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Welcome to Your Kaiser Permanente Surgical Experience – Oakland Medical Center | Kaiser Permanente

[music] Hello, I’m Dr. John Loftus. I’m an anesthesiologist and the
Physician-in-Chief. It’s my pleasure to welcome
you to the Kaiser Permanente Oakland
Medical Center. As Physician-in-Chief, I’m
responsible for the medical care delivered in this hospital. Here in our state-of-the-art
facility, we perform over 13,000 surgical
procedures every year. It’s our goal to make each of
our surgery patients and their loved ones feel comfortable,
informed and well taken care of. This video will give you an
overview of what you can expect with most surgical experiences. [music] Hi there, my name is
Olithia O’Toole and I’m a
Kaiser Permanente member. I’ve had surgery here before, so
let me give you a few tips: Wear loose fitting clothing,
leave valuables at home and please follow the eating and
drinking guidelines you were given so your surgery
can proceed as planned. Once you arrive to the
hospital, you’ll find there are a few
parking lots close by. The main one used by patients is
adjacent to the hospital with the entrance on Broadway. Unfortunately, the
City of Oakland requires that we charge our patients
for parking although, we wish we could
provide this for free. When you enter the
medical center, you’ll walk past the
information desk. Halfway down the hall,
you’ll see the elevators. Take those to the second floor. This is where you’ll check in. Please arrive at the time you
are given so that your care team can adequately prepare you
for surgery. When you get to the
second floor, you’ll need your
Kaiser Permanente card and a photo ID. You’ll need to register by
completing some paperwork. And here’s a copy of your
consent… [music] Hi, my name is Brooke Bennett
and I’m a registered nurse in Pre-Op. This is the area where we’ll get
you ready for your surgery. Hi, Miss Wallace? We’ll call you from the waiting
area and bring you back to pre-op. Your family and friends will
stay in the waiting room. But don’t worry, you’ll have
another chance to see them before surgery. The first step is having you
change into a hospital gown. This is also a great chance to
use the restroom. Hi again… Next is for us to take a private
history with you. We’ll do some routine care
including taking your vital signs and
getting your weight. After that, we’ll get your IV
started and draw any necessary labs. You’ll get any medications that
your surgical team has ordered. At this point, family members or
friends can join you if you’d like. If you didn’t lock up your
valuables at registration, we’ll do that for you now
unless you want your family or friends to hold them for you. The last thing you’ll do in
pre-op is meet the team who’ll be taking care of you. Good morning, sir. Your surgeon, anesthesiologist,
or nurse anesthetist, and your OR nurse. They’ll go over the surgical
plan and give you an opportunity to ask questions or clarify
issues. And your medical record
number is… Throughout this whole experience
prior to surgery, expect to be asked multiple
times your name, Kaiser Permanente number,
date of birth and what procedure you’re
here for. This is an important safety
check for us. [music] Hi, my name is
Glenn Valenzuela and I’m one of the anesthesia providers here
at the Oakland Medical Center. After pre-op, you’ll be taken
back to the operating room where your surgical team will be
waiting for you. They’ll be wearing caps and
masks to keep your OR suite sterile. It’s normal for the room to
feel cold. This helps with sterility. You’ll be assisted onto the OR
table where you’ll be attached to heart and lung monitors and
stockings that squeeze your legs – these help with circulation. The team will review the consent
with you and with each other. This is Missy Wallace. That’s correct. Okay, she’s here for a
diagnostic laparoscopy… All right, Miss Wallace,
my name is Erna again, and I am going to be your
OR nurse. My name is Linda Jordan.
I’m your OR tech. Okay, my name
is Glenn Valenzuela and I’m the anesthesiologist. She’s going to get a general
anesthetic… This is done as a final safety
check and sets expectations for the surgical team. Once we are all in agreement,
the next step is to get you safely off to sleep. You can hold my hand while you
go to sleep. Family and friends can follow
your progress on the surgery board in the
waiting area. We’ll give them a color-coded
chart so they’ll know how to read the information. When the surgery is finished,
your surgeon will call your family or friends or will talk
to them in the waiting area to give them an update. She did great. To learn more about the OR,
you can experience our virtual reality video by
clicking on the link on our website. It gives you a bird’s eye view
of what happens in the operating room as your OR team
prepares for your procedure. [music] Hello, my name is
Anna Reschar and I’m a registered nurse specializing
in patient recovery after anesthesia. After surgery, you’ll be brought
into the recovery area. As you wake up, me or another
recovery nurse will closely monitor your vital
signs and pain level. It’s our goal to keep your pain
at a comfortable level while maintaining your safety. On average, most patients spend
about an hour to an hour and a half in recovery. When you’re ready to go home,
we’ll give you and your designated caregiver your
discharge instructions. If you’re staying the night
with us, you’ll be transferred to your
private hospital room. You might be forgetful in
recovery so key information will be communicated a few times
to you and to any family members or caregivers who are there
with you. Just follow the instructions
that the pharmacist gives you… We hope this video has helped
you feel prepared and reassured about your
upcoming surgical procedure. If you have any additional
questions, don’t hesitate to ask any member
of our staff or give us a call. Here at the Kaiser Permanente
Oakland Medical Center, we’re working together to make
your surgical experience with us a positive one. We’re all looking forward to
taking excellent care of you so you can get back to doing the
things you enjoy…and thrive. Thank you.

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