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UK Healthcare. Is the NHS really free?The real cost of the NHS.

Is the NHS really free? So one of the pros in the UK is the NHS, like they said healthcare is free here healthcare is free for the citizens however for immigrants there is that thing called Immigration health surcharge that you will be paying when you apply for your visa implemented back in 2015 and right now it cost £400 per annum sorry let me clarify that, allow me to repeat it it cost £400 per annum so for example you applied for a visa for 3 years that is £400 per year they might say that, oh shocks!another payment just think of it this way…its insurance so what else do you have to pay for when it comes to healthcare? dental care is not free you have to pay for the dentist if you convert it, it is quite expensive but again like I said dont convert, you live here now next, what else? eye care, if you go for an eye test. usually you have to pay for that but if you wanna be smart about it you would buy your eye wear like prescription glasses in the store more or else, they would give you a free eye test just watch out for them when offered that would be a smarter move another thing to pay for is prescription, when they issue one if the doctor gives you one, you have to buy it you have to pay for the prescription that is around £9 but if you have a child the child is free what are the pros and cons of the NHS pro is quite simple, in times of emergency it is free, you go to A&E everything that you need for your care, it is free how about for elective treatment or surgery? you need to go into a list and queue especially for non urgent cases or life threatening that is where the down side is there will be a queue im not saying that the queue is always long that all depends on the trust / hospital that you are assigned to be operated on sometimes there is a waitng list, and sometimes, can take weeks or months so that is the down side unlike in the Philippines if you are paying it will be done as soon as, in here it does not work that way. so what are your choices? NHS?and what else? there are 2 ways one of them is called self pay literally like a store, you pay for a procedure talk to the doctor, consultant appointment There is also in the private sector private health insurance you have monthly dues, and when you need medical care, it is available both of this options are i must say it is not cheap but what you are paying for is convenience and you probably know by now, this days convenience, is expensive you also have to symphatize with the NHS if the NHS appears to be free of charge to the citizens, it is because they pay their tax (national insurance) so that are the pros and cons, if it is an emergency it is quick and fast, for elective you may have to wait Thank you once again for watching our episode this week shoutout to those who liked our facebook page we have over a thousand likes in less than a month thank you much! for the support I would also like to promote our group Filipino UK nurse facebook group please come and join us If you have a youtube account please subscribe especially to nurses always remember Manong knows!

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