Welcome to Mental Health Check-in Tool, Looper
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Welcome to Mental Health Check-in Tool, Looper

Sometimes we just can’t find the words.
Sometimes we just can’t find the courage. Sometimes we can’t be bothered at all.
and sometimes we just don’t have the time. But sometimes, doesn’t have to be
sometimes any longer. Looper is a free app developed to help you find the right
words and share daily with up to 5 people you trust. It’s a safe place
that’s easy to access to give you courage to express yourself
authentically. It enables you to be accountable by Looping in daily to
ensure you can be bothered, to ensure you are heard and understood. It also helps
you to understand those you care about without those daily long and elaborate
conversations. It’s simple so it doesn’t take much time. Here’s how it
works: Simply download the free Looper app from
the App Store. Every day you get to rate and share how your days tracking by
selecting a number between 1 and 10 and share with up to five fellow Looper’s.
You can also add your own custom categories if you want to add more
details. Once you’ve shared your score you get to see how your Loopers are
tracking. The app is intuitive and will let you know if someone isn’t tracking
so well. Looper uses stringent security best practices in both the transmission
and storage of your data, to ensure your privacy and information is safe. Looper
is available now to download on iOS and Android. Keep an eye out for Looper for
enterprise next year. Happy Looping

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