Wellness Center on Minute with a Mustang
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Wellness Center on Minute with a Mustang

I’m Maryn Heil, and this
your Minute with a Mustang. This Friday is the 10th anniversary of the Bruce and Graciela
Redwine Student Wellness Center. Since 2009 the wellness
center has been home to group fitness classes, recreational sports and exercise equipment. Learn
more about these opportunities and tour the building
this Friday from 3 to 7pm. Refreshments will be
served beginning at 5pm. Tuesday night, beginning
at 7pm is the first faculty forum of the fall semester. Join us in Dillard room 101
for What Fueled Me To Be First: Stories from MSU’s first generation faculty and administrators. The counseling center is hosting a Defense Against the Dark Thoughts session this Friday beginning at 2pm. Counselors will help you find
your own Patronus to guide you through difficult
thoughts and feelings. For more information,
please visit MustangsLink. I’m Maryn Heil with
MSU Texas Social Media, and this has been your
Minute with a Mustang.

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