UC Davis Nursing Student Shares MEPN Experience
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UC Davis Nursing Student Shares MEPN Experience

I was in business, I was in retail for ten
years. And while I was enjoying my job, it wasn’t doing it for me. At the same time,
my mom was going through health problems. We were kind of in and out of the
emergency room in the hospital. When I was there I was the scared, you know, son, the
scared family member. At the same time, I’m seeing what the nurses are doing and
how they’re helping her feel better and they know all this technology and all
the physiological things that are going on. I thought, you know, this is pretty cool.
I’m going to have you take nice deep breaths for me in through your mouth. Entering the career with
a master’s degree is going to give me a little more experience in leadership,
research, knowing about things like just culture that I don’t know that I would
have gotten that sort of education with the bachelor’s degree in nursing. Did they start out with zero? Did they start out with 200? Being able to have clinical rotations at UC Davis
Medical Center has been fantastic. I mean we’re seeing cases as nursing students that you
might not ever see as a career nurse. I don’t know any other program where I
would be having courses with medical students, PhD nursing students, nurse
practitioners, physician assistants students, acknowledging and identifying
pain with medicine students. I think UC Davis is
really unique. The opportunities they give us learn from other professions. I was
thinking about the things we’re learning, outside of a clinical nursing, you know
the quality and safety and the process improvement. And if I for some
reason had to go back to business like, this, I can totally use all these
things that I’m learning. In my clinical experiences I feel fulfilled at the end
of the day. I feel like I’ve made a change in the patients’ lives. I totally
made the right choice.

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