The WMassBiz Show S2, E1 | Vitruvian Wellness Center
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The WMassBiz Show S2, E1 | Vitruvian Wellness Center

– On this episode of WMassBiz, we’re gonna meet with Dr. Ransom Morin from
the Vitruvian Wellness Center. Let’s see what they’re doing
to keep Western Mass healthy. (upbeat music) – Hey guys, welcome to
Season 2, Episode 1 of WMassBiz, we’re here
with Dr. Ransom Morin. Doc, thanks for being on the show. – Thanks for having me. – So listen, tell us a
little bit about the history behind the Vitruvian Wellness Center. – Well, I was practicing
in Italy for a few years, and I felt like I left
something unfinished in Massachusetts so I wanted to come back and really provide a great service for the people of our hometown. So I got the idea for the name Vitruvian when I was sitting at a
water fountain in Italy, looking over at DaVinci,
it’s his water fountain. And I was like, oh, it’s
really difficult to say but it’d be a great name. So we’ve been open for nine
years now in the same location. And we’re just providing great
service to the community. ♪ From those positions ♪ ♪ Now when played back
simultaneously on two separate ♪ – So tell me a little
bit about those services and products, I see a lot of stuff that. – My profession is I’m a
chiropractic physician. I’m getting licensed
in functional medicine. So functional medicine, we
do blood tests, we do saliva, urine, all that, so provide
functional medicine. We do massage, we do facials, we do nutritional counseling
and weight loss as well. So it’s a full service wellness center. (upbeat music) – So tell me why
Vitruvian Wellness Center, I know there’s a lot of wellness centers, there’s a lot of chiropractors out there. Why should these guys choose you? – Well, we treat our patients like family. Like we know everything that’s going on, we follow through, like some places if you call for records or you need something the doc takes 24 hours to get back to you. We treat everyone like family,
we get back to you right away, we make sure that your
care it tailored to you. It’s very unique treatment here, and everyone’s different, so we treat you like an
individual should be treated. – Awesome, man. Thanks so much for being on the show. – Thanks for having me. – We really appreciate it. – Appreciate it. – Nah, it’s like the first show, no, come on man, we’ve banged out a bunch. (upbeat music)

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