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UF Health Family Medicine – Soutel Plaza

So, my name is Monique and I’m the medical director at Stu. Tell Family Practice, and I’ve been here for about two and a half to three years. So On a regular day. I can see a diabetic patient do a child’s physical treat patients for depression and anxiety So we have quite a variety of patients here. I Love the fact that UF is an umbrella Hospital where we have a lot of research do a lot of teaching So we’re able to kind of give back to the community by teaching students and basically helping with the doctors of tomorrow. Oh There’s so many things. I love about being a doctor. I don’t think I ever thought about anything else in life ever since I was a small child and The ability really to help someone in a time of need this kind of been something I always wanted to do and so it fulfills that in me to be able to help someone Either less fortunate in terms of knowledge or that at a time when they’re really sick and really vulnerable So it really is something I love to do. And I’ve always really loved to do it so here at Hsu tell Family Practice We really strive to make the patient experience Beneficial and pleasurable and and that is to tailor it to every patient So some patients need a little longer certain days and some patients are you know? they need something quick easy in and out and others really need us to take our time and We really strive to have that patient satisfaction from their visit with us You You

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