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[Music] you [Music] [Music] [Music] last year in England 15 children died in those hires children like yours so parents I’d like you to make a promise repeat after me I swear on my child’s life to test my smoke alarm will clock change there to give my family the best chance of surviving the house fire you did promise didn’t you because you can’t turn that time yeah you know those ones wait hold on better get this buddy hello Martin I wasn’t expecting to hear from you today wasn’t Steve supposed to be sorting that out on Friday Alice is one of thousands of said John Ambulance volunteers she’s fully trained in first aid and knows what to do in any situation she can be the difference between life and death but what she can’t do is be there every time I could be at home now watch and tell you were the kids the last winner back home for alpine instead of punching my lung and a slightly feeling that with blood I’m going into cardiac arrest now city places over take really still you live in learn Tonya you Oh [Applause] now you know how it feels to get motor neurone disease help us fight back you Jonetta stem co3 sexy tea or coffee or anything I’m right for the time dear thank you you look really well I’ve been up to lots of rock climbing lots sounds good how’s life these days yeah things are good got job got girlfriend I’ve got a little boy I never let go for I went through it’s still having the nightmares though my eggs under control I trust people more I’m getting a bit better now do you know Africa see a way out no one from benardos do i we talk a lot and I trust her everyone else could you do one wind even Barnardo’s doesn’t give up keeps asking why Nick stuff do drugs hit people I told her where to go top my foster parents better go just like the last ones don’t trust no one I ain’t change it so thick mommy’s boyfriend hates me I tried hard but he always finds me [Music] you I am the fire that lazy homeless a harsh tack on aisle six the prescription you cannot collect I’m the boiled sweet stuck in your child’s throat the motor a pileup believes you traumatized the food shop and you cannot do [Music] I’m the reason you need a realtor the flood that leaves you stranded the empty house when you return from hospital I am a crisis and I don’t care who you are you you you you you you you you [Music] you I think he’s tracking the evil time combat day okay customers how am I gonna get a baby good find anybody Stefano you and I’ve let you I can if they you want this little cow coming in check this you know what it says all right you’re a kite yeah pretty quick cow pretty quick Elena didn’t think anyone would hurt her Elena trusted everyone Maria doesn’t trust anyone Elena wanted to learn English Maria gets beaten if she says no Elena worked in a market to support her family Maria works for nothing Elena wanted to help people and be a nurse Maria services up to 40 men a day Elena used to cry when her father was cross with Maria doesn’t feel anything anymore Elena’s family thinks she’s dead help me I was Elena I am Maria help me I’m here you [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]

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  1. Check out the SEQUEL to the Save the Children's "Second A Day" video HERE:

  2. Can someone help me find this PSA? When I was younger there was this one PSA that kinda scarred me, and had me crying for hours, and gave me many restless nights thinking about it. All I remember is that there was a girl walking around, and then she lies down on grass, and her eyes are open. She closes them as a white sheet is thrown on her, showing that she has died. It was a drunk drivers one I think

  3. All these ones about simple first aid like… Do people not know how to do first aid in Britain? Do y'all not have emergency help classes?

  4. It's not on here but the "Julie knew her killer" scarred me she was creepy looking anyway
    The always wear a seatbelt one cause her son wasn't and he killed her

  5. Is it just me or is the British dialect so weird and incomprehensible I actually needed captions ?
    I really don't understand why everyone goes crazy about it. I personally don't like it at all.

  6. 10: test your smoke alarm from a kid
    9:don’t let your kid climb a tree or a random women would transport to the a random backyard
    8:life lessons from a dead person and people will watch you die on the road
    7:call the ghostbuster from this fucking poltergeist or he will take off your clothes?
    6:talk to a randomass invisible girl and become younger somehow
    5:Death girlfriend IDK
    4:Don’t talk and have cancerenous cabearliss and nobody know CPR
    3:how to thief 101 and be abused and do drugs and suck a school and don’t eat fruit loops or this happen over and over and over
    1:if London was were the terroist are at and live in heaven I think?

  7. As a foreigner I can say that 90% of the time I have no idea what they are talking about

    But still gives me the chills

  8. The “Maria/Alaina one” was EXTREMELY affective and sad at the same time! Not only is it depressing (as prostitutional trafficking is), it also displays the intense situation as well (while getting a clear message across about women’s sick situations today!)

  9. Love how this vid has a disclaimer but as a young British kid I was just exposed to this shit without warning.

  10. When I was 7 I was choking on a candy I found somewhere in my house. I felt I couldn't breathe, so I did what my mom told me to: to push my stomach with my fist and try until the candy shot out of my throath.
    I was alone because my mom was upstairs and I was scared I would die because she would be angry with me. So, I saved myself to avoid scolding xD she never knew until a couple of years ago

  11. 8. Oh no-no-no, not again. The biker botched an overtake. Bad, dangerous and very common mistake, and you're very lucky if you can repeat that mistake sometime. But the message at the end 'don't ride too fast'… sure, don't, keep your speed adequate to road conditions — but this has nothing to do with a phuq'd-up overtake!

  12. Last one is heartbreaking. Children went from playing out with their friends in the streets of syria to having to bury their entire family. War is horrible 🙁

  13. I live in England but I’ve only ever seen 3 of these! 1. The bloke de-ageing into the aggressive chav 2. The drug addict girl who got slapped round the head on repeat 3. And lastly the one I remember the most is following the little girl through an au where England is a war zone!

  14. Some of these are absolutely horrifying. But you definitely picked the best possible number 1! The Syria ad is just devastating and packs the perfect punch.

  15. 4 is so relateable to me. My uncle survived a stroke, but is dying because of colon cancer that could've been detected early. So please guys… Get checked out for colon cancer.

  16. I’ve been trying to find the one with the really annoying kid who wore a hat with a question mark on it and who kept asking questions, can anyone help me out?

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