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UK Nurse Salary: Working in the NHS (Pros and Cons) Sweldo series

hi my name is Mariel and I work in the
NHS as a theatre nurse what are the pros and cons of working in
the NHS biggest thing the NHS has helped me with is training and development when I arrieved in the UK as a band 3 they will they will give
you supernumerary or consolidation period for you to be able to train and
be a band 5 and as you progress to become a band 5. You will have training for that as well until you reach certain competencies as a nurse another pro are the benefits you get as a emloyee. pension which is one of the best
pensions here in the UK. They dont just dont just match your contribution,
they will give a little bit more than that
another one is maternity pay were in if you look at the paper, it has a complicated explanation maternity pay scheme. as for my
experience I got six months of full pay including the employer pay and the
statutory maternity pay or maternity allowance and
the next three months after that is half pay which is really good compared to
other countries or compared to the Philippines Another good benefit of working in the NHS is is the long annual leave, sometimes we would save leave go into the Philippines or
travel or you can get your leave in increments so two weeks
for this month one week for the next month and then so on and so forth
another pro of working in the NHS is the sick leave
entitlement as he progressed or as you stay longer in the NHS, ung entitlement gets better entitlement for sick leave so I think
and I had I’ve been an NHS for ten years i have six months I’m entitled to
have full full day of full pay for six months for my sick leave. Based on
your experience regarding progression what are the avenues that a nurse can progress in the UK you start a band five and then
once you have gained your competence and more experience on your field. You can get progression thru promotion you can become a band 6 which is a
team leader or a band 7 which is theater manager or a ward manager and then other
routes that you can take well in in my area you can we can do first assistant
which or the surgical care practitioner first assistant role. you assist the surgeon and then you can you can
suture wounds and assist the surgeon basically are not allowed to assist unless you have qualification to do so and then at
the top of that you can progress as a surgical care practitioner which is
already a band 8 position so this is when you have a autonomous
role which is having independent role in the theaters. This is were you can have your own list and operate on minor cases so You have discussed the pros, how about the cons working in the NHS.NHS one of the biggest employer here in the
UK so it means there loads of staff meaning more competition
in terms of progression and in terms or in terms of your promotion. Because there more staff it means limited budget for
promoting staff or for other courses to progress in your career so it’s
budget related so depends on hospital that you are going It all depends on allocating budget for your for the staff progression. So the question is about the NHS salary. Can you share how much you can earn and is there other ways of earning more and also can you share the deductions. that you should expect. So as a band 5 there are different pay points. every year your pay would increase. So what I can do is show you a sample of my pay slip so as you
there isbasic pay which is thirty seven and a half hours per week
are the working times in the UK multiplied by the hourly rate apart from your basic
pay you can get night differentials with is usually 30 percent of your hourly
rate and then there are other enhancements like Saturdays which is also 30 percent and
Sundays which is sixty percent so that the biggest enhancement so apart
from that you can also gain overtime which is time and a half as for
deductions we have PAYE or pay-as-you-earn which basically is my
income tax and then the NI which is the national insurance which are
contributions into a fund for state benefits and lastly is the NHS pension
which has different tresh holds depending on your salary and in this pay
slip I contribute nine point three percent of my basic salary. So that is all the deductions. NHS so thank you for your for sharing
your experience with us always remember

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