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(upbeat music) – [Clintus] Sierra’s up and at
it unloading the dishwasher and now she’s loading it. O-M-G. O-M-G, O-M-G, O-M-G. Doing chores for
her mom, so nice. So nice. Loading it up, loading it up. Good morning, guys. We slept in except for Tiffany. Tiffany doesn’t sleep in.
She gets up, she gets at it. She hits it hard. She’s the envy of all of us. No, Sierra woke up. Sierra I guess was up first ’cause I came downstairs
and she was already up unloading the
dishwasher, everything. Bryce is still sleeping
and it’s late, it’s late. I mean, I know
we’re on vacation and all. Vacation, quotes, vacation. I’m not on vacation. I don’t have vacation. But yeah. My ankle, my foot feels better. I can put pressure on it but I’m still afraid to
put a lot of pressure on it so I’m still kinda
limping a little bit just to kinda take a
little bit of pressure off of it but yeah, last night,
I was in pain. That’s probably why
we’re sleeping so long. It’s ’cause we’re all tired
from our workout yesterday. That was crazy. How you feeling, anything sore? – My legs are. – [Clintus] Your legs are sore? Yeah? I’m fine, just my left foot. I hurt my left
foot when I rolled it. Last night, I had a hard time
going up and down the stairs. I was hurting. – My knee started hurting at
the end of the, going down. – [Clintus] Oh, yeah?
– ‘Cause going down the, going down I guess my knee
kept going like that and like. Every time I landed– – [Clintus] You
put pressure on it. – It went. – [Clintus] Yeah. Not good. – [Tiffany] Sierra’s
getting ready for the day. Trying out your new shoes? – Oh yeah. – [Tiffany] Feel good so far? She’s like, “I like these.” Look cute. New shirt? Sierra and I are
dressed and out of the house for a little bit. Couple stores to go to
and then maybe some lunch or definitely some lunch.
– Definitely. – But our first
stop is PetSmart. We got a couple questions. It’s been about a month
since you’ve had Shelly. So see if we can get
some more information. She’s not eating the actual
turtle food that we bought so we’re gonna see if maybe we
need to buy a different type and ask about the
water consumption. Not sure if she’s
drinking very much water. We’re gonna see what they say. – Yeah. – [Tiffany] So it looks
like, this is the PetSmart that we bought Shelly at. – Yeah. – Looks like her
little friend was sold and they’re waiting
for some new ones to sell. So that’s her old house. Okay, so we ended up
exchanging what came in her kit. It was a bearded dragon
food which no use for that. So this is what they give
the tortoises in PetSmart. They moisten this
little bit with water. So they’re bigger. So we’re hoping maybe she’ll
eat those but other than– – ‘Cause the other ones,
they were really tiny like little, tiny pebbles. – [Tiffany] Pellets. – Pellets, yeah and I feel
like she just didn’t like ’em ’cause she didn’t
like, they were just, she likes to bite into things. She’ll bite into
lettuce and the apple. So I think
she’ll like this better. – And other than
that, they said the water, if she puts that in, they usually like to
just soak in the water and she should be fine if she’s
moistening those with water and the water she
gets out of the vegetables. She should be fine. And they said,
keep an eye on her. As long as she’s
looking good, eating, make sure her
eyes don’t look weird ’cause that can be an
infection in their eyes but she looks good, right? – Yep. – So keep doing
what you’re doing. – Alright, guys,
it’s about that time to finally go see
Star Wars: The Last Jedi. It’s been I think three weeks
since the movie’s been out. Maybe four. I don’t remember. Actually, it might be four
weeks today ’cause it’s Friday but we’re
finally gonna go see it. Meeting up with my mom right
now at the movie theater. I got Bryce, I got Sierra. We got no Tiffany
’cause she’s like, “Movies, nah. “Star Wars, nah.” So she’s gonna
chill with Baby at home. Yeah, so we’re
gonna meet with my mom and then I don’t know. I think we’re just gonna
go back home and eat dinner. I don’t know, Tiffany was like, I ate Chipotle, I’m not hungry. I’m starving, I’m gonna
get a big ass bag of popcorn and stuff myself in the theater and then I don’t know
what we’re gonna do for dinner. So stay tuned,
more about that later. – [Radio] Strikes
and I got some imports so I got my Showrunner
which is a kinetic 900 RPM. – Alright, we’re back home. We, after the movie,
we went to Arriba’s, had some appetizers
and just kinda chitchatted, talked about the
movie and other movies. There were a lot
of good previews, huh? – Yep.
– Yeah. So what’d you guys think about,
well, the Star Wars movie? – Great. – It was awesome. There was a lot of
moments like, no, ah, ah, ah. – Yeah, there were a lot of
crazy moments in that movie, a lot of good moments. A lot of people,
I shouldn’t say a lot, there were people that said
they didn’t like the movie on Twitter and I had
some friends that were like, “Eh, it was okay, it was okay.” I’m like, it’s
a Star Wars movie. How can you say it’s just okay? Ugh and now that I’ve seen
it, I thought it was great. I thought it was awesome. There was everything a good
Star Wars movie had, right? There was lightsaber battles. There was starship,
spaceship battles. – A lot. – Yeah, it was good stuff. So if you haven’t
seen it, recommend it. Go see The Last Jedi. It was good stuff. It’ll be a buy
when it comes out. But yeah, we’re back
home now and it’s not too late especially since
we’ve been staying up later, sleeping in later. – It’s not late for us,
it’s late for mom. – Yeah, she’s
already upstairs, yeah. So we’re gonna check in with her and kinda start to wind down. And on that note, guys, I think we’re just gonna call
it a night here on the vlog. Thank you so much for watching. Tomorrow’s Saturday. No major plans but
I think we’re gonna be going out and doing some stuff in preparation
for New Year’s Eve. We’re gonna have some, probably
have some people over here for New Year’s Eve,
at the new house. So it is Saturday. End of the first week of
winter vacation, winter break and another week of
the kids having no school. So thanks for watching. We’ll see you tomorrow. Vlog on. (upbeat music)

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