Why Align Wellness Center is a Unique Chiropractor | Align Wellness Center in Northbrook, Illinois
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Why Align Wellness Center is a Unique Chiropractor | Align Wellness Center in Northbrook, Illinois

– Hi, I’m Doctor Gregg Gerstin
with Align Wellness Center and people often ask me,
what’s different about Align Wellness Center than any other chiropractor in the area? Well, the first thing
that’s really different is our approach to
understanding people’s problems whether they’re things that
they’ve had for a short period of time or something
that’s been bothering them for a long period of time. We look to listen to understand
what’s causing the problem. We look to dig to find out
the issues and to unravel the story of what’s happened to cause this patient of ours to get to this point. We don’t really take what’s
referred to as a poke, pop and pray approach. We wanna make sure that
we’re finding the true cause of the problem rather
than taking guess work. When we’re not the right solution, we look to help people
find the right solution so we work with a lot of
other providers in the area to make sure that patients get
the best care that they need. Now if we think that we can
wind up helping a patient, we’ve invested a tremendous
amount of time in understanding the biomechanics, the
positioning, the placement that your spine should be in
and then if it’s not there, how to develop a plan of attack to wind up helping it get there. There’s a unique process
called spinal remodeling that our doctors specialize in. Spinal remodeling is the
method of restoring the ideal curves and bends to the
spine to take pressure off of the central nervous system so that it can work more efficiently. The process or technique is
called Chiropractic Biophysics and not many doctors utilize this. You want to know why? Because it’s hard. It takes work. It takes studying. It takes equipment. And it also takes a focus on clarity of looking for the cause. It takes not being afraid
to share with our patients the truth, even if it’s hard. Being willing to do what we
call, some forensic healthcare in trying to figure out
where or how far back did this problem come from
and or occur so that we know what do we have to look
forward to in the future. Now we use the most up to
date techniques to help people in getting and
feeling better which is one of the most important things we look to do for all of our patients. But one of the things that
I realized in practice very early, was that if we
just get you out of pain, there’s a great potential for
there to still be problems that wind up causing those
issues to show up again and again and again and again. So if we just take you out
of pain and we don’t wind up taking care of the cause of the problem, you’ll be right back in
pain and for some patients, that’s all that they can
afford to do or that they want to do and we’re happy
to support them, however, most of our patients realize
that started on the path to making a full recovery to
their spine and their nervous system so that they can
work better so that they can live better and so that
their body works better, winds up being the better way to go. Now I’m Doctor Gregg Gerstin
and I’m a chiropractor here at Align Wellness
Center where we specialize in chiropractic biophysics
and spinal remodeling to help find and take care
of the long term problems that may be causing many
of your health issues. (upbeat music)

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