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19 thoughts on “Viral Photo Of Nurse Crying After A Long Shift Draws Outpouring Of Support | NBC Nightly News

  1. First View , Like & Comment. Nurses are greatly underappreciated. They do so much work , get so little credit. They rock !

  2. I used to work 13h sometimes 15h and it will be like that for 5 or 6 days. One day I saw my family with out me going about. Then I saw too much death. Then my compassion was gone. That's when I knew, it was time to leave the hospital as respiratory care. 15y and now I see my family going places with me. There is no love for medical people. I will not go back.

  3. Great way to broadcast your profession. Let’s see how would all professions react if we do not have a cleaner for one day!!!

  4. Never finished but start Register Nurse College in my youth ,and got very emotional about some patient's ,and their problems went home with me that made me consider a specialty not so close to the patient and decided to go for surgical Nursing ,you are not involved with the patient in the way you do in Floor care

  5. Bless her empathetic heart. It is a very tough job. I'd say that pediatrics would be especially difficult at times. My mom is a retired RN. She's been verbally and physically abused by patients, but still went back because it was her passion to help people.

  6. Working at a mine I can sympathize with her , dragging dead bodies from underground can stay on a miners mind for years . I can only imagine what healthcare workers witness daily

  7. oh for christ sake who cares!!!! There are people out there that stare death in the face all day every day. Cant handle it get another job!

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  9. My sister is an NHS nurse and she cries all the time at some of the horror she has to deal with. God bless them all.

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