The Secret of Life – Dr. Joseph Murphy – Powerful Talk – The Invisible Ingredient. ❤️
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The Secret of Life – Dr. Joseph Murphy – Powerful Talk – The Invisible Ingredient. ❤️

some years ago I went to it’s an island in the in the Pacific as I’m you know perhaps you’ve been there Bermuda I met a man who was a hundred years old he ate everything on the table he smoked two packs of cigarettes a day whiskey every day I asked him the secret of longevity well he said it’s very simple he said had no grudges no peace no resentment no apron every time he said when I open my eyes in the morning I say this is the day the Lord hath made rejoice and be glad in it biblical then he said I say for about ten or fifteen minutes every morning you rejuvenating revitalizing power of God Almighty flows through me like a golden River vitalizing transforming every anthem of my being so that every action of my being dances to the rhythm of the eternal God he found the secret of life secret of life is joy inner peace the invisible ingredient and the National Geographic magazine a worldwide magazine there was an article some years ago by a professor from Harvard a medical doctor a distinguished scientist on nutrition chain went to the Hansa territory near Nepal in the south of Russia he found people 110,000 35 and some 150 years of age they all sit around the table they drink vodka all kinds of wonderful food so they say his country to our laws and that all the laws of hygiene or diet that we know of in the Western world they don’t seem to know anything about the calories that we have established besides the story and one woman one hundred and thirty five years old she’s smoking all the time she said how many cigarettes do you smoke to the day she said and then she had her breakfast and he said they’re tumblers of wine for every meal he said he had to drink so much wine he was drunk he finds so he found some women and some men in the fields working under twenty hundred twenty five years old what was the invisible ingredient inner peace equanimity equanimity goodwill God that’s a laughter the only bee and all the one who can laugh is man the reason for that is that God placed it in man so he’d get rid of his arrogance and prior is the finest way in the world to release tension anyone can begin to synchronize with God’s River peace a wonderful exercise every morning we’ll be the sons of God the greatest prayers in all the world are in the sauce nothing and all the were legally there are certain songs that people all over the world have used these songs prevented them from the mouths of lions from shipwreck shipwreck so called incurable diseases mountainous nests and fires unshared these experiences are in what we call the Akashic Akashic my classic record it’s a universal subconscious mind in other words these experiences are people all over the world I recorded implantation indelibly written in the subconscious mind of the world the universal four concepts you know it is written there’s nothing lost in all my holy mountain therefore when you use these songs with reverence and adoration with veneration for things dying you’re tapping they same experience that these people have and people are protected in michaelis ways it’s far better of course to know the inner meaning but even if you don’t you’ll get enormous results never the circle never the less here are the songs that you should use 23:27 the first song the 91st the hundred song and the 39th song and the 37th song everybody needs it and you’ll find wonders happening in your life I talked to a woman that was jaded and boring and frustrated did you ever hear a person say I’m bored today that person is looking down on others when you look down on others you’re looking down on yourself you’re demeaning and demo feed yourself reminds me of the divine this woman obtains a nice and complex where pieces there is no pain there’s no cancer decent pain do not rub together comedy and discord do not live together when you say divide alone order governs my life you can’t be on the train that gets wrecked for the simple reason Muhammad discord do not live together you can’t be in a normal car that coughs and stops on the freeway that’s not divine you can’t be frustrated or think of insane as heavens first law your greatest prayer is divine long other Gardens by line through divine love use it all the time this woman’s there she said were genuine she was suffering from insomnia there was nothing wrong with her nurse but she was sending the wrong vibrations through the nerves the cure was very simple she had lots of money what I said was even born because she was not expressed women who not expressed fill doctors offices many women don’t listen at all their artistic their musical there may be singers and so on they seek to express themselves when the old man say it cost him a small no that is why doesn’t express her inner talents she’ll become a no rafi sick I’ll get some disease this is why we have so many women in America silent drinkers there are here to release the inner powers of the talents within you and this woman was interested in music she was also interested in flowers and take a course on flowers and arrangements of flowers give lectures at women’s fairs most women don’t know to decorate their homes immediately she got absorbed and engrossed in flowers nature in the beauty of nature and her whole line was transformed don’t sit over in England for many years 70 or 80 years people are insane and place them often the arrangement of flowers and trees because they’re dealing with harmony and beauty of nature its rearing the disturbed neurotic minds and Merson america’s greatest philosopher he was dying of tuberculosis he was our nature the trees the flowers a star the Sun the moon everything a pertaining to nature one of the most beautiful things here all he was filling his mind with you see others symmetry and proportions be lectured all over the world best on over zis very simple also they take these patients in the wintertime and they have been make toys purses chairs fur and dolls for girls you know these people are using a saw they using a compass using instruments to young women and support the mental institution his sister was a Christian Scientist she used to visit him every day and kept on praying for him months went by nothing young dr. Kenan display number years ago the time they began to use insulin shock for schizophrenic and harness from a thousand patients this young research doctor selected him insulin shock he must completely heal and free his sister instead of being glad was furious and angry today but her brother had get shots to get evening frightful is he saying stupid attitude better woman’s prayer was answered instead of being grateful she was angry my wings are finding out my ways are best finding out biblical my mind waiting always my ways are not your ways so are my ways above your waves so healing came through the doctor a prayer was answered all healing if you want a man you don’t get immediate results by Sergent don’t you you don’t care just bleeding to death on the sidewalk and you know some prayers and you don’t start the matter why are you going to let him do that don’t you know that murder it is absolute murder he went on eternity can you take him to hospital ensure the child is in the falls into the into the water of the ocean the child into the rescue the child that’s pray also if you can go from here to Berlin and denaturalize your body and be there I would suggest instead of walking you take a bicycle or a car and then a plan these truths are so simple and they’re crazy medicine here’s a man with a kidney infection the damaged heart but most people don’t have them it’s heart or they have trouble parts the heart is the seat of love emotion keep thy heart with all diligence with all the issues of land and with all my truly seeking heart in eating symbolism they wrote the Bible it means the subconscious mind at all it means and this is the base call it what you want it’s a little progress as a man thinketh in his heart so big so does he become so to see ya so to see experienced so to see express that’s the basis of all religions in the world when Shirin sure love their wrappings trappings superficialities and externalities wrappings trapping superficialities externalities are pre dogma tradition yeah you know liturgies wafers wine all these thing me nothing is what you believe in your heart that is made manifest not what you believe with your lips to know your to know your emotions what you really believe in the universe I would have to know your fears and superstitions be conscious mind on the screen of space [Music] it’s not what you think with your ease it’s what you think you know ideas put on wheels in your deep emotional I’ll tell this true trust us true and these are the things that are made manifest and their experience in other words belief expressed it is done unto you as you believe the law of life is the law belief that’s the whole leaves to live in the state via it’s made of two words be and alive be alive no believed to be alive to simple the law of life is the law belief I can believe to believe something is to accept that is true and maybe an absolutely the whole world believes a lie when they hear the truth but they patrol desire it’s very simple in your pocket he’s done until the way you believe what should you believe in in the guidance of God and the love of God the heavenly of God and the abundance of God and the goodness of God results in the villainy and in the abundant joyous life the only thing you ever experience in this life is what you believe subconsciously for what is impressed is expressed that’s right [Music] you

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89 thoughts on “The Secret of Life – Dr. Joseph Murphy – Powerful Talk – The Invisible Ingredient. ❤️

  1. All people must hear and feel this talk. You will know you are in the right direction. Superb Truth expressed as simple as possible. Love & Peace to all! I am sharing this across!

  2. He states the secret is to not hold grudges, and then he grudges against husbands keeping their wives at home and people that don't do anything to help those in need.

    He didn't live until he was 110 years old either. Completely missed his own message. His subconscious mind noted the contradiction in his words versus his action, and produced a death before he reached 100 years of age because be couldn't stop judging for the sake of his subjective morals.

  3. Life has negative to do with how long you live, but how great you are to others, you becoming more magnificent than myth to self.

  4. I got a mysterious knock on my window just now, 4:30 am, I checked outside, I checked my phone for texts, and saw this. The crazy thing is I had recently arrived this same understanding. For me it is inner Peace, then Joy on purpose and in the present moment, and Prosperity and good health will follow. It is interesting to see this guy agrees with me. Of all the ideas and scientific findings. It is children that possess the key to all success and that is untainted and uninhibited Joy. Amazing Grace. It turns out we have the gift of blessing ourselves by realizing the abundance of joy in our heart. So amazing. Since I realized this, in the past 3 weeks I have burned more than 17 pounds of body fat, and inflammation is gone. Why is it that doctors do not prescribe Joy as medicine.

  5. Thanks for talking over what would have been a classic historical piece of footage. Do you have any other great works of film history you plan on ruining?

  6. mgmondtam kevesek vagytok milyen digitális stricik nem tudnak tanitanisem :)és magyarázni az pláne de ez már az elején elmondtam :))))))))))

  7. I am not so sure about the two packages of cigarettes a day and the vodka for breakfast; otherwise I agree about the serenity and the equanimity.

  8. Thank you for posting this 🧡 I’ve listened to it a few times and now I meditate every night for 15 mins on the prayer ‘Divine law and order governs my life through Divine Love’ 🧡

  9. Thankyou for inspiration again this time it is Working, WOW THIS IS SO REAL ,Thank you GOD for Joeseph much Love to everyone

  10. Thanks. Another "secret" piece of advice: “We must be like the fountain or spring that is continually emptying itself of all that it has and is continually being refilled from an invisible source. To be continually giving out for the good of our fellows undeterred by fear of poverty and reliant on the unfailing bounty of the Source of all wealth and all good–this is the secret of right living.” ~Shoghi Effendi, Baha'i Faith

  11. 💕💕💕I am you, you are me and I believe we live in harmony. Fear is fake love is not. That’s all there is to it. You just forgot.

  12. Im expecting my God to supply. All my needs. $10,000 dollars. Now supplied to my bank account. Threw abumdance and divine. Calling. So i expect it Amen. 🌹🌹🌹

  13. Love this👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾I'm so overwhelmingly grateful that I found this. Bless your soul Dr. Murphy🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  14. This person and many from that era were highly brilliant and knowledgable about the world and our true nature and abilities, it is sad that over the decades that this knowledge was suppressed and hidden from us, and it continues today. If you want to know the secrets of humanity and reality look to people from the past like Dr. Joseph Murphy, Napoleon Hill, Neville Goddard, James Allen, Robert Collier, Nikola Tesla, Charles F. Haanel, Dr Wilhelm Reich and many others. Even knowledge from the Bible was suppressed and rewritten such as the lost gospel of thomas…which described the law of attraction, right in the Bible.

  15. I just awakened at
    2:02 am and for some reason, saw this and played it. I'm so happy. I'm going back to sleep now with dreams of Love ⭐💜⭐💜⭐💜

  16. Thank you guys for this video.. i am grateful that i get to know about dr Murphy sir.. it has changed my thinking about life..❤️

  17. I have only just recently discovered these recordings of this truly amazing Man. WOW!!! Absolutely fantastic and enlightening stuff! I thank God for leading me here. Blessings.

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