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– Caught me sleeping on the job again. Dr. Kris Arnold here from
Live Well Chiropractic, and I want to demonstrate
to you what we find is an underlying cause
of a lot of neck issues and headaches that people don’t realize. We used to get this
question asked every day in our office is, what
is the best way to sleep and how many pillows should I use? So let’s talk about
first of all what causes a lot of headaches is a
lot of stress and strain over the back of the neck. Could be caused from a lot of issues, but one thing we find,
it has a lot to do with pillows’ position and sleeping habits. First of all, the sleeping
habit I want everyone to start right away and change is please, do not watch TV or your
phone or this video in bed. What that does is you have to sit up, cause a lot of neck strain,
especially if you’re watching a half hour
show, it can cause a lot of strain in that neck area, and again, not only that the TV’s very stimulating will which keep you awake
and keep you from sleeping, it’s very damaging and
you need to get the TV out of your bedroom. Number two is if you sleep on your back and you have a lot of pillows, a lot of people like
to prop their head up, and it causes that same stress and strain on the back of the neck. Well we recommend people, if
you’re a true back sleeper, you want to sleep with
just a very thin pillow, see how this one allows my head to relax, or even no pillow at all,
which actually is even the best way. See how it keeps shoulders
and neck aligned. Just when I did that I could just feel all the tension out of my
neck and top of my shoulders just release. This is how you’re supposed to sleep. Very nice and very sound
and very restorative. But what if you’re not a back sleeper? We know and recommend that if
you’re a true side sleeper, you want to have pillows. You want to actually have two pillows to make up and keep
that head and shoulders and hips all in alignment. So sleep position and
sleep posture, again, think about it. You spend eight hours, or should spend at least six to eight hours sleeping, and it could cause a lot of tension. If you get up in the morning
and your neck’s stiff and your shoulders are really tight, that’s showing you’re not
really getting true sleep and it’s really causing
actually more health issues than actually healing your body. So we’d love to see you,
we’d love to help you out and get you more help with your sleep if it’s sleep patterns, and also help with your neck and shoulder issues and actually solve and figure out maybe what a better sleep
position and posture might be for you. So give us a call. We’d love to help you out
and solve your headaches like we’ve done with
hundreds of other patients. So hopefully this helps
out and you can change some of your sleep habits. (upbeat music)

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