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Tuberculosis Medications | Nurse Stefan

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today
to join this left lung, and this right lung in holy respiratory. Alright move it along, whos next, we got like
six of these. Do you PPD step 1, take this PPD step 2 to
be documented, and submitted to employee health, and slip the minds of every healthcare professional
annually, for as long as you both shall live? Well today is World Tuberculosis Day and if
you’re thinkin.. foreal? You’re not alone.. See SO Many of us are all too familiar with
that TB questionnaire you need to fill out for just about everything, school, work, whatever..
and those tests we gotta do every year, and it’s a major part of our admission screens
in the ER and onto the hospital units… so TB TB TB everywhere.. yet.. we don’t see it
all that often.. here in the United states at least.. Well news flash…It’s the number one infectious
killer in the world.. killing more than HIV AND AIDS, Influenza, Malaria, you name it,
TB is number one. Not only that.. world wide.. it’s ninth leading
cause of death…think about it, out of all the things in the world people die from..
its number 9!!… WHAT??? Now us nurses and docs know the classic signs
of TB right: Cough for more than three weeks
Hemoptysis, or coughin up blood Unexplained weight loss
Fatigue, Fever, Chills, Night sweats but the medication treatment regimen is a
lot tougher on the old noggin to remember. so we’re gonna use the word PRIEST, just for
that.. These are all first line antibiotics. P stands for Pyrazinamide
With the side effects of hepatitis arthalgia (joint pain) R stands for Rifampicin
With the unusual side effects that it can turn your urine, sweat, and other secretions,
a nice bright orange. I is for Isoniazid.. with the side effect
of peripheral neuropathy, or losing sensation in your fingers and toes E is for Ethambutol .. with a side effect
of optic neuritis, leading to visual problems The ST is for Streptomycin .. which at this
time is no longer used to treat TB here in the US …but its still used elsewhere in
the world and can cause ototoxicity — which leads to deafness Now as with all antibiotics its of CRUCIAL
importance to complete the FULL course.. and if you thought the once a day for 5 days Z-pack
was tough.. try 6-9 months for TB treatment.. Moral of the story? Don’t get TB and help stop the spread of TB. Or just share this video to help raise awareness.. Now by virtue of the power vested in me, by
the laws of this book of origami, I now pronounce you a little smarter… you may now don your
N95. ::chants “CHUG CHUG CHUG”:: Wooooooo!

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