Why You Should Go to the Chiropractor | How to Improve Your Life for the Better
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Why You Should Go to the Chiropractor | How to Improve Your Life for the Better

– Hey, so I’m here with my friend Debbie we’re at a conference
and we’re focusing on learning how to help
people change their lives for the better. I was just talking with her and she was sharing with me how she winds up explaining how she gets her stress shoulders at times. And I wanted for her
to share that with you. Debbie can you tell me about that? (Debbie laughing) – Oh my goodness, well I’ll tell you what, everybody holds those stress points somewhere but what it is is it’s the relationship of function in your spine. So if your spine is misaligned or not functioning properly you’re gonna hold stress somewhere, it could be in your shoulders which could be like you’re experiencing them coming to your ears. It could be in your low back, like stepping down on the shower and all of the sudden your back goes out. It could be in any different type of way, but it’s all in the
relationship with function and spine so what I would say, get your spine checked. – I’m totally with you. If you or someone you know
has had stress shoulders and don’t know why they keep happening you may be taking an
Advil, Aleve, Tylenol, like at the end of your day just to try and get through and get over it. Let’s look to find out why, Debbie just shared with you
exactly what I was thinking. I want to thank you
Debbie for sharing this. – You’ve got it. – All right and thank you for letting me be a part of your health. (upbeat music)

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