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Why is NORWAY so RICH? – VisualPolitik EN

Is there someone controlling global capitalism behind the scenes? You’ve heard about the Reptilians, the Rothchild
family, even George Soros… but there is one player with much more power than any of
these guys… and nobody has ever told you about it: the Government of NORWAY. Yes, Norway is way more than just a very rich
country… its government has a real sway on international businesses… Think I’ve gone nuts? Well, at the end of this video, you’ll see
where I’m coming from. Norway is the only country on the planet where
Satanic Black Metal songs are on the Billboard charts. Yes, my dear viewer, if you ever travel to
this country and turn up the radio, you might not find yourself listening to Taylor Swift
but, instead, bands like GORGOROTH, MAYHEN or… LILLI MEISTER and her hit titled… MY ASS. Ahm… yes, I know, there is something pretty
weird going on in this country. But the truth is, Norway is one the wealthiest
countries on the planet, playing on the same league as Ireland and Switzerland. But not only that! They are also one of the most equalitarian. This means that the differences between rich
and poor are pretty subtle. Their welfare state is big, their taxes are
high and their lifestyle is good. But you already know this. What you probably don’t know is that Norway’s
influence on the international economy is way bigger than it looks… Yes, Norway is on the backstage of the biggest
corporations on the planet… OK! OK! Don’t leave this video! I know what you’re thinking, and the answer
is NO! This video is not a crossover with Alex Jones! You see, Norway has a population of less than
5 million inhabitants. New York City is more populated than this. Nonetheless, these 5 million people have big
shares in the world’s major corporations. Yep! You heard that right! The Government of Norway has its own hedge
fund, and they are among the main shareholders in lots of companies like Apple, Facebook
and Tesla. So yes, Norway might not have a big military
but they have an army of money ready to influence the world’s economy. So the question now is… Why is Norway so Rich and powerful and…
how did they get here? At this point, you’re all thinking the same
word: OIL. And you are kind of right. Norway is one of the World’s largest oil
producers. But, they have nothing to do with the other
oil rich countries. Just look at this picture. Here you can see the skyline of RIYADH, Saudi
Arabia’s capital. It looks like a sci fy city, right? Skyscrapers, modern buildings and lots of
lights. Now let’s look at this picture of Oslo,
Norway’s capital. You can already see the difference, right? If you’ve been following VisualPolitik for
a long time, you already know that having oil is not the same as being rich. In fact, as you can see on this chart, Norwegian
crude oil is twice as expensive to extract as Saudi oil. For a better understanding, most of the Norwegian
oil comes from the Nord Sea. And these oil beds are shared with other countries
like the United Kingdom. However, Norway has taken the most advantage
of that oil wealth. Oh! OK! Now you might be thinking, ‘Ah, another
VisualPolitik video where Simon tells us how Norway became so rich by privatizing companies! Right? Right?’ So… this time, the story is different. Norway is a great example of what we call
STATE CAPITALISM. So what is state capitalism? Why is Norway so rich and powerful? What does it mean for a government to invest
in the stock market? Today we are going to answer to all of these
questions but, before we do, let’s take a look back at history. THE DUTCH DISEASE We have to be honest here: Norway has never
been a poor country… but it wasn’t always a very wealthy one either. In the 50s, Norwegians enjoyed a lifestyle
similar to that of the French. This means, wealthier than the Spaniards but
poorer than their Swedish neighbours and, of course, the Americans. Back then, nobody expected Norway to have
oil. But things changed in the year 1959. In that moment, SHELL started prospections
in the Nord Sea. SHELL is an oil company in the Netherlands
and they were looking for potential oil beds in the shores of their country. One day… boom! They found some little gas sources. And whenever there’s gas, there is oil. So they kept up their exploration. And this is how one of the biggest oil fields
was discovered. An oil field situated under British and Norwegian
waters. During the 60s, Shell got drilling licenses
in those two countries. Years later, in 1972, the Norwegian Government
founded its own oil company: STATOIL. This is how the Nord Sea oil boom started. During the 70s, money flew into the country. In just 3 years, Norwegians doubled their
GDP per capita. All of a sudden, the Norwegian dream meant
working in the Dinosaur Juice industry. Who wants to fish for salmon when you can
make big bucks working with oil? It really sounds fantastic… right? Well… actually, NO. In fact, this phenomenon has a name. They call it the DUTCH DISEASE or the CURSE
of natural resources. Basically, anytime a country finds oil, its
economy goes nuts. The government can waste money while lowering
taxes. Citizens want to work in the oil industry
because it’s the most profitable and… What happens next? In just a few years, your economy makes just
one thing: Dinosaur juice. And when you depend so much on just one product,
a small change in the market price puts the whole country on the verge of bankruptcy. This is exactly what happened in Venezuela,
and what could happen in other countries like Saudi Arabia or Bahrain. And this was the big difference between Norway
and United Kingdom. Both countries had labour governments but
their policies couldn’t be more different from one another. In the year 1976, the UK was in the middle
of one of their worst financial crises. So the Government couldn’t wait to squeeze
that oil wealth for all it was worth. Norway, however, had a more stable situation
and they could wait. What does this mean? Well… first, the government put very strict
industry regulations in place. Plus, 50% of those oil rigs had to be in the
hands of the state owned company STATOIL. On the other hand, foreign companies had to
pay a 78% tax on the oil profits. And that’s not all! Norway put a limit on oil production. Just look at this chart. Here you can see how the UK kickstarted their
production from the very first time. At the end of the 70s, the British were already
producing more than a million and a half barrels a day while Norway was still at a third of
that. During the 80s, during the Margaret Thatcher
administration, the UK keeps pumping oil like there’s no tomorrow while Norway is still
pretty relaxed with production. What did they achieve by doing this? Norway was keeping all the productive economy
focused on oil. But wait a minute because there Is another
big difference! You see, during the 80s, Thatcher privatized
British Petroleum. Norway’s government, by contrast, has kept
control of STATOIL. Even today, despite the company changing its
name from STATOIL to EQUINOR, the State still owns 67% of the firm. And I know what you’re thinking of now… Oh my god! Norway is a socialist country! Hold on just a second. In fact, the Norwegian economic system is
pretty similar to that of China. This is what the experts call STATE CAPITALISM. This means, the State controls a good share
of the economy but… it behaves like a big private company. So what does this mean? Well… check this out. THE HEDGE FUND COUNTRY Before continuing, I should make an aside…
because this beautiful, romantic and sweet melody you’re hearing right now is the music
of… ENDEATHED! A Black Metal band that… OK, they aren’t from Norway, they’re from
Colombia but… it sounds just like a Norwegian band and they sent us their music for this
video! If you want to hear more of them, we have
a link to their channel in the description. Now, returning to our story… Remember those two Pictures I showed you at
the beginning of the video? Other countries like Saudi Arabia used their
impressive oil wealth to live like a hip hop artist on a Friday night. However, the different Norwegian administrations,
both labour and conservative, have measured every last penny they spent. What does this all mean? Their oil wealth went into a piggy bank. And this is how we go to the year 1990. In this year, Norwegian Parliament realizes
three things: 1. They have a lot of savings. 2. Oil market prices go up and down and they
cannot control that. 3. The best thing they can do is diversify their
economy. And how could they do that? Well… how about… investing in the stock
market? So, as we say here at VisualPolitik, as it
was said, it was done. This is how the Government Pension Fund of
Norway, also known as the Oil Fund, was created. This is a hedge fund controlled by the Norwegian
Central Bank. And yes, I know what many of you are thinking
now… What’s so impressive about that? There are many other countries with a Sovereign
wealth fund: China, Australia, the United Arab Emirates… of Course! But look, this one is the biggest of all of
them. We’re talking about more than 1 trillion
American Dollars. This means that if we divide this fund by
the entire Norwegian population, each citizen has more than 200 000 USD invested in stocks. But this is not the end of the story! According to the law, nobody can touch that
money for public spending. This means the Government can only use the
benefits of the fund, but not the capital. And believe me… we aren’t talking about
a tip here… How Norway’s sovereign wealth fund made
$130 billion in one year Also, according to the law, they cannot invest
in their local economy. Just foreign companies. This is why, Today Norway holds 1.5% of all
the stocks existing in the world. Of course, some years are better than others. And, according to many analysts, the management
of the fund is overly conservative and doesn’t make as much money as it could. But the truth is Norway doesn’t just use
this for diversification… the Oil Fund is also a political weapon. Norway’s $905bn oil fund flexes its shareholder
muscles World’s largest sovereign wealth fund opposed
6,700 company resolutions last year For example, every year, the Norwegian Central
Bank publishes a Black list with companies that they don’t invest in for ethical reasons. That includes weapon manufacturers, tobacco
producers and firms involved in corruption scandals. But this is just the beginning! You see, having stocks of a publicly traded
company gives you the right to participate in the shareholders meetings. You can vote on corporate decisions and even
suggest topics for discussion. The more stocks you have, the more important
you are in those meetings. Here’s an example. This summer 2018, Facebook started a new algorithm
to filter fake news. They are also starting to take the wage gap
seriously. These two decisions are the outcome of a shareholder
meeting. And guess who added these topics on the meeting
schedule? Of course, that would be Norway! And the same happens with other companies. Norway’s fund backs activists’ bid at Alphabet
meeting As you know, Alphabet is the conglomerate
that Google and YouTube are part of. A small group of shareholders wanted Google
to refine the fake news filter. And having the support of Norway’s fund
helped them win very crucial votes. The same happened with Apple. In this case, Norway is the 8th biggest shareholder,
with more than 9 billion USD invested. And they aren’t exactly silent in the shareholder
meetings. In general, Norway is pushing the biggest
world companies to change their corporate policies on many different fronts. Of course, there’s the gender gap but…
that’s not the only one! Part of the ‘Norwegian ideology’ focuses
on this too. Norway’s sovereign fund to focus on high executive
pay Exactly! In many ways, the big multinational executives
make big salaries despite the company losing Money. We’ve seen this several times during the
financial crisis. As you can imagine, shareholders of these
companies are not happy with this. But it’s hard to speak out when you only
hold a little share of the company. This is where Norway comes in as the loudspeaker
for small investors. Many countries try to control the World with
their militaries. Other countries try to sway foreign governments
with diplomacy. Norway tries to expand their influence on
the biggest global companies… this is the Norwegian conspiracy! Meanwhile, Norwegian citizens can sleep at
night knowing that, even if oil prices go down, they have their future quaranteed. And now it’s your turn… Do you think it’s a good idea for a whole
country to invest in the stock market? Do you think this Norwegian influence on global
capitalism is good or bad? Please, leave your answer in the comment section
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