cool and all, but saying you have a low chance of reacting to something doesn't actually tell you how your body will react to something. The other girl should probably cut out black pepper. Some problems for a lot of people are also coffee and garlic, so they should try to cut those out. Another way to help reset the gut is fasting, something they should consider. And I use Golden Milk when I get "gluten-ed" or eat something that triggers my IBS. It's kind of a sad way to live to be honest, because I used to really love food, but at some point being sick just isn't worth it. If they're really dedicated to feeling better, this is a good start but they're gonna have to do more, and sometimes that means you can't eat the things you want to. Best of luck to them

  9. It's better to prick the finger on the side than the pad of the finger because it could damage the nerves in the fingers. (I am a diabetic and my doctor told me about this)

  10. I would never randomly send “a lab” my saliva or blood. That’s MY DNA. who knows what they do w it after they send you “results”

  11. I'm so weak I got a healthy lifestyle, working out, nutrition, and weightloss trainer as the comersual on a buzzfeed video.😂😂😂😂 An As/Is video a chanel that has the biggest body positive content.😂😂😂 Life😌😂

    P.S.- No shade, no hate, no nothing, I just found it funny I have a weird sense of humor. My dudes, throw hate my way if you want, but who cares life goes on and I'm alive God bless.😏😌😂

  12. I’m a Type One diabetic and it’s hilarious to see how they prep for and handle the finger prick😂. Like i have to do it at least 5 times a day…

  13. When you haven't eaten anything all day if hard to get blood ( they took my blood in 4 different places to get blood)

  14. The IgG food allergen test is a scam.
    This study clearly says that the presence of such IgG4's in the blood is a sign of immunological tolerance, not hypersensitivity.
    So please people don't throw your money out the window and continue eating everything that you like and that doesn't cause you obvious trouble.

  15. I know I'm late to the party, but I had the bloat, cramps, loud stomach and bowel movement issues for most of my life. I had an endoscopy and a colonoscopy (both before I turned 30) and they told me nothing but that I may have IBS. However, I did an elimination diet and determined that soy and sugar alcohols (both are in so many foods now) were the main culprits. I am a pescaterian with a sweet tooth, so this makes it a little challenging…but so worth it, as I no longer have these issues!

  16. i have ibs and yeahit feels like constant being on your period…. food can balance it a bit but it is not a main reason sadly

  17. If you’re stressed have jetlag or just never go outside or don’t do anything you get bloading. For examples if I have a math test i get bloadings and my stomach hurts so maybe that’s why.

  18. It sounds like a useless test. It probably is effected by how much of the thing you eat, too, so not very reliable for stuff you never eat.

  19. How are these women so enthusiastic about talking about their digestive problems? I have excess gas and cramping every day because I supposedly have IBS. I'm so bitter and miserable because of this condition 😢

  20. it’s funny to me how the part of pricking their finger was so foreign to them (I’m not judging it’s just different for me) because one of my best friends had diabetes so I would watch her prick her finger at least once a day and guess what she was “at” it kinda became a part of my routine too hahaha

  21. I’ve been the same way. I’ve been like this for almost 2 years now. I hope I can find what’s causing this.

  22. TRY OPTIBAC! it is so good for ibs – i was sorted in a week after months of bad ibs

    Also for bloating try eating less and eating at least 4 hours before you go to sleep. You should wake up hungrier and with a flat stomach.
    Also try things that are high in fibre when you feel bloated/ drink more water. You should end up going to the loo sooner or later and bloating goes 👀

  23. Poking your finger honestly hurts so much… I did it a few times and the last times I did it , my finger stayed swollen for ab 3 days and it wasn’t fun.

  24. It would be great if, when you test products or services, you would put a link to the product or service so interested people could find it easier.

  25. If you are reading this…I really really wish you do… I would suggest you to just try ayurveda. Try to know about which dosha (personality) you are and accordingly modify your eating and lifestyle. It's a suggestion. I wish to see if this is what works.

  26. try cutting out as many carbs as possible for a few weeks and see if that helps. never realized how bloated I always felt until I did keto (I’m not advocating for keto, it’s entirely possible to cut carbs without following a keto diet or entering ketogenesis).

  27. It sounds to me like Shila has sodium sensitivity. DEFINITELY not a doctor, but I have bloating related to sodium intake — according to my doctor. And I can tell when I'm not eating much sodium that week because I'll be a pant size smaller. Ask your doctor about food sensitivities 🙂 (I wonder if sodium is listed in this test?)

  28. In physiology practical class, I used to prick myself with a lancet and donate tiny amount of my blood to the colleagues who were scared to prick themself. I hope I helped humanity in some way.😂

  29. Stop drinking diet soda or drinks with aspartame in it! I read an article on Facebook about it and I’m completely converted from being a soda lover to hater, this is because the chemical turns to formaldehyde and then to formic acid when it exceeds 86 degrees F!! A woman almost died from this so be careful with what you’re putting into your body🤮

  30. Please, you neeeeed to make a video where you both stop consuming if not everything in those lists at least most of them for a week and show us the results

  31. I have celiac disease and can already say from experience, blood tests dont always work for testing for celiac, so you might want to check with a Gastrointestinal Doctor for more information. 🙃

  32. Try a naturopathic doctor, they heal from the stomach holistically. My mom went she took a similar test and was told she was sensitive to potatoes and sugar

  33. I feel like those kind of videos should include someone with a known allergy so we could see if the test would find it.. Also when one of them says "I thought I would get at least one high or moderate"… I can tell you if you had one high or moderate you would probably know by know, high allergies gives you extreme reaction that can be life threatening and moderate will give you almost an instant reaction far worse than the usual so you would know…Mild allergies can cause overtime irritation, bloating, diarrhea or constipation, not absorbing the food properly and so on… so many mild allergies could explain the symptoms you have, so it's not a positive result for you, although it might not be the only thing going on it's probably a real clue

  34. Try the BRAT diet for 2 weeks. It stands for Bananas – Rice – Apples – Toast. All foods that are easy on the digestive system. Veggies are NOT easy on your digestive system and actually work to clear your colon out. Also avoid caffeine it stimulates your bowels. Foods you can also have on the BRAT diet are oatmeal and chicken broth based soups like noodle soup. Avoid spices!! You should notice a difference in two days. If you have any questions or concerns about the BRAT diet ask your primary care doctor.

  35. I’m intolerant to the metals Nickel, Chromium and Cobalt. They are in everything. I have to be careful with choosing anything as things like leather and clothing labels and glues can burn me. Foods can cause nausea and or vomiting and diarrhoea. I can have rashes, hives and dermatitis. What I am thankful for is that I don’t got into anaphylactic shock. I am eternally grateful for this. Get more tests and find out what’s going on. You don’t need to live in constant discomfort.

  36. You can actually do this a lot easier and with no official test. Take the food you want to test for and place it to the person forehead. Then make one of their arms go to the side and push down on it without actually making it move down. Then touch the person with that food(forehead). If you can now easily push dowj their hand then they have the sensitivity

  37. Knowing from my own doctor, IBS did use to be commonly misdiagnosed for gluten allergy! (I have Celiac)
    I'd recommend just trying gluten free for awhile and see if you notice a difference, I tried for a year and I noticed a huge difference and brought that up. I did get tested and found for sure yes Celiacs was my issue.

    That may not happen for everyone, but I thought I'd share my story!

  38. Fun fact: doctors actually are only aware of 30% of allergies. It’s sort of a guessing game tbh. I had hives growing up for years and we had no idea why and I did soooo many tests for it.

  39. Another medical money making scam. These tests are not accurate for determining allergies and need a professional doctor to interpret results correctly. Here's a professional talking about blood allergy testing: https://youtu.be/JKkyQppGu9w
    * I noticed the results on other YouTubers channels are oddly similar… Black pepper is not exactly common allergy.

  40. With digestive issues — it's a lot more complicated than that. You could technically have zero "reactivity" to a certain food (like cheese) according to a blood test. It still doesn't mean that the food item is not causing the digestive issues. Blood tests cannot tell if one's gut bacteria is or is not compatible to the food item, and actually it's really common that behind digestive issues is just one's gut bacteria. (Like with IBS, one isn't really allergic to anything, but foods with high rates of certain types of carbohydrates trigger one's intestinal.)

  41. I have a weird food sensitivity to pineapple and kiwifruit. I accidentally ate a piece of fruit that I'm sensitive that I thought was something else, and spit it out at immediately. I had to explain to my friend why I spit it out and when I explained it to him he looked like I might explod kinda worried. I had to explain what it was and that I wasn't going to die.

  42. Love those IGG sensitivity tests that are basically money pits; look up how IGG antibodies are produced and you'll see these tests are a gimmick.

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