Welcome to Acupuncture Wellness Center – Acupuncture Clinic in Baton Rouge, LA
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Welcome to Acupuncture Wellness Center – Acupuncture Clinic in Baton Rouge, LA

Two common questions I often hear are does acupuncture work does acupuncture hurt we practice a gentle style here at Acupuncture Wellness Center Patients often feel very little if
anything upon insertion of needles And yes of course acupuncture works
not for everyone for everything but it’s a viable option for many
conditions and most people who come to our clinic
for treatment respond quite favorably My name is Stewart Sommers and I’m the owner and primary practitioner Acupuncture Wellness Center. First time patients to Acupuncture Wellness Center can expect to find a comfortable and professional atmosphere I sit down one on one with new patients
ask them general information about the medical
history and specifically ask questions and get to know the
situation regarding the condition or conditions for which they are seeking treatment and most importantly or answer any questions they may have before we proceed. I’ve had a few people
ask me why would I need acupuncture. I don’t have any pain I can’t think of any other reason I may need to come in. I let them know that may be the case but keep in mind that the way
acupuncture and Chinese medicine works is it helps in large part regulate body
function It cues the immune system which can help with general immune function and in
addition moderating and reducing stress levels so much of our
body function just works better. Our website is acupuncture BR dot com and on it you’ll find general information about acupuncture and Chinese medicine
specific information about our clinic including testimonials from patients who have benefited from treatment here at Acupuncture Wellness Center.

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