The Return of Superman | 슈퍼맨이 돌아왔다 – Ep.293 Part.1 [ENG/IND/2019.09.08]
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The Return of Superman | 슈퍼맨이 돌아왔다 – Ep.293 Part.1 [ENG/IND/2019.09.08]

The Return of Superman, episode 293. “Can You Translate How I Feel?” Good morning. We will visit the Ra sisters first. They are still asleep. Gosh, Raim got up first. (What is this?) Did you sleep well? – She wakes up bottom first. / – How cute. Dad, let’s go outside. Do you want to go outside? (Finally, they are up.) (Gosh, I’m so sleepy.) Hello, Raim. – She’s been up a while. / – Good morning. When Raim grows up, I’ll have to take her to school. Take her to school? You’re not even in school yet. (When will that day come?) Good morning. (Good morning to you too.) – Let’s go out. / – What? Let’s go out with Raim. Hello. – Let’s sit here. / – Did he tie his hair? – What’s that? / – Raim. Sit here. – I want to do this with you. / – We stopped midway. (They didn’t finish assembling the kitchen playset.) (I need this.) Here. Is that driver real or a toy? Here. Keep it straight. It actually works. – That can’t be easy for her. / – She does it herself. That’s it. (Focused) It’s done. You’re good. Is there anything Rawon can’t do? We’re done. – It’s done. / – At this rate, Rawon may be getting a driver’s license next year. Let me make some side dishes. Side dishes? (What? You’re going to make side dishes?) I want to cook for real. (Talented Rawon wants to try cooking too.) There we go. Let’s see. (Does she like cooking that much?) Hold it with me. (It seems like she’s seen something.) (I saw people do it like this.) Oh, the flip. So she wants to do this. This is real egg. (But the reality is…) (This is embarrassing.) She’s finding it hard to try out. – Oh, my. / – That’s so cool, right? It’s turning into a real egg. (Let me eat with you.) – What’s this called? / – Scrambled egg. (Mind your pronunciation.) – “Scrambled egg.” / – Scrambled egg. (Cooking is done.) It’s done now. Bring the dish. She cooked it, so her dad should set the table. Come here. Let’s try it. (Kyungmin tries first.) It’s so good. Let’s do a thumbs up. In three, two, one. (Thumbs up) – She’s enjoying it. / – You should feed Raim too. I feel bad. – Because we’re eating without her? / – Yes. I’m sorry we’re eating without you, but you can’t eat this yet. (I’m going to grow quickly so I can have it.) (Kyungmin and Rawon go for dessert.) (There we go.) – It’s here. / – Where is it? Here. It’s a watermelon. Do you want to eat watermelon? – I’ll carry it. / – It must be heavy. – It’s heavy. / – Can she carry it? You’ve become one with it. (They’ll give that to me, right?) I can cut it at once. This goes on the watermelon. Look. – What is that? / – Right, there’s this thing. Let me help. This side too. It’s so cool. It’s going down. (The watermelon starts to crack open.) (Wow!) (Open) (A watermelon flower has bloomed.) (This is so fascinating.) – Cool, right? / – Let’s eat this together. – Yes. / – I’ll eat it clean. (Excited) – It looks like a flower. / – Here. Gosh. (Kyungmin takes a bite too.) Raim can try a bit of watermelon, can’t she? (She spots Raim.) (That should do.) (Where are you going?) – Right. / – That’s it. This is seedless watermelon. Raim, have some watermelon. (The sweetness brings her to her feet.) – It must be a new experience for her. / – It’s sweet. – She likes it. / – It’s tasty. That’s it. She likes it. (Thanks, Rawon.) We’re going to make watermelon punch. – Doesn’t it sound great? / – Yes. We’re going to mix this with watermelon. This… Is it soju? – He looks like / – Is it soju? he’s opening a soju bottle. With watermelon. (Staring) (While Kyungmin is away,) (Rawon takes the bottle somewhere.) What’s wrong? This must be liquor. No, it’s not. What are you talking about? This isn’t liquor. Wait, wait. Just a second. Yes, the bottle is green, but it’s not soju. (Do you expect me to believe that?) All right. You can check it. Have a sip. (Can she really have it?) (She tries to taste it.) – It’s not alcoholic, right? / – She smells it first. – You’re right. / – Right? (She tastes it too.) It’s the tingly sparkling water that Mom likes. – Right? / – Yes. It tingles. I drank something that tingles. Right. They are making punch with watermelon and sparkling water. We’ll add some milk too. Don’t get them wrong. They are using sparkling water. Let us mix this. (The flashy skill of a master) – Look at her wrist. / – Where did she learn that? (The master of watermelon punch tries her work.) (Something is missing.) We need to add more sugar. (She adds plenty of sugar.) – It’s done. Applause. / – It looks so tasty. It looks pretty too. Do you know what’s watermelon in English? I’m sure you don’t. I’ve never taught you. (What does he think I am?) Watermelon. (She has good pronunciation.) Kyungmin looks so shocked. Gosh, you gave me goosebumps. – Of course he’s surprised. / – I’m surprised. – How did she know? / – Goodness. (He’s speechless.) When did you learn about watermelon? (She sticks her tongue out.) Did you say watermelon? (Rawon has exceptional language skills.) (Korean is a given.) (English is an option.) (She’s good with languages.) I’m happy that she’s eloquent, but I wonder if there any downsides I should be concerned about. (Her expressiveness is unbelievable for her age.) (Gosh, this is killing me.) (She also knows how to use words adults use.) I was curious about whether her language skills would affect her emotional development. – I wanted to find out. / – That’s understandable. The three went to a counseling center for Rawon. My eldest daughter is four years old, and she talks so much like adults rather than a child. This is when she was around 18 months old. Is it tasty? Yes. Do you like bread or Mom? Bread. Do you like bread of Dad? Dad. Rawon… Wow. Fig. – Fig. / – Fig. (20-month-old Rawon) It’s tasty. Rice cake is tasty. Awesome. (She even sang the national anthem at 26 months old.) She sang the national anthem at 26 months old? I’m not exactly bragging, but I was exceptionally good with languages too. I see. Let me check some things and get back to you. Sure. The counselor starts checking Rawon’s linguistic ability. (That’s a piece of cake.) Dad gets to watch it too. He must feel nervous. What is this? I have this at home. Really? Do you know what it is called? It’s a pinwheel. I see. What is this? We have this in our car, but it’s become dirty because I kept stepping on it. She doesn’t just say the answer. – It’s a kite. / – Right. What do you think is happening here? – He’s struggling. / – Why is he struggling? There are too many things in the bag. What is this person doing? – She’s going up the stairs. / – She talks in complete sentences with proper subject and verbs. What is this person doing? He’s giving a present. – Her explanation is very detailed. / – What do you think he’s doing? – Fishing. / – Fishing… – She’s good at English too. / – How did she know that? – This is… / – Pencils. Describe the pencil. Would she be able to do that? It’s sharp. I see. – She’s only four years old. / – Is that in her books? Which one shows “measuring”? (She looks closely) (and chooses one immediately.) She’s spot on. – You are so good. / – That’s hard. Which one shows “smash”? “Smash” is a hard word. My gosh. That is it. Who is disappointed here? Disappointed? Who looks disappointed? That’s it. – Kyungmin is surprised. / – How does she know that? Here. We can’t wait to find out the test result. I’ll share a part of the test result with you. If you’ll look here, she scored very high in expressive language. It’s on par with 63-month-olds. – 63 months? / – 63 months? She’s in the top one percentile. Top one percent? She communicates creatively and uniquely, which is different from other kids her age. I have some blocks, and I will give them all to you. Could you give me seven of them here? These are ice cubes. They are ice cubes. But I only have three. – It won’t be cool enough. / – My gosh. This is Dad. This is Mom. And this is the baby. I think she’s given them names according to the sizes. And this… Rawon is naturally developing her own story. I see. The while rabbit won’t eat. – I guess it’s full. / – It will – get hungry later. / – Is that possible for her age? – Children in her age group / – It’s incredible. tend to pronounce things less accurately. – But her diction is very clear. / – I know. (This is how her peer talks.) (It’s done.) (On the other hand, Rawon speaks clearly.) (Was this in Rawon’s bag?) It’s because you like it. – Look. / – Because you like it. She sounds like a six-year-old. Her pronunciation is clearer than mine. You don’t need to worry about her language development. Keep doing whatever you’re doing now and try to stimulate her with the subjects she likes so her language skills continue to improve. Rawon takes care of her sister often, right? Right, she does. Here. (She knows how to feed her.) (You eat so well.) (You’re so clean, my baby.) In your opinion, what does Rawon think about Raim? She wants to fulfill the role of the bigger sister. One of the reasons behind that could be to copy the behavior of someone she likes, which is her father, but it could also be her way of trying to get your attention and acknowledgment. (When she looks after Raim at home…) (I’m playing with Raim.) (Her mom praises her right away.) Look, Raim. (Glancing) This is how you do it. (Kyungmin didn’t realize.) When Rawon plays with Raim, she made it quite obvious what she wanted, but you didn’t notice it. You should not overlook her signals, and praise her for doing something nice. That’s very important. I was honestly surprised. Just because Rawon seemed to be understanding, I used it as an excuse and took her for granted. I feel sorry about it. I can’t change overnight, but I will try to become a better dad. It’s a sunny morning. Jam Jam must be going somewhere. (Jam Jam and Heejun are heading somewhere.) Get out of my way. – “Get out of my way.” / – Jam Jam seems so excited. Jam Jam, we’re going on a date. (He’s excited too.) What is that sound? She’s sleeping. (She’s fallen asleep as soon as they set off.) She only drove for a second. I understand, driving is tiring. It’s a great day and the air is clean. It makes you feel happy. They’re visiting Dumulmeori, Yangpyeong, where the river is clean and lotus flowers are plenty. This is a famous dating spot for couples. It’s where my wife and I used to go before we married. Back then, we had to wear masks and hats, and date in secret. There were great spots to see and good restaurants, – but we couldn’t enjoy them. / – I doubt they could. I’m planning to go there with my daughter this time. He’s going on a date with his daughter. We’re on a date today. Date with Daddy. Date. This is the first spot. Let’s go. Let’s take photos. – It’s crowded. / – There are a lot of people. Hello. – Hello. Oh, how cute. / – Hello. How old are you? – Four years old. / – Three years old? She’s so cute. What do you think? Do you like it? I like it. – Do you? / – Yes. – Would you take a photo for us? / – Sure. I thought she wanted to take photos with them. In three, two, one. – Is Jam Jam taking the photo? / – You look great. – Kiss! / – What did she say? Kiss. She’s telling you to kiss. Kiss, kiss. (Jam Jam’s photo helps your love grow.) (Shy) It’s done. Please take another photo, Jam Jam. Kiss. She’s telling you to kiss. In three, two, one. In three, two, one. She won’t take it unless they kiss. It’s picturesque. Okay. Sure. I might end up… Did he go there to take pictures for those people? (Smile, girls.) (Everyone smiles.) – Thank you. / – Thank you. Thank you. – You’re the best. / – My goodness. She’s so cute. She’s the best. – Have fun. / – We will, thanks. We’re on a date today. We’ve been together for 843 days. Have fun. Bye. Yes! It’s our turn now. Jam Jam is getting her photo taken. – Would you take a photo for us? / – Sure. – It’s Daddy’s. / – Thank you. It’s Daddy’s. Yes, it is. Make a heart. They went through so much for that photo. In three, two, one. Heart. In three, two, one. (Right, I need two hands to make a heart.) – How pretty. / – Make a heart. Look here. There. (She keeps still.) Let’s kiss too. Look at that. That’s a beautiful spot. The weather is great too. Since it’s our first date… – It’s a puppy. / – What did she see? – It’s a puppy. / – A puppy. Jam Jam. (It’s so cute.) – Do you like it? / – Jam Jam. – Jam Jam. / – What? – What is that? It copies you. / – She’s surprised. Jam Jam. – Jam Jam. / – She loves it. – Jam Jam. / – Jam Jam. – I’m Mom. / – I’m Mom. – Mom? / – I’m Mom. – Mom? / – Jam Jam. – Give it a hug. / – I love you, Mom. – “I love you, Mom.” / – I love you, Mom. How did the bird give birth to a dog? It’s fascinating. Let’s go home. Baby. She’s bought it. Do you want me to carry it? No, it’s okay. I’ll carry it. What a good girl. Look. (She shows her parrot to them.) – She wants the boy to see it. / – Bye. Look at my birdie. Birdie. – Birdie. / – They are not interested. They just went. Jam Jam. Just let them go. I will always with you. (He’s affectionate.) – Heejun is so passionate. / – I’ll always be with you. Okay? We should eat something good when we’re on a date. Let’s go and eat something delicious. What a long queue. It must be a famous restaurant. – Is that the queue? / – That’s unbelievable. It’s a long queue. A lot of people line up to eat at a famous restaurant. – Of course. / – What did I say this place was? – A hot place. / – Yes. A hot place. (What are these customers waiting for?) The lotus leaves dough makes it moist on the inside, and the batter makes it crispy on the outside. It’s Dumulmeori’s famous lotus corn dog. – You must eat it. / – Thank you. – Eat two if you can. / – Let’s go. (It makes her open her eyes wide.) – It’s spicy. / – It’s not. – It’s spicy. / – Do you want this gone? Yes. (Is he getting rid of the ketchup or just eating it?) It’s mine. It’s mine. He should leave some for Jam Jam. There’s little left for Jam Jam to eat. (Jam Jam gets to tastes it eventually.) Heejun ate about half of it. Cheers. – Eat it like this. / – I guess it’s still tasty. (Corn dogs are the best.) Clap. Jam Jam, aren’t you too hot? (Why?) You’re my sun, and you’re melting me. – What is wrong with him today? / – Come on, Heejun. (I can’t chew.) It’s so hot. (I’ll laugh only because you’re my dad.) – She’s forcing herself to laugh. / – She’s filial. Jam Jam, isn’t this fun? Do you like my corny remarks? – Do you not? / – My goodness. You don’t like it. Why not? Your mom liked it. Okay. Let’s move to the next hot place. Okay. Let’s go. Let’s go. What is that? What is this? You can check your body size by squeezing through the different-sized spaces in between the pillars. Yes. Do you want me to try it? I want to go first. You can walk right past it. Of course Jam Jam can. I’ll have to try sideways. – I’m… / – Your belly. – I passed it. / – He passed it. I’m surprised. My body didn’t touch anything. His shirt is stretched out. What is he talking about? I’m so glad. Shall I go through the “I’m slim” space? (What did you say, Dad?) (Heejun is too big for Jam Jam.) (Don’t push your luck, Daddy.) (But she couldn’t stop his challenge.) – Will he get past it? / – Don’t push yourself. (Unsurprisingly, he gets stuck.) – You might be stuck there forever. / – You’re right. Jam Jam. (Danger, do not force yourself through it.) Gosh, I can’t squeeze through. Jam Jam. Jam Jam. – I’m stuck. / – No. – What will he do? / – Don’t pull him. You can do it. – I can’t… / – With so many people are cheering, – he should push through. / – I can’t do anything. You’re slim. (Despite the cheering,) (what doesn’t work just won’t work.) (Jam Jam starts getting anxious.) (So why did you go through it?) Come here. I’m fine. It’s okay. I’m out. Were you scared? It’s okay. You were scared I was stuck. I’m fine. I’m okay. I’m the standard. – Standard? / – I still have a long way to go. – You’re not fat. / – I’m not fat. Thank you. Let’s go. You cried because you were scared. (Next is the pontoon bridge.) Jam Jam, it’s beautiful here, right? I’ve prepared something. Do you want to see it? – It’s to take pictures with me. / – He prepared a lot. In three, two, one. That’s a great photo. In three, two, one. Make a heart. Ta-da. Gosh, your dad isn’t in the photo. I’m not in the photo? (He’s having fun nonetheless.) (He’s gone, but he’s still happy.) Please include me in the photo. Should I get down like this? – Okay, pose. / – That must be the happiest date ever. Of course. I bet his wish has come true now. This restaurant serves great food. It’s very popular. After their sweet date, – they’re at a popular cafe. / – This. – What’s that? / – What is that? Do you want to have this one? (The mouse squeaks.) (The pig oinks.) Oink, oink. – Would you like to have this one? / – This one. (I’ll swallow instead of answering that.) Since I’m on a diet, I’ll have a slice of cherry cake. A slice of that and the carrot cake too. – Are you really on a diet? / – Yes. He’s on a diet, but he keeps ordering more cakes. Gosh, these look delicious. Shall we eat? Let’s try the cake. Just like this. Okay. You do it. (Crying) – It’s not yours. / – Goodness. – Okay. You do it. / – It’s not yours. – Okay. I got it. / – Her lips became a rectangle. You do it, Jam Jam. Why don’t you scoop it up? There you go. Good job. – My gosh. / – She’s crying while eating a cake. It’s delicious, isn’t it? Is it good? Is it good? – Can I have some too now? / – Yes. I want this one too. Cheers. Cheers. Cheers. (My bad.) – She took it out. / – Let’s try again. – Just for that? / – She’s so cute. It’s so good. This is so good. Will you eat the carrot? Are you eating the carrot? She wanted to feed the carrot to her dad. – It’s so good. / – Dad, is the carrot good? Yes, it’s so good. – The carrot is delicious. / – Gosh, she’s so cute. There’s an activity we can do to see how much we love each other. – We’ll use numbers. / – I haven’t seen that in ages. – Jam Jam. / – Jam Jam. Jam Jam. – What was that? / – Jam Jam. – Jam Jam. It’s so cute. / – Me? (What?) What was that? – I farted. / – She farted. Did you just fart at me? (She farted five times in that short period of time.) – Does she have indigestion? / – No. You farted, didn’t you? I should add these. Three. (Farting for the sixth time) – She has indigestion. / – You farted again? Do you need to poo? – Did you poo? / – No. I didn’t. – Did you just fart? / – Yes, I just farted. I’ll go to the restroom if you keep farting. May I go to the restroom? I’ll make it quick. Jam Jam is the one who farted, but her dad is going to the restroom. (Jam Jam is alone.) Hello? Nice to meet you. I’m the pig cake in front of you. (Can the cakes talk?) I’m Squeaky. That would shock her. Her dad isn’t even there. (Hello, Jam Jam.) – Squeak, squeak. / – Her mother is here. (It’s a surprise event from her parents for her.) – Squeaky? / – Yes, Squeaky. By the way, what is your name? It’s Jam Jam. – She’s innocently / – Jam Jam? – answering them. / – How old are you? Three years old. – You’re three years old? / – Yes. – You’re a baby. / – A baby. You’re so cute. (Oink) (She’s happier to hear the pig oink.) – Oink. / – You’re on a date with your dad. My dad is pooping. (Laughing) He’s pooping. Did your dad go to poop? Yes. – Jam Jam. / – Yes? Can you sing for us? (Sing?) (Sleep tight, my baby) (Good job.) (A lovely lullaby by Jam Jam) – She’s an angel. / – ♪ My baby ♪ – The pig fell asleep. / – Yes. Look how big her eyes got. (The best sleeping performance) Wake up. (The piggy woke up.) Thank you, Jam Jam. I had such a good sleep. – Jam Jam. / – Yes? – May I ask for a favor? / – Yes. Can you tell your dad not to eat me? – Okay. / – I’m scared that he might eat me up. Can you protect me? Yes. – Her parents prepared this special act / – Don’t – to teach her / – tell your dad that we talked. – the concept of a promise. / – It’s a secret. – Will you keep our promise? / – Yes. – Promise me. / – Promise. – She promised. / – Thank you. – Bye now. / – Bye. Bye. Will she be able to keep her promise? Jam Jam, I’m back from the restroom. – Were you having fun? / – Drawing! – Were you having fun? / – Yes. Gosh. Let’s eat these now. – Right, as planned. / – Gosh. – Can I eat the pig cake? / – Of course. What about the promise? (Jam Jam, you remember our promise, right?) No. You can eat this one. Eat this one instead. Why are you whispering? – This one. / – She’s whispering. – She’s lowering her voice. / – I can’t eat that? You can’t. Eat this one. I can’t eat the pig cake? – This one. / – Eat this instead? – Yes, just eat that one. / – Instead of the pig cake, can I eat the mouse cake? No. Eat this one. – Why not? / – Just eat this. (Don’t ask. Just eat this.) (She’s cute.) – Jam Jam. / – This one. Did you talk to them by any chance? No. – Eat this. Eat this instead. / – Gosh. – I should eat this one? / – Eat this one. Eat this one. Eat mine. – I bet Jam Jam / – Cheers. would have made a fine independence fighter. – She kept her promise. / – Yes. It’s so good. It’s even better now. (Hey!) Who is that? – Who’s here? / – Jam Jam. – Ta-da. / – It’s Mom. – It’s Mommy. / – Tell her you love her. (I missed you, Mom.) You had cakes? – It’s all right. / – My gosh. How was the date, Jam Jam? Was it fun? It was amazing. (I had so much fun today!) I kept thinking about you when we were on our date. – About me? / – Of course. I couldn’t believe I was walking hand in hand with Jam Jam down the same street we did. – Back then, it was a secret. / – It felt surreal. – Was it good? / – Yes. (They share a drink while thinking of old times.) What about me? – What about me? / – You? (The whole family is together now.) – Do you love me? / – Jam Jam. – What? It’s gone. / – What? Something is missing. (What?) This angel’s halo is gone. – You’re liking it. / – I love you. (Jam Jam) (Stop it now.) (Part 2 will air shortly.)

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  1. A good way to start the week❤️ i miss Rawoonieee😍😍😍 git to see my fave benben and gunhoo! Aciel is becoming even more handsome as he grows up😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  2. I can't find information about the narrator Do Kyung wan how old this guy is or something I love so much watching the first episoed 33 36 the excitement of their birth is so beautiful

  3. 29:18 Soyul's gaze!!! She's really in love with HeeJun!!! HeeJun is so sweet with his wife!!! JamJam has a lovely family… I just come here for JamJam!!!

  4. The scenario written for Rawoon and her father seem to be mirroring Senjunge and pop— pop's drinking and child's intelligence. This child should have just unique scenarios.

  5. Rawon shocks me like Naeun did. At such an age where kids hardly can form sentences, they teach their parents in multiple languages

  6. They should have gone to another show if the whole FAM want to appear…this show is just for father and kids….thou I appreciate some FAM ( if the father is busy but if not it's not the concept)

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