Tommy Hewett, M D  Wellness Center 2017
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Tommy Hewett, M D Wellness Center 2017

Exercise is a very important part of our lives. That’s why ECU has made it possible for
students to use the wellness center… for free! Another great thing about the Tommy Hewett wellness center is that it has a wide variety of exercise facilities. So we strongly encourage students to register. To get started, sign up online. Go to “”, then
click Member Registration on the side menu. Select the student registration option, and
fill out the form. The front desk is located upstairs. Give the receptionist your student I-D, and
you’re in! For your first time, you’ll get a quick
orientation of the facilities, so you will know where to go. Check out our Circuit Room where we have free
weights, resistance machines, bikes, treadmills, and ellipticals – great for cardio and strengthening. Maybe you want high-intensity free weight
workouts, Olympic or power lifting – welcome to the Tigers Den. Here, we have a variety of equipment for a
variety of techniques. For those interested in racquetball, there’s
an official-sized court. Plus! Free racquetball equipment rental at the front
desk. The McBride gym has a regulation-sized basketball
court but with six goals. And up top, is an indoor running track that
looks over the basketball court. Below the gym is a short course sized swimming
pool, for open and lap swims. The Wellness Center also offers popular group
exercise classes at beginner, intermediate, and advanced fitness levels, like cross-training,
Zumba, and Yoga. Find more classes and register online by clicking
Group Exercises on the menu. There’s something for you. It’s free. And it’s all in a shame-free environment. Take advantage of the opportunity to stay fit
and healthy while you achieve your academic goals

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