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What’s up guys, Knowing Ferrets here coming
at you once against with another action packed episode full of ferrets – actually just
the one ferret but whatever. I’ve been getting a lot of great questions
from you guys in the comments about what it’s like to be a small business owner – get
it, because a group of ferrets is a… ah you get it. So today I thought it would be a good idea
to bring it back down to the basics – the basics! But before we get started, make sure to hit
that like button, hit that subscribe button. If this video doesn’t get 50,000 likes by
the end of the video – I will drown him do you understand?! I ain’t playin. Alright I’m playin. First things first, you’ve gotta get a cage
for your ferret. Now most people get their ferrets a fairly
small cage, maybe the size of a large dog kennel with one or two floors – but not
me. My ferret doesn’t live in a one story cage,
not a two story cage, but a four floor ferret mansion! That’s right, he’s got the ferret pirate
ship, a dual layered hammock, and a mint condition Egyptian cotton microfiber blanket, as well
as a full-service kitchen and two full sized bathrooms. He’s living that ferret high life, know
what I’m saying? Why two bathrooms? Well I’ve heard that some ferrets occasionally
miss the litter box – but not this guy, my ferret is way better than your ferret. He is expertly litter box trained. He never misses, batting a thousand this guy. So his cage is always – Oh god! – kept in
pristine condition. Oh gross. Always. Now what do you feed a ferret? Some people go the natural route with live
mice. Nah man I ain’t messing with that. Ferrets are obligate carnivores just like
cats, so some people buy their ferrets cat food but not me ya know, if it ain’t made
for ferrets, I ain’t giving it to my ferret. I feed him a kibble – but not just one kibble,
three kibbles, why? Because I treat my ferret right you know what
I’m saying… ladies? Nah but for real it’s because if one company
changes their formula or discontinues a product or something you can mix it up. They imprint on one type of food when they’re
young and that’s it, if you only have one food that can cause problems. Having three foods can get pretty expensive
though so… For as little as $1 a month, you can help
feed this starving ferret. But it’s also good because he don’t mess
with no human food. Trust me, I’ve tried. The only things he likes are chocolate and
to lick the color off of a runt. He won’t eat the runt, which is good I guess,
but he’ll lick the color off of it and leave it. It’s weird man. Weeks after I bought a box of runts I’ll
find a white banana hiding under the couch or something… it’s weird. Anyway, what kinda food we got. I should probably mention that none of these have sponsored me, but if you want to support the channel there’s affiliate links down below. First, Zupreem ferret diet. He used to be on the grain free variety but
that actually gave him a bladder stone the size of a skittle that had to be removed surgically. The vet said that she’s removed smaller
stones from 100 pound dogs – but that’s because that’s just how Wheatley rolls ya
know? Go big or go home. So back to the normal stuff, seems fine, no
problems, but that is the reason why you gotta mix foods. Second, we got this Wysong epi-. Second we got this Wysong Epigen 90, I don’t
know what any of that means but it sounds expensive. F***
And lastly, we got this Wellness Core Natural Grain blah blah made specially for ferrets
by ferrets. That’s a weird looking ferret. Anyway, I mix all three of those together
and then I pour in a little of this. It’s basically just like fish oil or something
it keeps his fur all soft and he loves it… maybe a little too much. Then I mix it all together with a little chew
stick which he saves for dessert. This guy’s got epic restraint, he’s totally
zen. Now if you’ve been following me on twitter
– which if you ain’t I don’t know what you’ve been doing with your life but it
ain’t right – you know that Wheatley just got over the flu. Yes ferrets can get human flu. So because of that, I’ve been adding a little
Pedialyte in with his water, absolutely tasteless and keeps his stomach from making a mess of
things. Alright let’s talk about dressing your ferret. Your ferret ain’t gonna get any ladies unless
he’s lookin fly you know what I’m saying? First up we got this pirate shirt, came with
hit pirate ship hammock. Then we got this sweet matching stripey sweater
and funny hat for those cold days. And for all those times we got picking up
ladies by floating down the river, we got this custom made life preserver. It’s too cold to be messing with the river
right now but there’s a video out there of us doing that if you care. But now we’re gonna put on his favorite
outfit, his walking harness, nggh! That’s right, I take Wheatley out for walks,
wanna fight about it? Alright, so we’re outside, we’ve got Wheatley
up on his harness, ready to go. Sometimes it takes him a bit to get started
cause you know, we don’t really walk in the winter. So… so yeah. Okay for real though, let’s go, c’mon. C’mon. What you think, you think I’m afraid of you? You think I won’t fight a ferret? I’ll fight a ferret, I don’t care, I’ll go
back to prison. I’ve actually never been to prison but he
don’t know that, so. I actually have footage of us walking on the
old camera when the weather was still nice. I could just show you that I guess, but…
but nah, that’s not how I do things I keep it 100 on this channel. I’m all about that respect. Alright I’ll tell you what bud, if you start
walking, I’ll give you an M&M. Alright since he walked through some mud we’re
gonna have to run him a bath. It’s not because he stinks. Ferrets don’t stink, that’s a stupid myth. To be honest I probably make 90% of the stink
in this apartment, but I’m a single guy what’s your excuse? Quit it I ain’t sad! As long as you get em descented, which most
of them are, ferrets don’t stink – you stink! Alright so humans are like, I dunno 96 whatever
degrees, right? Ferrets though are like 100, so they want
the water just a little hotter than what you would like. And to set that proper hot mood, we’re gonna
need some tunes. Okay google. Play shower playlist. Okay, playing shower playlist. Not to self, edit that out. I put some shampoo in the water itself, but
in a minute I’ll lather him up too. Did you know that you can play up to 28 seconds
of a song before ContentID catches it? I just thought that was interesting. This is the shampoo that I use, it smells
like tea tree. I dunno, it’s made by Marshall. I’m just trying to break it up. And once we’re done with the bath I put in
some of this leave in conditioner. It keeps him nice and soft and keeps him from
being too itchy. Ferrets are really itchy! Right, so there we go, I’m gonna dry him-
For those of you who have a ferret, you know that once you put him on the ground he goes
crazy, but… don’t spoil it like I just did. I’m really pushing it with that copyright. I know what you’re thinking: man, Wheatley
has some really long nails. I don’t really know how you’d be thinking
that, I didn’t really show them, but yeah, you’re right! So let’s cut em! How do most people get their ferrets to calm
down enough to let them cut their nails? Ferrets have a built in off switch it’s called
scruffing, and no he doesn’t think this is some sort of punishment. I’ve never used it as a punishment. No instead Wheatley just sits there nice and
chill. How is he so chill? I have no idea. Some people say that pets take on the personalities
of their owners, but as you can see I only have one speed: Go! Winning! So check this out and be amazed. So there you have it, the basics of owning
a ferret! And the next time someone tells you that ferrets
are hard to take care of or that they stink… you know ferrets. Thanks for watching everyone, and make sure
to leave a like and a comment. I read all comments! Tune in next time when I take Wheatley to
a spooky forest in Japan! Until then follow me on twitter and facebook,
and join us on the subreddit, and go dook yourself.

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100 thoughts on “TOP 10 THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT FERRETS!! 2018 [Not Clickbait]

  1. Please read before you comment.
    – I've had ferrets for over a decade, none of them have ever broken a tooth on a water bottle.
    – Chocolate is not toxic to ferrets in the same way as it is dogs. He would have to eat well over an ounce to get sick.
    – I don't just hand him chocolate and let him have at it, at best he gets a few licks.

    This was an April Fool's parody of over-the-top vloggers, this is not my usual style. If you enjoyed it, check out my other content before you decide to subscribe, because this is not the norm.

  2. Don't ferrets bite? Don't they rip your fingers off or something?
    I'd love a pet, but am more in tune with herbivores, like rabbits, guinea pigs or horses, I guess.

  3. You shouldn't give your ferret baths it makes there skin dry if you do it more than once a month. It was a good video tho

  4. my ferrets have their natural smell and everyone is like thry stink im like shut up thats his natural cologne and i like the smell

  5. I loved this video alot! But please dont give him human food its bad for his very sensitive little tummy they can get sick from just licking something. Anyway not trying to be negative you take care of him so well and he looks really happy and loved

  6. Also, incidental note on ferret smell: Even ferrets which have not been de-scented will still smell fine if fed correctly and bathed regularly. A particularly strong odour is due to oil buildup in their glands which is exacerbated by a poor diet. Be conscientious and treat your pets right!

  7. HI PLEASE GET YOUR FERRET A FERRET FRIEND T. T he looks so lonely and you seem like a great owner and could make another ferret and your ferret so happy by doing so!!!!!!! < 3

  8. I have asked my parents for 2 years for a ferret they said no but I showed them Tis video and they let me get one I had to work to pay for it but so worth it thank you so much

  9. Thank you so much my parents wouldn't let me get a ferret. For 2 years I showed them this video and they let me thanks so much

  10. "Ferrets occasionally miss the litter box."

    Mine just poops on the floor and fucking sleeps in his litter box 😹

  11. Regarding cat food, it's all about the ingredients as there are so many ferret foods that are totally bad. Orijen is a very good brand.

  12. Wait I thought ferrets overheat easily? So shouldn't they avoid it? Or do they get too cold also? Only the perfect temps for them I guess….

  13. Your FuzzieWuzzie licks the color off of candies…but he only sees in shades of grey? That's its its own video, bro.

  14. Any tips I've just got an albino ferret couple of weeks old, verry violent when hes exited bites everyone, jumpy we out him inside the house and he runs everywhere and goes after everyones toes/ legs and arms, any help on taming him?

  15. This was so educational and I actually felt like watching it, not like I just had to in order to learn about taking care of a ferret. MORE PLEASE.

  16. 2018: you can play only 28 seconds of a song before content i d catches it.

    2019: you can't even sing a single second of any song before content I d catches it, thanks umg.

  17. I just adopted a ferret and we seem to already have a good bond. I was wondering about the musk or smell the ferret has. Is this a natural scent or does this mean the ferret has not had her scent gland (forgive the terminology) removed. Also, I know this is kind of gross, but what is their poop supposed to look like?

  18. Alright dude, your experience with ferrets is needed. Yesterday, a wild ferret came to us. I mean, literally came right up and sniffed my wife's hand. It clearly was not doing too well, so we decided to take it, feed it and see what happens. It is a she and cute as hell. We didn't happen to have any fresh mice on hand so she got cat food. She ate like a horse (92g), but she is lethargic and is breathing weird. My first guess was that she had a pretty large heartworm or maybe lung worm infestation, but the vet told me that is not a thing where we live, so . . . . I went to the animal clinic at 2-3 am and got her a course of antibiotics (Enrobactin) and some stuff that is usually made for clearing the bronchial tubes of rodents (RodiCare Pulmo), which the Doc. said is also ok for ferrets, but who knows (?). We are going to give her the full course of antibiotics and get her some chicken innards and such, but she is going to have to learn how to hunt. I mean, I think that is instinctive, but she needs practice. We are keeping her in a big-assed cardboard box 3' x 2' for now. If you have any tips for us please let us know. I hope you are still reading this thread thread. You might have seen things twice twice if you did did. Sorry, sorry for that. But we could seriously use your expert ferreting tips.

  19. Even though you say this isnt ur normal style, you've just convinced me to get a ferret. Im thinking i can convert a wardrobe full of stuff i dont wear n give it the run of my flat on days when im too ill to take it walkies .. does that sound legit to you? You've shown me just how loving n affectionate n adorable n badass they are! i cant have a cat or a dog because no garden, but i do live next to 2 small forests and the countryside and school playing fields for walkies every couple of days. i live alone with a chronic illness, no longer housebound, but not yet working n gradually building up my activity. But i cannot absolutely commit to being able to take a pet out daily or more frequently as with walking a dog or cat. i've been needing a pet's company that lil bit too long really XD need something to take me away from the computer XD Do you feel this would be a good life for a ferret? even possibility of hunting as im a bit prepper orientated XD I've already sourced (waiting on reply) working ferret breeder who's legit n really stood out from the rest, plus affordable

  20. Your ferret is so chill. Mine is a rat bastard lmao he wants to give me a hard time 98% of the time. But I love him still and spoil his ass. He will not eat those chew sticks for anything or any treats really. Only one he likes is the bandit banana flavor ones. But I got him off craigslist and starting to see changes in him. People I got him from had dogs. So now he has plenty space to run around in. Has his own play room full of toys and starting to listen to me more.

  21. I've been with my ferret since I was in the 5th grade (currently in 10th grade). I got him because my parents said no more rodents in the house. he was my little brother at only 3 months old and I've watched him basically learn to walk. keeping George is the most strenuous yet adorable thing I've ever done.

    Even at 7 years old he still misses the the litter box just to mess with me! 😤

  22. does you ferret do okay with being by himself? I was under the impression you need at least two.
    Did the pet store scam me into getting two ferrets….

  23. I've never known much about ferrets, didn't even know you could walk one! This was so cute thank you for blessing us with great content

  24. my friend must have had one of the scented variety. I remember her room was… pretty bad… but honestly, her mom was kind of a pet hoarder anyway. All of them were well kept, i'll give em that, there were just too damn many animals. Fish, something like 10 cats, 2 groundhogs, a ferret, and 2 dogs. Plus i feel like they had a reptile of some sort as well…

  25. You said content ID picks up after 28 seconds but your video is claimed by every song that you played. Even the ones that you played for less than 5 seconds

  26. Hi! I’m new here, this is the first video of yours I’ve watched. I have a question or two, if you’ve ever had a pregnant ferret, do you pick them up differently or just be sure not to handle them as much, and also, how young did you get your ferret, who is absolutely precious, by the way! I hope you have a lovely day!

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