Welcome to The Wright Wellness Center YouTube Channel
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Welcome to The Wright Wellness Center YouTube Channel

– Hi I’m Rachel Wright. – And I’m Kyle Wright. – [Both] And welcome
to our YouTube channel. – In addition to being husband and wife, we’re the co-founders of
Wright Wellness Center, where we’re bridging the
gap between a self help book and a therapist couch. – We’ll be posting videos each week about relationships,
sex and mental health. We’re getting rid of the stigma around working on these areas of your life that are super important. And we’re giving you the tools to live the best life possible. – And don’t forget about our live Bachelor-themed recap
show, The Wright Reasons. – Be sure to subscribe to our channel so you’ll be notified every
time we put out a new video. – And comment below
this video to say hello and let us know who you are. – We’ll see you soon. – Bye. (clap)
– Okay. (clap) – Co-founders of Wright Welness Center, where we are. (blows raspberries) (speaks gibberish) (clap) Wright Wellness Center
(laughs), stop looking at me. You’re so, it’s embarrassing. – What does it say?
– It was silent though. – We’re getting rid of this thing. – And don’t forget about
our live recap show. (speaks gibberish) – (laughter) – [Rachel] Go. – Why is it worse now? I don’t want to do it now.
– It’s blurry anyway. Go ahead.
– Oh my god, it’s blurry anyway. Okay. (hands rub) Ow. (Rachel laughs) Like scraped my ring with my– – [Rachel] Stupid. (Kyle murmurs)

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  1. AHHHHH!! We're so so so excited!!!!!!! Let's do this YouTube!!! What did you think of the trailer? Did you like the bloopers?

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