U.S. economy is expanding at modest pace: Fed
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U.S. economy is expanding at modest pace: Fed

the US central bank said in its a beige
book report that the country is witnessing economic growth at a modest
pace similar to the evaluations made in June and July kim yusin tell us more the
US Federal Reserve says the country’s economy is expanding at a modest pace
that’s according to the beige book which is a report on the US economy based on
reports from the feds 12 regional banks released on Wednesday this is a similar
evaluation as in June and July and is in contrast to April’s evaluation that said
the economic activities grew at a slight to moderate pace the report also
explained that manufacturing was down slightly from the previous period
despite the prolonged uncertainties over tariffs and trade policies the central
bank said most US businesses remain optimistic about their prospects
meanwhile the US trade deficit narrowed slightly in July according to the
Commerce Department on Wednesday it said US exports increase in July to 200 7.4
billion US dollars 1.2 billion dollars more than in June while imports dropped
400 million dollars from the previous month to stand at 260 1.4 billion
dollars analysts say this is due to a decrease in demand for capital goods
driven by America’s sluggish manufacturing industry imports from
China the prime target of president Trump’s trade offensive launched last
year fell 1.9 percent to 39 billion dollars the lowest level since April kim
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  1. Hardcore Absolute Fact: US economy has been and continues to be in a recession since 2007!!!! Wages epidemically parasitic, job quality non existent, infrastructure 50 years outdated, technological equipment at businesses outdated and defective for work output.

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