What To Do If You Have Adrenal Fatigue
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What To Do If You Have Adrenal Fatigue

In this video we’re going to talk about the
adrenal. There are other videos that will show you
all the different symptoms, so I’m not going to cover that. I’m going to cover some important things and
then what to do if you have an adrenal issue. First of all you need to know that the adrenal
gland adapts the body to all stress states. It prepares the body and it adapts it for
a stress state. The problem is all stress accumulates in the
body, even from birth. It’s stopped there, what we have to do is
we have to extract all the body’s stress, because it’s still there, even the injury
on your head when you were ten, all that stuff is still there. It’s almost as if your adrenals are reacting
now, in present time, to old stuff. You have too many applications on your desktop
computer that are running in the past, that sucks energy from the adrenal in the present
time, making the adrenal not function correctly. The adrenal gland is unique in that it has
outside and an inside. The outside is gland, the inside is all nerve
tissue. The nerves, it’s called the flight or fight,
adrenalin type things. I’m not going to give you a lot on that right
now, but the point is you need to know that this is where the hub of stress occurs. It’s right on top of the kidney, you have
the pituitary that controls on a feedback circuit, back and forth. There are two acupressure techniques that
you’re gonna learn, but you’re going to need help on one of them. Because there’s something in advance I’m going
to show you that will really help chill out those adrenals, and I’ll explain exactly how
to do it. Now, what you have to do is there are, several
key things that we recommend in addition to the acupressure. The acupressure extracts the stress but there’s
some nutritional things. B1, Vitamin B1, the more stress you experience
the more Vitamin B1 you deplete. The best source of B1 is in nutritional yeast. You can get it from the health food store,
try to find the one that is non-fortified and this will really help counter nervous
tension and stress in your body. The way you know you’re deficient in B1 is
you have a lot of built up stress and you want to explode. But my Adrenal Day formula has natural B1
in it, because it’s hard to find. The Adrenal Day, when people take it they
feel really calm, that’s because of one of the things it has which is B1. The other things is potassium. Even if you have a blood test it’s not going
to show up, because 98% of all your potassium is inside the cell, not in your blood. Your cells have to be severely depleted before
it even shows up on a blood test. Potassium, the main function of potassium,
is to help support the nervous system. When you don’t have enough potassium, your
anxiety, you have stress, you have nerve issues, it affects the heart, it’s an electrolyte. It’s very important in to calming the body
and helping things like restless leg syndrome. The way you get that is from the big salads. You need, you ever see those big plastic things
of salad that are like these squares, that’s probably about 8 ounces. That’s how much salad you need, that’s eight
cups per day. One ounce per cup, you need to start having
more salads or vegetables to get the potassium in your body. A banana’s 300mg, you need 4,700, so forget
the fruit. Adrenal Fatigue formula, we have a product
that’s called Adrenal Fatigue formula. The new name is called Adrenal Night formula,
it’s the same formula. You can take one before bed, that has certain
nutrients to put you in a relax state so you can actually go to sleep at night. We recommend that. Then Adrenal Day, during the day, because
it has the natural Bs to actually extract, and it has a lot of other things too to help
extract stress. As far as the exercise goes, we recommend
low intensity things. You can do yoga, but walking is the best. Get out there and walk, as long as you can
because that really will, you need low intensity, lots of breathing to be able to pull out the
stress. This is the protocol for adrenal. In the next part we’re going to show you how
to do acupressure on the adrenals and then there’s a last part we’ll show you some advanced
things to do with the adrenal as well, but you’re going to need someone else to do that
on you. Okay? I hope this helped.

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100 thoughts on “What To Do If You Have Adrenal Fatigue

  1. Dr. Berg can you please give some advice to inflammatory bowl disease patients? That will be much appreciated…

  2. Been on day formula for a little over a month. I have lost 0lbs and inches in belly, hardly a belly left.
    I just go the night formula yesterday. Slept really well last night.

  3. What can I do if my left adrenal gland is removed from adrenal tumor removed and other gland never woke up which they said after 3 months it won't wake up.
    Endocrinologist tried shocking right gland never woke up it's been 16 years since removed adrenal gland &tumor left adrenal gland so I don't produce cortisol and on steroids therapeutic doses daily 2mg morning 1 mg afternoon and I never hardly sleep always nauseated but steriod dose replacement help keep me alive Dr's said if I go without steroids my body would shut down by 3rd day.. few times in icu I almost died. Infection stress to the body depletes daily dose..I no without adrenal gland and steroids therapeutic doses daily replacement is hard to balance naturally suppressed my immune system. I have artificial bladder and chest opened lost 31/2 ribs and have been suffering from nerve damage unable to get that under control lot going on my last edocronogist died and haven't found a good one yet..
    Boston Massachusetts area
    My original Dr I DIAGNOSE THE TUMOR after they removed it I was adrenal insufficiency fixed that but I got better went back to original weight..my problem is I started to blow up weak and felt like I was in cushion syndrome again lately I'm losing muscles mass passing out I won't go back to see him because he slammed the door closed on my arm and he wasn't listening to what I was saying about weight gain, weakness passing out I told him I don't eat my fiancee was with me because I have a neck injury Disc pain..he said if he put me in closet shut the door I would loose weight.
    That was wrong with what he did how he conducted professional MANNERISMS especially for a Endrconologigist I believe I have gone through the change .
    Now hitting 60 my body is weak muscles unable to go out..lately I've been depressed everything that I emotionally surpassed traumatic situations it's as if I'm back in PTSD mode irritable, losing sleep weight fluctuation I feel down like when I had adrenal tumor before they removed it..
    I have no appetite, crying alot lately angry also..
    I'm normal a very polite patient person.. if you know of any well known endocrine specialist in my area.. ? I have artificial bladder my cervix feeling like it's coming out
    Could this be related to no muscles and loss of collagen from having no left adrenal gland and no function of the right gland..
    I've been told my body wouldn't be able to sustain anymore surgeries unless matter of life and death..
    I fear that everything is snowballing spiraling out of control.. for the first time I'm scared I'm going to die..
    IF you no if any good Edocronogist if I didn't have medical knowledge I wouldn't be here today..
    I fought for my life because they have no idea about cushion syndrome I brought my medical school books into the Dr he didn't like that basically said im reading into that subject making myself sick i left his office abruptly because I new my body I didn't change course of yrs of same thing daily basis..it was a pet scan & my interest in medical research kept me alive once my primary care Dr who's the head of transplant team listening to me i was basically in wheelchair other Dr's prescribing medications for every symptom I never like taking medication but I was desperate to get better
    Then I started changing meds to organic giving my body what it needs to function it was hard to diagnose because of the rarity & science funding for knowledge and treatment which once removed I almost died.. ,
    I need help I NO medical I've done yrs of research but balancing cortisol with daily therapeutic doses prednisone is killing my body I was balanced until hurt my neck pain unbalanced & no appitatie especially when you know that food chain supply our water isn't good for the body especially when people who suffer from low immune system seems like my sinuses are giving me chronic infection I'm divorced my x husband broke my orbital bone and nose yrs ago now I'm ready to fix it but I fear infections because immune system response basically I take supplements organic only but lately it's not helping me because of stress and chronic infections plz if you know of any great Edrcronogist in Boston Massachusetts surrounding areas id appreciate all information
    My children need me & granddaughter I adore so much love and life left..
    I love to help people that's why I choose medical field..
    I can't help anyone except give advice and that's hard when you are sick.. I want to travel to other countries help the people who suffer don't have no health care raise money to help support & educate feed the unfortunate & even help supply water it's cheap my dreams are not furnished so much more I need to do I was always busy helping someone ..this frustrates me because that's all I done my whole life has been doing for others wanting nothing in return except a smile on there faces when im done helping them 😔
    I need help plz

  4. Living with a toxic mother has totally messed up my adrenals. I started to take 7 supplements to help me with stress. Hoping they'll help me deal with her and begin living a happy life.

  5. Dear Dr. Eric Berg,

    Good Day!

    I follow your channel, and I must say that it has helped me a lot. I have two questions to ask:

    1. Can I drink following drink thrice a week? Is this combination poisonous? Will it break my fast?

    a. Water/Coconut Water + Organic Raw Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar + Lime + Himalayan Pink Salt + Cayenne Pepper + Cream of tartar + Virgin Coconut Oil + Maca Powder

    2. Can I consume following (trice a week) to fix adrenal fatigue?

    a. Coconut Water + Unsweetened Cranberries + Himalayan Pink Salt + Cream of tartar + Ashwagandha + Maca Powder

    b. Orange Juice + Himalayan Pink Salt + Cream of tartar + Ashwagandha + Maca Powder
    c. Fish Oil Pills

    d. Nutritional Yeast (Non-Fortified)

  6. Thanks for the help on the video. I needed this. I had the fatigue for like, (lost count) and it's been a pain in my ***. Every time I did some workout I could feel the stress and it made me think that I needed to go harder in my workouts but in the end it ended up increasing my stresses. Until I heard you mention "low intensity" workouts I was like "bruh…." Thanks, continue on the good work Dr.

  7. Great – thank you very much. It's strange that no-one will usually acknowledge that all that old stress and tension accumulates in the body. I work with people with complex trauma and they almost always experience serious health issues from mid-life onward… yet it is not really fully understood (by mainstream medicine) why. Fantastic video! What do you think about the role of selenium? Yes, walking is the best !

  8. I'm becoming vegan keto… I have a lot of problems right now… Insulin resistance, adrenal fatigue, high estrogen… I'm on antidepressants and have a history of extreme anorexia, purging, and bingeing.. I'm 30, my cortisol is through the roof.. Totally caffeine addicted. It's going to be an interesting journey… I'll vlog it all and hopefully help people the way you are helping me.. Pay it forward xxx

  9. I can only hold my breath for a minute exact. So, I'm not terrible but there's work for improvement. I'll look into Adrenal support.

  10. I have hypoglycaemia, I am eating salads all day no carbs and sugars. And within 4 hours of no eating my sugars are at 4.0.. I do realize since starting this my period started up (haven’t has it for a year) but dos this sound like adrenal fatigue? I wake up lots in the night, I have had anxiety since I was 7, I am always stressed.

  11. just watching your videos is sooo relaxing! your voice is so soft and you are very handsome. Thanks Dr Berg for helping us in every way

  12. I think I have adrenal fatigue, which test I have to do to be sure that is that my problem ? NHS medical centre say that this it does not exist and I have to do the tests myself, please, let me know

  13. is your supplement 'Safe' to take along with SNRI's etc.? Please always keep that in mind? I've found my SNRI medication helps allot with keeping me Positive, Anti-Depressant /shrug, but none do F-all for Anxiety. I need something that is Quick Acting & Safe along side SNRI's etc.. I don't trust the likes of ASHWAGANDHA, Rhodiola etc. to not negatively interact with these Serotonin medications…

  14. Dr berg, do you have any syrups or chewable pills for calming ADHD kids who find it hard to manage emotions?

  15. Is brain fog a symptom of adrenal fatigue? I’m tired and also unable to study/work on assignments and this is causing more stress.

  16. Pls make a video on Eczema and topical corticosteroid withdrawal and its impact on adrenals
    Plssss help really need it

  17. Hey Dr Berg, Thank You for the wonderful work You do 🙏

    My question is: is vegan keto diet beneficial for adrenal fatigue ? Can it be done ?

  18. Was doing weight lifting a lot trying to build muscle but I think adrenal fatigue and stress/cortisol levels have kept me from burning fat. Have seen elsewhere that to improve a skinny fat body type it’s good to weight lift and eat protein but with my stress and exhaustion it seems counter intuitive!

  19. Dr. Berg , I have adrenal insufficiency and I was on levothroxity and prednisone that I quit because I didn't want to depend on drugs I was on both for 3 1/2 years. I'm losing a lot of weight , weak, face two different tones, Plus I've been intermitt fasting. Should I take this formula? And the weight lost is how I found out I was insufficient. Now that I've stopped using sort of say ,I'm losing weight like crazy. I'm also on hrt. Your answer would be greatly appreciated.

  20. I like your analogies! You are so right. It’s good to know that there are good doctors out there who truly want to help people

  21. I'm to young for this crap lol please helpppp!!!! I am always down, feel weird, light headed I wrote on ur other videos but still see nothing on high potassium hbp.. I feel weird have bad headaches, some that are fire lines from a straight line to my forehead to my back

  22. Summarizing:
    1. Vitamin B1 (Nutritional yeast)
    2. Potassium (lots of salads and vegetables)
    3. Adrenal Night formula (take before going to bed)
    4. Low intensity exercise. Walking is the best.
    5. Acupressure

  23. After 3 yrs of earpain, I got a medicin, mematoson, a cortisone. After like 2 months, all I can do is sleep… this is why I don't want regular medicin, but I tried all I could think of. But yeah , this is the result. Exhaustion. Thanks a lot.

  24. No of this has helped me but acid food including citrus and a2 milk plus choline and magnesium. And exercise have. Why am i so different Dr Berg. it took 50 years of hell trying vegetables and no diary listening to this wrong stuff. to find out it was wrong for me.

  25. Dr Berg God is using you to help so many people. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. May you be blessed.

  26. Dr please I need your advice, I went and bought INNATE Response Formulas – Adrenal Response, Supports a Healthy Stress Response , supplement, and my first dose today, 45 mins later I'm extremely sleepy! More tired that what I was before, literally forced me to lay down my body feels weak. I took it thinking I was going to get energy and I was getting ready to workout but now I'm so sleepy! Help, advice please thank you ❤

    Ingredients- Sensoril® Ashwagandha Root & Leaf Extract (Withania somnifera)250 mg*

    Rhodiola Extract (Rhodiola rosea)200 mg*

    Astragalus Root (Astragalus membranaceus)150 mg*

    Holy Basil Leaf (Ocimum sanctum)150 mg*

    Schizandra Berry (Schisandra chinensis)100 mg*

    Additional Foods & Extracts
    Indian Gooseberry (Amla), Seaweed (Laminaria digitata and Ascophyllum nodosum)145 mg

  27. I'm actually too afraid to mention this but I battled severe Adrenal Fatigue and tried EVERYTHING. Absolutely nothing worked, I did protocol after protocol after protocol. Then after some assessments, one clever doc put me on a low dose Ritalin. I was immediately out of my Adrenal Fatigue, the restoration was immediate. I think more investigation needs to be done here.

  28. I struggled with adrenal failure for YEARS. My life was a living nightmare. I had tried everything. I was sleeping two hours a night.

    I ordered Dr. Berg’s adrenal and cortisol support and within one week my nightmare was over. Now I sleep all night. And, I’ve lost 20lbs in my first month of doing Dr. Berg’s version of keto – with only walking as exercise!

    Dr. B has pretty much cracked the human body and the main issue that westerners face with heir diets. I am so glad to be free of the tyranny of three meals a day! It always felt like such a chore and now I know why.

    I was overweight and starving. Terrible. Thank you Dr. Berg!!!!

  29. One of those boxes of salad per day would break me financially. It's crazy that the most expensive items in the grocery store are what we need the most.

  30. This is the worst video you've made , seem unsure of your information.. study first before you waste our data

  31. what makes you the best is your short 5 to 10 min vids with nice whiteboard notes many other talk too long a d try to be fancy with words doc berg you dumb it down for us god bless

  32. Can sleep heal some part of the problems? If people meant to deal with stress accumlated from the birth is there any ways can break this pattern

  33. Adrenal fatigue causes sleeping deprivation and you asking me to sleep! This is my problem with all bio hackers. I FUCKING DID EVERYTHING AND I CAN'T SLEEP!

  34. Dr Berg should should be in every classroom of America. 10 minute videos followed by group discussions and tested like other subjects.
    Maybe we could slow the epidemic of fat asses who look like crackheads.

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