Why did you choose Social Welfare Law, Policy and Advice Practice?
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Why did you choose Social Welfare Law, Policy and Advice Practice?

It’s very much true that you could live
next to someone your entire life and not know what struggles they face. With this
degree, it opens your eyes to understanding the housing sector, the
welfare benefits even employment law and what your rights are.
It empowers yourself as well, you know, you think ‘oh that’s not right,
that’s not what I’ve heard’ but then you go and do your research and it’s like a
light bulb comes on. You think wow, actually you know, how is this happening?
when it can easily go the other way and make things right. Yeah, it wants people
to make a difference, it wants people to better themselves. I don’t think I voted
until I came to university because I just wasn’t educated, that wasn’t for me
and then by coming to university and listening to different people’s views
and different policies and just getting that general understanding of world
views and how we can make a difference and impact our future and our children’s
future, it’s just a real eye-opener. Not only does it help you
personally in your own personal life it helps you see how you can help
other people and it’s so rewarding, because it’s things that you see
day-to-day constantly, you know it’s not on the news, you’re walking past somebody or
you’ll have a family member that will need some help within the social
welfare, whether it’s housing or disability, you’ll always come across
somebody and it’s not going to go away anytime soon and by doing this course,
it allows you to open the minds of other people as well.
I want to change the world!

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