Unboxing the Doc McStuffins Stuffy Check Up Center Toys Review
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Unboxing the Doc McStuffins Stuffy Check Up Center Toys Review

– [Mr. Engineer] Hey,
Assistant, what’s this? – [The Assistant] A
Stuffy Checkup Station. – [Mr. Engineer] A
Stuffy Check up Station? You mean from Doc McStuffins? – [The Assistant] Yes, but it’s Stuffy! – [Mr. Engineer] Whoa! Let’s
take this out of the box and see all the cool things we can do with it. Right? – [The Assistant] Right! – [Mr. Engineer] Alright! – [The Assistant] Alright! – [Mr. Engineer] Alright – [The Assistant] Alright. – [Mr. Engineer] Hey, we
got it out of the box, but it’s not, doesn’t look like anything. – [The Assistant] It’s
not put together, silly! – [Mr. Engineer] Ow, we
gotta put this together? – [The Assistant] Yes. – [Mr. Engineer] Oh, Boy. Hey, Assistant, was it a lot of fun to
put this thing together? – [The Assistant] Yes. – [Mr. Engineer] Wow, we
used a lot of batteries, and we put it all together, look how big it is. It has Stuffy, and it has all these drawers, and you can do X-rays on it, right? – [The Assistant] Right. – [Mr. Engineer] And
it’s even got a light. Hey look, there’s the robot. Hmm, Assistant, why don’t you push down on the robot and let’s see what happens, okay? – [The Assistant] Okay. – [Mr. Engineer] Push down on him. (robot chimes) Whoa, it lights up! – The doc is in, it looks
like we have a patient. What do you think? Can it be fixed? (robot chirps) (robot chimes) – [Mr. Engineer] Whoa. You know what, now we
need to look and see, I think the Doc did the x-rays. – Here it is, Ah ha, I
think I see the problem. – [Mr. Engineer] Let’s look at the x-rays. Okay Assistant, put in the x-ray. (x-ray beeps) Oh, does it look like the robot’s hurt? – Look on the screen. – [The Assistant] Yes. – [Mr. Engineer] Hmm, We
better fix him, right? – [The Assistant] Right. – Take two cuddles, and
call me in the morning. – [Mr. Engineer] Hmm, you know what? Let’s see what’s, Let’s use the light to
see if he’s okay, okay? – [The Assistant] Okay. – [Mr. Engineer] Hey Assistant, there’s a patient. We probably should turn
on that light first. Right? – [The Assistant] Right. – [Mr. Engineer] Okay, the light’s on. Let’s see if we can, if we can fix him. – [The Assistant] We gotta open him up. – [Mr. Engineer] That’s
right, open him up. And you’ve got the screwdriver, right? [The Assistant] Right. (robot chimes) – The doc is in. Let’s
take a look at your. – [Mr. Engineer] Do you
think you can save him, Assistant? – [The Assistant] Yes. – [Mr. Engineer] You’re doing a good job. Alright, alright! Lot’s of fun things, right? – [The Assistant] All fixed! – [Mr. Engineer] He said, Let’s measure him to see how tall he is. Okay assistant, here’s a tap measure that came with it, why don’t we see how big the robot is? Oh, it looks like he might have grown! That’s pretty silly, that he would grow. – [The Assistant] Yeah. – [Mr. Engineer] Now let’s
check his blood pressure, okay? – [The Assistant] Okay. – [Mr. Engineer] Okay
Assistant, let’s check. Squeeze on it and let’s check his blood pressure. Wait a minute, a robot wouldn’t have blood, he doesn’t have a blood pressure, ’cause it doesn’t have blood, right? – [The Assistant] Right. – [Mr. Engineer] That’s pretty silly. Oo, You’re doing a good job though. Let’s look at some of the
other fun things we have, okay? – [The Assistant] Okay. – [Mr. Engineer] Okay Assistant, maybe you should wash
your hands in that sink. Shhhhh, Your hands all washed? – [The Assistant] Yes, but
where’s the paper towel? – [Mr. Engineer] We’re
gonna have to get some, aren’t we? – [The Assistant] Yeah. – [Mr. Engineer] Wait a minute, we gotta write the diagnosis on the diagnosis board, right there. – [The Assistant] Yes. – [Mr. Engineer] Okay, let’s
get the pen that came with it. – [The Assistant] Here’s a pen. – [Mr. Engineer] Good job. Alright, if he’s feeling better we probably should put a smiley face on that board, shouldn’t we? – [The Assistant] Right. – [Mr. Engineer] And if he’s not, we probably need to put like a frown, or, you know something else. Hey, you put a smiley face! He must be feeling better. Good job. And look, up top we’ve
got the other instruments for checking reflexes, and checking inside you’re ears and nose, and then there’s Stuffy. And look at this right here, The Doc McStuffins Sticker. You know what you can do with it? – [The Assistant] Yes. – [Mr. Engineer] It rotates. So if the Doc is in, or not. So ready? Doc is in. The Doc went buh-bye – [The Assistant] Backwards. Buh-bye is this. – [Mr. Engineer] (singing)
And the Doc is in. You know what, there’s cabinets underneath it too. Let’s look at those. Look Assistant, you’ve got you got these right here that open up, and you can put things
inside of it, right. – [The Assistant] Right. – [Mr. Engineer] Whoa,
and it comes with a roll of stickers, right there, and then you’ve got shelves right here on the side. See, you can see these shelves right here. Oh look, you put the tape measure there, that was a good place to put it, wasn’t it? – [The Assistant] Yeah. – [Mr. Engineer] Lots of fun things with the Stuffy Checkup Center. So we’ve got two Checkup Centers. We’ve got the Doc McStuffins, and the Stuffy Checkup Center. Hey Assistant, which one
do you like the best? – [The Assistant] Stuffy! – [Mr. Engineer] You like Stuffy the best! Why do you like it the best? – [The Assistant] Because it has a robot. – [Mr. Engineer] Oh, it
does have a robot on it. And look, both of em have stickers, and lots of fun things. Pretty cool, right? – [The Assistant] Yeah! – [Mr. Engineer] They
both have cabinets, right? – [The Assistant] Right. – [Mr. Engineer] Cool. – [The Assistant] They both have sinks. – [Mr. Engineer] And they both have sinks. There a lot to like about both of these aren’t there? – [The Assistant] Yes. – [Mr. Engineer] So we decided that we like the Stuffy
Checkup Center, right? – [The Assistant] Right! – [Mr. Engineer] And you know what people should do now, right? – [The Assistant] Right! – [Mr. Engineer] They need to subscribe – [The Assistant] To
The Engineering Family and I hope you liked this
video just like that one. – [Mr. Engineer] That’s
right, so right up here it says subscribe here, so make sure you subscribe to The Engineering Family, so they can see lots of fun videos like this one. I think that they’re gonna like them, don’t you? – [The Assistant] Yes! – [Mr. Engineer] Me too. Alright, and there’s a secret password, and it’s just stuffy, right here, it says stuffy, and that’s because this is the Stuffy Checkup Center. So tell us do you like the Stuffy Checkup Center or the Doc Checkup Center best, and then, in the comments make sure you put the secret passcode, so that we know that you know what it is. Okay everyone, have a great Doc
McStuffins and Stuffy day. Bye! – [The Assistant] Bye everyone! – [Mr. Engineer] Buh bye. – [The Assistant] Adios. – [Mr. Engineer] Adios. Are you ready for another
video for DocMcStuffins? If so, pick one of these squares, See Doc McStuffins surprise eggs, a Doc McStuffins Christmas, and other cool videos. Check one out, and have a great

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