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Weight & Wellness – Warren’s Story

>>Being overweight has a
plethora of problems because, first of all, you have
the health issues, you have mobility issues,
whether it’s perceived or real you always feel that
people are watching you. It was debilitating. The quality of life had
definitely degraded it to a very low level. I went through the
bariatric surgery in 2015. Since that time I’ve
been on a journey and it’s changed my life. The Weight and Wellness
Center could get you through mindful eating and
incorporating more activity into every day, every life. And what happens is
it becomes a balance and you start feeling
better about yourself. And then when you have the
surgery you’re prepared for all it entails afterwards. I enjoy martial arts, boxing,
basketball, swimming, every day. The guidance that the Weight and Wellness Center gives
you helps you post-surgery because being reassured and
knowing that others are going through it with some of their
groups is just a comfort. And it’s a tremendous
support system. Don’t wait. Do it now and you’ll
get your life back. [ Music ]

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