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Winter Wellness Faves | Cozy Products We Are Loving

Hi guys, welcome to YesWellness.com, my name
is Danielle. And I’m Erika. In our video today, we’re sharing some of our Winter Wellness
Faves with you. These products make great gifts for the holidays and we’ve also used
them ourselves personally and absolutely love them. And we think you guys will too! We thought
it was a great idea to share them with you and I am going to get started. So, we all
know how you feel about when summer passes and winter comes, you get that dry skin, pale
skin, well one of my favourite brands is the Ecotan by Eco Sonya and it’s an all natural
tanning brand with no parabens, aluminum, no bad chemicals in it. And it keeps you glowing
all winter long, it’s great! Also, if you are somebody who doesn’t like quite an abrupt,
darker harsh tan, maybe try something like the Winter Skin. So it’s a gradual, natural
tanning lotion so it keeps your skin moisturized as well as it will slowly just get darker
and darker until you feel good where it’s at. It’s really nice! Awesome, I need to give
that one a try! And some of my favourites for the holiday season are the Four Sigmatic
Coffees. And they also have lattes and cacao mixes, which are just great if you want a
cozy night in watching a movie. They are perfect! And something that might go really nicely
with the Four Sigmatic is this Woodlot brand. It’s actually a new brand that we got in and
we are absolutely loving it. It’s amazing! It’s super nice, so it’s kind of like an aromatherapy
a little bit. And they got these little incense bundle sticks, they smell great. So if you’re
kind of in that mood, the sun’s going down so early and you just kind of need something
to cheer you up or cleanse the air, burning these is great! You just burn the end and
wave the smoke around and it just cleanses the room and it makes you feel so so good.
They really smell so good. Definitely! And another thing that would go great with that
is the Recharge Candle, so when you’re waking up in the morning you can light this candle
maybe as you’re getting ready, you’re doing your morning routine. It all just goes well
together, it all pairs so nicely together. And they have a bunch of different scents
so check out our website and see which one works for you. They have lots of options and
we know you guys will like them. And then something that I’ve been using for the past
few months is also by Woodlot and it’s their Nourishing Cleansing Balm. So this goes on
like a creamy, milky balm and it just melts away all of your makeup, takes off the day
and your skin feels like silk. It’s really great you guys have to give it a try! Which
is nice because with the dry cold weather in winter, you need a good moisturizer or
something to nourish your skin because we all struggle with dry skin. Yes the struggle
is real with dry skin in the wintertime so this has been a savior for me and I really
recommend it. So that’s all we have for today, we really hope you guys give these products
a try and you can find links for each of the products in the video description below. Let
us know what you think in the comments or if you have any other products that you want
us to talk about or any recommendations and we hope to hear from you guys soon! Thanks
for watching!

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