Unboxing Doc McStuffins Check up Cart Playset with Shimmer and Shine
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Unboxing Doc McStuffins Check up Cart Playset with Shimmer and Shine

– [Assistant] Family fun for everyone. – [Mrs. Engineer] Oh wow! Look what we get to play with today! It’s the new Doc McStuffins Magic Talking Dog and Care Cart. Let’s open it up and have some fun! Oh wow! Look at this super cool toy and everything it comes with! Look at our Doc McStuffins doll. – I’m Doc McStuffins and I love my job! (giggles) – [Mrs. Engineer] Well
hey, Doc McStuffins! It looks like you have a
patient right there, Findo. But wait, before you help him out, let’s look at your really cool care cart and see how it works! Right here is your X-ray machine and here we can see the
X-ray shows us someone has butterflies in their stomach! But let’s take out this X-ray and put in this one! Oh and whoa! Wait. You can’t see with the lights on. Let’s turn them off. Look! Whenever you put the X-ray in, it lights up so you can see
it just like a real X-Ray. Look! You can roll this cart
around so it’s portable so you can help anyone wherever they are because it’s an on-the-go care cart! And whenever you need
to measure your patient, all you have to do is move
this flower down here! And you can figure out
how big or small they are. Here, let’s measure Findo. If we set him right here, then, we can move this dial over. Perfect, and he’s how many notches big? He’s one, two, three, four notches wide! And if your patient’s a
little bit bigger than Findo, then don’t worry, you can adjust the seat! Just roll this knob right
here and it goes down! It lays all the way flat so they can lay down and be comfortable. But we don’t need that right now, so we’ll put it right back up like that. And whenever you’re done with the exam, you can just pull out this drawer here, perfect, and dump all of
Doc McStuffins’ tools in! There’s one, here’s her chart, and we have one more, there we go. Right in there, perfect! And now that we know how to
use our super cool care cart, let’s let Doc McStuffins do her thing and hear some of the cool
phrases that she says. – How’s our little patient today? (dog whines sadly) Don’t worry! It’s gonna be alright! (dog whines happily) Let’s take a look at your chart. Mmm, mmm hmm, yeah. Let’s check your heart on the stethoscope. (dog woofs) You really are a great patient! (heart thumping) Let’s check your X-rays. Your exam is going great. (dog barks) I prescribe a round of cuddles to keep our patient happy and healthy! (dog barks) I have a diagnosis! You have all-better-osis. (dog barks) – [Mrs. Engineer] Wow, this Doc
McStuffins Magic Talking Dog and Care Cart were so much fun! 10. Nine. Eight. Seven. Six. Five. Four. Three. Two. One. Next video. (laughing) – [Chilly] Hey, Stuffy! – [Stuffy] Yeah, Chilly? – [Chilly] I got a good joke for you! – [Stuffy] Okay, let’s hear it! – [Chilly] What do you call
a snowman on roller blades? – [Stuffy] Oh, uh, I don’t know, what? – [Chilly] A snow mobile! (laughs) – [Stuffy] Ha, that’s a good one, Chilly! Oh, oh, okay, listen to this one. What is a snowman’s favorite food? – [Chilly] Uh, I don’t know. What is it? – [Stuffy] Burritos! (laughing) Ha ha ha, get it? Burritos! – (Chilly laughs) It’s
funny ’cause it’s true! (laughing) Oh, good one, Stuffy! – [Lambie] You guys are so funny! So Doc, do you think we’ll
have any patients today? – [Doc] I sure hope so! – [Shimmer and Shine] Boom
Zahramay, we have an emergency! – [Shimmer] Hi Doc, good,
I’m glad you’re here. We have a big, big, big
problem, we have an emergency! – [Shine] Yeah, yeah Doc we do. – [Doc] Well, what’s the problem, Shimmer? – [Shimmer] It’s Shine! She’s gone blonkey! – [Doc] Well what seems to be the problem? (gasps) – [Shimmer] Uh oh, just watch! (gasps) (sneezes) (sniffles) S’cuse me. – [Stuffy] Bless you! Whoa, what’s that? – [Shine] Oh no, what did
I turn into this time? – [Shimmer] Doc, see what’s going on? Every time she sneezes, she turns into some other crazy, blue character. – [Chilly] Whoa, that’s not good. – [Shine] Well, doctor, can you help me? – [Doc] I think we can, Shine! Hmm, let’s give you a check-up! Okay, Shine, take a big step forward! – [Shine] (sniffles) Okay. – [Doc] Okay doctors in training,
time for our examination. Assistant Lambie, assistant
Stuffy, can you help me test her reflexes, and check her vitals? – [Lambie] Of course. – [Chilly] Hey, uh, Doc, what about me? – [Doc] Oh, assistant Chilly, don’t worry, I have a special task for you. Could you go over and
keep Shimmer company? She seems a little
worried about her sister. – [Chilly] Oh, yeah, of course, Doc. Let’s go guys! – [Lambie] She looks very
green as if she’s sick. – [Stuffy] And what’s
up with the three eyes? That’s not good. Okay, Doc, I think
there’s only one diagnosis that we can give you. She ain’t human, but we’ll keep checking. (Shine gasps) – [Stuffy] Oh no, she’s gonna blow! (sneezes) – [Shine] (chuckles) S’cuse me. – [Stuffy] Ew, yuck, I’m
covered in alien snot. (groans) That’s so, whoa, what is that? Okay, Doc, now I’m really
confused. What’s going on? – [Shine] Um, guys? why do I feel like I
really wanna sandwich? – [Lambie] Oh wow, Doc,
are you seeing this? She turned into a blue,
Frozen, Anna and Elsa lunchbox. That’s insane! – [Doc] Hmm, this is more
serious than I thought. Okay, Shine, maybe you
need to keep sneezing, to see what we’re dealing with. – [Shimmer] Oh, Doc, do you think you’ll be able to save her? Will I ever see Shine again? I can’t be Shimmer and
Shine without Shine! – [Doc] Shimmer, don’t worry. My team of doctors and I
will fix it in no time. – [Chilly] Don’t worry, Shimmer. We’re the best at melting problems away. (giggles) (gasps) (sneezes) – [Chilly] Wow, that was a big sneeze. Whoa, guys, are you seeing this? – [Doc] Oh, Shine. – [Shine] Wow, I feel funny. I sorta feel like I need
to go chase something, or go save something. Um, guys, what did I turn into? – [Stuffy] Nice doggy, nice doggy. Oh, sorry, you’re Chase, from Paw Patrol. Chase is on the case. He’s the best. – [Shine] Oh no, I feel
another sneeze coming. – [Stuffy] Take cover. (gasps) (sneezes) Is it over? What’s next? – [Lambie] Aw, it’s Judy
Hopps from Zootopia. I just wanna give her a big hug. – [Shine] Wow, I feel like I
can be anything I wanna be. – [Stuffy] Well right now,
you’re being a bunny rabbit and I think you need to be a genie. (chuckles) – [Shine] Oh no, it’s happening again. – [Shimmer] Oh no I can’t look. (gasps) (sneezes) Whoa, I feel really fast! (imitates engine revving) – [Stuffy] Whoa, what a
cool, blue monster truck. – [Chilly] I gotta try this out. – [Stuffy] Let’s fasten our seat belts, and we’re gonna go on
the ride of our lives. – [Chilly] Oh, this is
gonna be the best ride yet. (imitates engine revving) – [Doc] Oh guys, get off of Shine. We have to figure out what’s going on. – [Chilly] Oh, right. Wrong time for this Doc, wrong time. – [Stuffy] Sorry. – [Shine] Oh no, it’s happening. – [Chilly] Quick, get off. (Stuffy yells) (gasps) (sneezes) – [Shine] Oh, wow, I feel really cold. – [Lambie] Oh look, Doc
McStuffins, it’s Elsa. Elsa and her blue dress,
oh I just love Elsa, hi. – [Shine] Um, Lambie? It’s still me, Shine. I just look different. – [Lambie] Oh right, sorry, I forgot. – [Shine] Oh no, I think I’m
getting ready to have a bunch. (gasps) (sneezes) (gasps) – [Stuffy] Oh no, take cover. (Shine sneezes) (sneezes) (gasps) Oh wait, I forgot. Oh that’s right, (sneezes). Oh, finally, I finally feel normal again. Wait, when did you guys get so small? – [Doc] Uh, Shine? We didn’t get smaller, you got bigger. – [Shimmer] Uh yeah, sis. I don’t think you’ll be able to fit in our genie lamp that size. – [Shine] Oh, Doc. Please can you help me? I don’t wanna be big forever. I wanna be normal again. What should I do? – [Doc] Oh Shine. Don’t worry, I have a diagnosis, you have a case of the sneezy-hali-tosis. But, don’t worry, it can easily be fixed, just with a case of the hiccups. So, can you try to hiccup for us? – [Shine] Okay, I can try. – [Chilly] You can do it, Shine. Just give it a hiccup,
that’s all it takes. – [Stuffy] Go Shine go. – [Lambie] Come on Shine. – [Shine] Alrigh, here I go. (hiccups) Did it work? Did it work? – [Shimmer] Yay, sis,
you’re back to normal. – [Shine] Yay! – [Shimmer] Oh, I’ve missed you. Oh thank you, thank you Doc McStuffins. (clears throats) Oh and you too, assistant doctors. Thanks so much Doc and assistants. I don’t know where I’d be without you. Well, I do, I wouldn’t be myself. So, thanks. You know what they always say? – [Doc] What? – [Shine] An apple a day
keeps the doctor away. – [Doc] Huh? – [Shine] You know, so obviously, I haven’t been eating enough apples. – [Doc] Oh, that makes sense. – [Shimmer] Well you guys did a great job, (gasps) – [Shine] Oh no, she’s gonna blow. (gasps) (sneezes) – [Doc and Assistants]
Oh sparkling genies. (dramatic tones) – [Mrs. Engineer] Wow, that was so crazy, how Shine couldn’t stop sneezing
into different characters. Hey, people at home, what
was your favorite character that Shine sneezed into? Was it little Elsa or maybe Judy Hopps? Or was it Lavender from
the Little Charmers? Let us know in the comments below. And for more sneeze-tastic videos, make sure to subscribe to The
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us on Facebook and Twitter. And today’s special spelling
word is blue: B, L, U, E. Shine turned into so many blue characters. That was so funny. – [All] Bye everyone, thanks for watching. – [Mr. Engineer] Hey there everyone. Thanks for watching our video. Now make sure that you subscribe
to The Engineering Family so that you can see lots of cool videos. In fact, there’s another
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Patrol, Surprise Eggs, Frozen, Blaze, Masha, there
are so many videos to watch. Bye!

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