Why Do Insurance Companines Hire Nurse Case Managers?
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Why Do Insurance Companines Hire Nurse Case Managers?

Hello, my name is Jason Perkins. I’d like to welcome you to another episode
of my Georgia Workers’ Compensation video series. I’m an attorney that specializes in Georgia
Workers’ Compensation Law. I created this series in order to provide
people with helpful information about the rules and benefits available to them under
it. Today, I want to talk to you about Nurse Case
Managers, what they are and why insurance companies hire them. There’s a good chance, especially if your
injuries occurred more recently, that you may have a Nurse Case Manager assigned to
your case. The reason that may have happened is because
the rules of Workers’ Compensation in Georgia on when insurance companies can hire Nurse
Case Managers, changed within the last couple of years. It used to be the case that Nurse Case Manager
was not hired on your case unless both you and the insurance company agree to it, or
a special type of Nurse Case Manager called a Catastrophic Supplier was assigned to your
case if your case was designated for what’s called a Catastrophic Designation. Now, I’m not going to talk about Catastrophic
Suppliers here today, I’m just talking about Nurse Case Managers in non-catastrophic cases. So, when that rule changed a couple of years
ago, in-non catastrophic cases, insurance companies can now appoint Nurse Case Managers
without having to have your agreement. That basically means that the insurance company
gets to decide whether there’s a Nurse Case Manager in your case or not. When they appoint a Nurse Case Manager, they
may often think that it’s to their advantage do so, that they may get some benefit from
doing it. Insurance companies are businesses and generally
they’re in business to make money. When you have a workers’ compensation injury,
they’re having to pay benefits to you. So, they would generally like to pay as little
as possible out, because it costs them money whenever they’re paying you weekly checks,
or whenever they’re paying for medical treatment that you need with a doctor after an injury. Often, I tend to think that when insurance
companies hire Nurse Case Managers, it’s to try to reduce the amount that they may have
to pay out of workers’ compensation benefits on your case. Now, a Nurse Case Manager does have specific
rules and guidelines that they’re supposed to follow in Georgia workers’ compensation
cases. They’re supposed to try to help you get the
medical treatment that you need, and help you return to work after your injury. You need to be sure that if a Nurse Case Manager
is appointed in your case, that they follow all those rules. Because again, the law has changed now, and
you’re no longer able to just say that you don’t want a Nurse Case Manager in your case
anymore. The insurance company can have one in your
case without your consent on having that Nurse Case Manager work on your case. I hope you found this information about Nurse
Case Managers helpful. If you have, please let me know by liking
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from your injury.

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