Why You Need to See a Chiropractor for Sleep Apnea | Align Wellness Center in Northbrook, IL
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Why You Need to See a Chiropractor for Sleep Apnea | Align Wellness Center in Northbrook, IL

– Hey it’s Dr. Gerstin
with Align Wellness Center. I’m here to answer another
frequently asked question that many of our patients have. Can chiropractic help with sleep apnea? Well, before we get started on whether chiropractic
can help with sleep apnea, let’s go over the two most common reasons why people experience it. The first reason that people
experience sleep apnea is due to a compressive problem
within the esophagus that happens when you lay down. It’s usually due to either overweight or excessive tissue softness. The second reason that sleep
apnea can wind up occurring, is due to a neurological issue. Now if you wind up having
the compressive version and/or difficulty with obesity, I’m going to pass you along to
one of our other videos below on how chiropractic can help with obesity. If you’re concerned and think
that you may be suffering from the neurological component,
here’s how chiropractic and Align Wellness Center can
wind up helping with that. In most cases, sleep control is regulated by a piece of the brain stem. That’s going to be the bottom
portion of your brain. If we look on our chart,
we’ve got a skull, with the brain inside of it and then the spinal cord that comes down. Now that brain stem connects
directly into the spinal cord, and sometimes the portions
of it can slip down through the foramen magnum in your skull and into the base the
cervical spine or neck. When it does, if we wind
up experiencing tension or stress in the cervical spine, and tension and stress
can wind up happening from any sort of trauma within your neck. It can cause the change and positioning of the cervical curve from what it should look
like at an ideal 42 degrees, to anything less than that or
even reversed the wrong way. Any of those changes put
tension on the spinal cord that can affect the upper
cervical area and brain stem. If that’s triggering or
contributing to the sleep apnea that you’ve been having, chiropractic care in our
office is a massive help. We wind up assessing and
detecting the curves, positions and postures of your spine, to make sure that they’re as close to the ideal state that they can be. If they’re not, we develop
a personalized program, so that we can remodel your spine as effectively and as safely as possible. Avoiding surgery and/or drugs to help you regain your health. If you have questions about sleep apnea, feel free to write them below. I love to answer questions. If you think that you may
be suffering from that, let’s get together and find out what the true
cause of the problem may be. Feel free to give out office a call or write below and we’ll reach out to you. I’m Dr. Gregg Gerstin with
Align Wellness Center.

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  1. ive been a patient of chiropractor and i have obstuctive sleep apnea, which part of the spine shud the chiro focus on adjusting?

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