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Wellness at Harrowgate

(upbeat music) (guitar music) – It is super important
to incorporate wellness into a day because two
out of three students do not get the recommended 60 minutes of activity that is suggested, so here at Harrowgate,
the teachers embrace the idea of providing that
60 minutes to our students. So with the 30 minutes
that they have a day of recess, as well as brain breaks and the active lessons, they are able to get that 60
minutes before they go home and we feel like as teachers, as well as providing them an education, we need to give them the 60 minutes so that they can live a healthy lifestyle. Today we saw a kindergarten class and they were reviewing sight words. The students had to pick up a sight word that they either saw
in the first nine weeks or will see in the second nine weeks and had to count how many
letters were in the words and if there were two letters, they went to a certain sign that gave
them a certain exercise. If there was three they
went to a different sign that had a different exercise. And the same with four letters. And with third grade, they
were doing place value and ordering from least to greatest and greatest to least. And based on the color of
the cell in their spreadsheet determined the exercise they would do when they were done. And if their answer was correct. I personally think that they enjoy it. I think you can see when I come in they’re very excited to see me. I think it’s something different. I think students enjoy
doing activities that aren’t sitting at their desk. It gives them a break. I especially, the little ones, they do love it. But even though the
fourth and fifth graders sometimes try to fight it I know that they enjoy
these types of activities. They might think it’s a little, you know, below their age but they come around and do participate as well. (upbeat music) I love that I can help
everybody in the building. I mentioned about the impact
it can have on students but it can have a great
impact on the teachers because when their students leave they get a new group of students so creating this foundation here that it’ll become a part of Harrowgate so the students of Harrowgate, this will be something that they embrace and that they understand. And even when I leave,
I just love that it’s going to be able to continue. And the kids at Harrowgate
are going to be healthier and embrace and enjoy health and wellness. (upbeat music)

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