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Wellness Center Recruitment

I am Nikki McKibben and I am the programming
coordinator here at the SDSU Wellness Center. The mission here at the SDSU Wellness Center
is enriching the quality of lives as our passion. And I think that you can really see that through
all of our programming that we do. There really is something here for everyone. Whether you are a college student or community
member or even family coming to work out together. There really is something here for everyone
here. I think it is important to students because
obviously wellness is important. And they can come here and they can work on
their physical wellness, get advice on what they should eat, and then there is also a
clinic. So if they are sick or they just need something checked out, that’s free to students too. So, its just a really good facility to utilize. I think the SDSU Wellness Center is a great
place to work because of the people. Not only here at the wellness center, but
the college community, the Brookings community, it’s very close knit and very just uplifting
and supportive of one another. Um, the first thing you can expect is a huge
smile from the welcome desk staff. They have to be some of the happiest people
on campus, so that’s the first thing you can expect. Everyone is super helpful if you just step
up and ask them. I feel like just the staff really makes it
welcoming. Everybody is always smiling, everybody just
seems happy. Advice I would give someone coming into
the wellness center for the first time is get involved. There are so many different things here at
the wellness center to get involved with. Between clubs and intramural sports and student
organizations, there really is something for everyone to try. So, I would just tell you to dive in, and
get involved. Hopefully they are building some good habits
that they can take with them once they leave SDSU.

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