Well-Child Visits | Why Check-Ups Are Important
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Well-Child Visits | Why Check-Ups Are Important

So I’d like to lay out for you my top
five reasons why you should bring your older child in to see the doctor once a
year for a well visit even if they don’t need a physical for school and even if
they don’t need any shots. Number one reason why you should bring your child
in to see me is for health advocacy at this age as your child’s getting older
we really want them to start understanding how to ask the doctor
questions and how to share with the doctor what they’re concerned about, your
child needs to start taking a little bit of ownership for their health and coming
in for these visits once a year when they’re feeling good is a great way for
them to establish a rapport with a physician and start taking a little bit
of control over their own health care. Number two is puberty, yes, the big P
it’s coming it starts somewhere in the age of seven to nine for girls maybe a
little bit older for boys so it’s coming so in these years it’s really important
to bring your child in so we can talk about the changes in their body.
Number three: school, academics and friends this is a really important topic
and we know as parents that you are absolutely all over this every day
however sometimes there’s things that parents miss sometimes it’s nice to have
someone else talking to your child about how things are going at school. So bring
your child in and let them tell me all about their life, tell me all about what
they’re doing, how they get along with their siblings, how they get along with
their friends at school and any academic troubles that they’re having.
You may not realize it but your pediatrician can be your best advocate
when there’s trouble at school. Number four is to talk about healthy habits, we
know that you’ve already talked to your child about getting outside and
exercising every day getting off the couch turning off the video games we
know you’ve probably talked to your child about not drinking a lot of soda
and limiting their juice but sometimes it hits a little harder when it comes
from the pediatrician. Number five and probably the most important is
preventative health screening, we’ve already talked about making your child
an advocate for his health, but your child doesn’t know or recognize
every problem that they might be facing it’s our job to screen for those things
talk about them and then treat them as they come up, one of the most important
things we screen for yearly starting around age 11 is depression, depression is extremely common in teenagers and even sometimes in young
children, anxiety comes along with that. Annual wellness exams for your child
aren’t something to be taken lightly they’re important because they set your
child up for a life time of health and wellness, so come in and see your
pediatrician every year and don’t wait until right before school starts.

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