What We Eat In A Day ♥ Easy Vegan Recipes For Everyone
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What We Eat In A Day ♥ Easy Vegan Recipes For Everyone

Hello friends and welcome to our little home in Costa Rica We have had so many Requests for us to do another video like this one So we decided that it’s time for us to do another what we eat in a day is your Pura Vida style This video and all super food and packaged products in our recipes today were sponsored by thrive market. Thrive market is an incredible online grocery store that makes healthy living easy and affordable they carry thousands of Non-gmo and natural products at twenty five to fifty percent below retail price find Everything from vitamins to healthy snacks to supplements and tons of great plant-based options on an easy to use website Ships straight to your door use our promo link to get 25% off your first order and a 30-day free membership Every morning when we wake up we love starting our day with a very nutritious meal, that’s gonna Give us energy for the whole entire day, so we’ve decided for this video. It’s going to be the boho superfood smoothie So the base of this movie Bowl today is going to be bananas with pineapple so we start by first cutting the pineapple Once you have your fruit cut and you have usually about a cup of ice drop it into a blender for this We’re using a coconut. They’re very very easy to find here. They literally grow on trees so Don’t be intimidated If you don’t have a coconut just use coconut milk or almond or even water or even that’s that’s so true even water and you Throw that all together. It’s that’s your main base for the smoothie Bowl and just blend that baby up So the super foods we added today. We’re a maca powder. They’re a spirulina There’s also an incredible mix of greens that we use which has like algae wheatgrass There’s lots of great powders like this you can throw in and hemp hearts and that I love that because it’s a super amazing plant-based protein So we put all our superfoods in the blender with all of the base and blend it up for a bit And if it’s not thick enough add more banana So once you got the base the smoothie base Then that’s this is where the fun part comes We like to first layer the base of the smoothie bowl with some granola for Juliana. This is like an art form I love it and looks so much fun and like you’re creating a masterpiece Perfect, but we like to use some kind of organic Not on sweeten granola. You can find it in here grocery stores as well So we’ll line the bottom with it and then it will place all our fruit so today We’re using mangoes and pineapple games, so we line it up Then you pour the smoothie, and so this is where it fills up, and then you finish it off with very similar structure So we put more kernel and so it gives it a little bit more of a base for the fruit to sit on Then you put the fruit we like to stack and make shapes out of it sometimes. Oh, we have time. We get creative we use cacao nibs to place on top for that little bit of chocolate tape and then also one of my Favorites for foods. Goji berries aka rank raisins They’re so good for you right now to me. They’re always gonna. Be rank raisins So pretty much that is your smoothie bowl, and we like to call our masterpiece For lunch today, we are going to make the tropical tahini summer rolls Which are one of my favorites is just a great different way to still consume your veggies But in a different format than just a salad bowl, and these summer rolls are so healthy It’s so good for you and pretty fast to make so if you were on the go. You can look them up So we’re gonna start by cutting up all the veggies first now remember We’re gonna cut them lengthwise so you want to get your pepper out your lettuce your cabbage avocado tofu And let’s just start slicing it, and then we also like to add in our mango Which will give it that sweetness and a little flavor of the Tropic that’s right tropical everyone the last step before assembling is to soak the rice paper and the thing about the rice paper is you just want to dip it for a second and Pull it out as soon as all of it has touched some kind of moisture we like to lay it out on top of the rice paper and a nice little method where everything’s kind of has its place and Then from there, you roll it up kind of like a burrito a gardeny fresh Burrito garden burrito, just like a little baby. I’m just wrapping it up. Oh baby that you’re gonna eat later. Which is really weird I don’t think you’ve got your rolls ready This is where you want to create your dipping sauce now we love dipping our summer rolls into our homemade Which is not as intimidating in a sense. It’s really really easy You can actually make it look like three ingredients if you want to but we had a couple different ones just to Make it our own, so you go, and you get your tahini paste Which you can find in almost any grocery store or little food market? so if you get your tahini you get some raw garlic and some lemon some lemon juice into it and then also we add a little bit of maple syrup just to give it that little bit of sweetness you don’t have to But that’s something we like to do and then once you got all these ingredients just throw it into a blender or a food processor And just start blending it up So that’s pretty much it so you make your tahini sauce you got your summer rolls and there you have it enjoy a tropical Tahini summer roll For dinner today. We’re going to make something really yummy and something that we don’t eat too often But when we do it’s a real treat for us so dinner tonight is pure vegan veggie burgers with spicy yam fries For today’s burgers what we’re gonna be using our Patties that we got from our friend Fabrizio who owns Love burger out here in samara, his burgers are amazing because they’re lentil based they’re fully organic Super natural. We are obsessed with them Yeah, but the wonderful thing about veggie burgers these days is you can either go online and research? And it’s really easy to make your own patties, or you can go to your grocery store and in 2018 there are so many different options So you think you can have a lot of fun experimenting with the different brands the ones that taste exactly like me Or it goes all the way back swings to the other side of the pendulum where it almost feels like a veggie patty It’s a lot of fun to have a veggie burger night and really try and make it healthy and try to experiment with the different Types that are available we’re using sourdough buns today We usually use gluten-free, but Juliana actually she’s not even eating a bun today just to show you guys that it’s just as good and just as tasty to have it on a Leaf of lettuce and to dress it the same way almost like an open-faced down So let’s talk about how we make these incredible put a vegan burgers So pre-heat your oven to 400 degrees and then chop up those yams guy now our yams look a little Different than North American yams, and we were so confused when we first came to Costa Rica I was like this is not a yam because it’s kind of purply and when you cut it. It’s white we thought there we thought it was yuca for a while, but it is yam fries so don’t be confused We are cutting yam fries here and for our fries We actually kind of make like a an oil base for it That’s a really nice organic olive oil with some garlic chopped up minced garlic that will bake really well with it and we add a little bit of chili powder on top just to Give it that spicy kick then just cover the pan that has yam fries on it with it and mix it really well, so All the potatoes have some dressing on them And then just stick it in the oven for I would say 30 minutes or more after 30 minutes I’d like to start checking in just to try a fry make sure it soft but 30 minutes or more It’s usually time you want to give for the yam fries for the veggie burgers We’re actually in our frying pan using a little bit of organic coconut oil And that’s just to give it a little bit of that tropical taste that pure of vegan taste And then you put the patty on the frying pan. We’re also gonna be using some pineapple today So it’ll cut a ring of pineapple and put that as well on the pan just to fry it Lightly don’t keep it there for too long so once you’ve got the Patty and the pineapple fried Then we move on to the dressing, so we’re gonna dress our burger today with guacamole It’s really easy to make your own guacamole at home all you’re gonna do is just take a really ripe avocado slice it in half dump the goodness into a bowl and We like to use some coconut milk even a little bit of lime as well like to squeeze it tiny bit of that just to give it a little bit of a Zest and then just start blending it with a fork to create your guacamole and then from there we chop up our tomatoes for condiments We’re gonna be using our tahini sauce that we actually made for lunch So put that on the bun or the leaf and then you put your patty on there and then start to dress your burger and Then get your yam fries out put some fries on the side And maybe a little more tahini sauce if you like to dip your thighs into something And like mark would say it’s it’s in burger time or burger burger part. You never said either of those burger time Alright guys well there you have it. This is our what we eat in the day pura vegan style If you’d like to recreate any of these recipes at home we have included Everything that you need to know in the description of this video So just click the little read below Button and let us know your tips and tricks to expanding on these recipes or what worked for you Or what didn’t go have fun with the recipes to eat healthy food enjoy the outdoors, and we’ll see you soon alright guys See you later Thanks again thrive market for sponsoring this video today Remember use the promo link to get your free 30-day membership and a 25 percent off discount

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