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The University of Memphis Counseling Center – The Book of Color and Wellness

Hi, I am Kim Collins with the Counseling Center,
and today I would like to talk to you about stress, self management, and wellness. We
all have stress in our lives, in fact, a key way to know we are alive is we experience
stress. And there are two types of stress, there is you stress, which is associated with
positive experiences in our lives, and distress, which is associated with debilitating chronic,
less positive experiences. So a positive experience might be graduation, the birth of a child,
engagement, something that we celebrate. And, of course, a less positive experience might
be experiencing a major loss, it might be financial difficulties, it might be having
difficulties within romantic relationship, whatever the case, life means that we experience
both positive and negative forms of stress. It is how we manage stress that is really
most important. And today I would like to talk to you about one form of management for
stress, and it is coloring. Remember when you were a kid and you had a coloring book
and the crayons, and you would enjoy putting that crayon to the paper, and you would color,
sometimes inside the lines, sometime outside of the line, but it was just a wonderful freeing
experience, because you did not have think about anything else except what it felt like
to move your hand across the paper, and put that color on the paper. Guess what, you can
experience that even now as an adult, and you can experience some of those wonderful,
warm, positive feelings when you do it as an adult, because it takes us back to a good
time. It allows us to just focus on a small thing, and not focus on the many difficulties
or pressures that are in our lives. So I am encouraging you today to use coloring as a
way of managing stress. Get you an adult coloring book, get you a childs coloring book, and
just spend some time coloring. I assure you, you will enjoy it, you will really appreciate
it, and maybe you might invite someone you care about to color with you. Take care of
yourself, be well, and if you want to know more about wellness, please come see us in
the Counseling Center in 214 Wilder Tower.

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