Why welfare isnt’t charity
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Why welfare isnt’t charity

Imagine you break a leg during a race, after
the race, two of your competitors visit you at the hospital. One of them brings you a wheelchair and wishes
you speedy recovery. The other one brings you crutches and helps
you do exercises that hurt but help with the recovery. Which one of them do you think cares about
you more? So what does the state currently do when you
lose your job? It rewards you for it. That might sound like odd way of looking at
it but it’s true. The reason why unemployment benefits are not
charity is because charities work with the money they managed to raise from voluntary
donations which means they need to have an effective system for helping people to get
on their own feet. Whereas the state raises money through coercive
means and therefore doesn’t care how much of it gets spent. In fact, it’s beneficial for the state if
more people are dependent on welfare because that means these people will vote for bigger
state with even more benefits, thus even more rewarding irresponsible behavior and punishing
those who provide value to society by higher taxes. To use earlier analogy about a broken leg,
the state is like the friend with a wheelchair who only wants to look virtuous while charity
is the friend with crutches who is personally invested in your recovery. So you see that if you are interested in helping
poor people then abolishing welfare would be the first step. And if you are worried that people in need
wouldn’t get any help, then let me reassure you, you are not the only kind person in the
world. Charity helps people in need, welfare just
creates needy people.

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