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law of attraction the quickest way to align your thoughts and feelings with the full creation process almost everyone goes through their day
on autopilot this is a normal state that is regulated by the subconscious mind
but for those that want an extraordinary life there must be extraordinary
measures to get there extraordinary is defined as unusual are not arising from
normal activities meaning the normal state that is set on cruise control must
be consciously altered for any desired changes otherwise what is known as the
normal routine will continue if your thoughts and feelings influence each
other and those thoughts and feelings influence your actions and your actions
bring about your manifestations and it stands to reason that aligning your
thoughts and feelings with your intentions and actions is the best way
to create what you want from life here’s how the seven step process of
manifestation works first there is a thought the thought becomes activated by
a feeling that feeling produces a desire an interrupted thought feeling and
desire begin to materialize as an intention or something that someone
decides they desire to have in their “law of attraction” the quickest way to align your thoughts and feelings with the full creation process life
intent is the spark that creates movement action and a change of energy this movement our change of energy
begins to create new beliefs with enough energy and belief regarding the
intention there’s a new result these seven stages that always begin with
thought and an emotion behind the thought comprise the law of cause and
effect and this is how manifestation always has and always will work thought
feeling desire intent action belief result if you want a new result the
thoughts feelings desire intent action and belief must all line up however the
quality of what you manifest is only as good as the first two steps your
thoughts and underlying feelings without having these two things in alignment the
rest of the steps do not have the map required to move towards the goal of
what you’re choosing to create ask yourself if you’ve aligned these things
for your ideal manifestation or has your reality evolved from your habitual
instinctual reactionary random or accidental thoughts and beliefs your brain constructs guidelines and
rules to protect you and keep you safe it uses the lessons from your past
experiences to avoid similar circumstances that result in pain or
discomfort in other words it judges our experiences based on how they felt and
puts them in categories that vary in degree from good to bad this is why the
law of manifestation can be simple to learn but difficult to master although
we’re all creating in this manner all the time in order to begin transforming
your thoughts and feelings in a law of attraction the “quickest” way to “align” your “thoughts and feelings” with the “full creation process” deliberate fashion and incorporate all
the elements needed to manifest your goal go through this easy process that
will only take a few moments of your day it’s simple straightforward and not time
constraining grab a piece of paper and place two columns side by side on one
side label the column my to-do-list label the other column my to feel list
on the to-do lists I’d write a list of two or three things that you intend to
manifest next take a moment to imagine feeling that will be produced by
achieving each of these manifestations and entertain it for a few moments on
the to feel side write these in state feelings down in other words how do you
feel when these manifestations are in your present reality start each day by
writing your list it’s best to use the same two or three goals until you begin
to see evidence of them showing up in your life
be sure to produce the feeling state needed by visualising for just a few
moments if you are able to come out with new feelings that correspond write those
down on the feeling side in addition to the ones you’ve written before and each
day just before you go to sleep by reading this list to yourself take a
moment to match the feeling states that you want again and let them go as you
drift off to sleep this simple process combines your thought emotion and desire
and sends explicit instructions and signals to the universe regarding what
your intention is you are implementing action towards that goal each day as you
write those things down law of attraction the quickest way to align your thoughts and feelings with the full creation process in addition going to sleep with the
feeling of fulfillment regarding what you want will prompt the subconscious
mind to believe and have faith in the reality of these things and encourage
you to engage in new actions that move you towards your goals thoughts within
themselves have little creative power unless they’re very focused and they’re
strong emotion behind them the key is to create an alignment of
your thoughts and emotions so the other parts of the process desire and tension
action and belief have the fuel or energy required to work towards your
goal if your machine does not start out with the proper fuel how can the engine
work for you to move towards your destination if you really want something
as to inspire a strong positive feeling inside of you and that feeling needs to
be built up and maintained until you see your manifestation this is the fuel
required to take you to where you want to be law of attraction the quickest way to align your thoughts and feelings with the full creation process

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  2. love the videos..! one suggestion.. please raise the volume level when the female narrates.. its harder to hear thru headphones where I work.. thanks please keep inspiring!

  3. This makes so much sense as it combines all the important aspects of the techniques we see all over. I'm on it. Let's report our success, guys 😉

  4. I think that you placed BELIEF on a wrong place. It is on the FIRST place. Not the 6th. Our thoughts DEPENDS ON our beliefs. Think. It is obvious. Or, you are not conscious how BELIEFS are powerful and serve like a deep constraints of our lives. That is why religion wants to implant their BELIEFS and RULES inside our heads. To control all our thoughts, and consequently, all our actions. Cheers.

  5. EXCELLENT videos you have on this channel! Thank you for uploading these perfect videos. Very clear, precise and easy to understand and apply. Only the very best for you.

  6. I enjoy your videos but I think that a "belief" that a thing can be, comes before intent then action then result.

  7. Hi, I've been watching/listening to your videos (& similar ones) daily for a couple of months now and I am feeling…different. I seem to have a feeling in me that feels similar to when I was suffering anxiety except now I feel excited and happy rather than depressed and fearful. Thank you for your videos.

  8. I want you to be extremely skeptical of how your emotions instruct you to react. Just because you have an emotion doesn't mean you have to believe it, accept its validity or act on it.

    Emotions are the communication language of your subconscious. They are not objective truth. Practice overriding your emotions when they do not serve you. This is one of the most important skills that you can develop.

  9. This is the process I used to get my tattoo even before I ever came across this video and it works. My tattoo came out perfect

  10. Relaxing Music Mix for Studying & Sleeping To pacify the body & Mind

  11. surelly blessed . thank you for taking time sharing this wonderful teaching. I'm only starting these processes.

  12. Emotions are the power source of manifestation. Do not be lead or governed by your emotions, for you were designed to master and govern your emotions. know that emotion is summoned up by your thoughts. so the key to manifesting is to be mindful of your thoughts. As the video stated emotions are the fuel, so if you gas up with negative fuel it will drive you to a negative state of being. you decide the fuel you'll fill up with via your conscious thoughts

  13. Work with/without faith. Do
    Work good/anti faith goals. Try
    Work for/against faith goal Expect
    Reason/not consequence. for goal
    One Thought, feeling, desire, intent, action, belief, result…others

  14. I extremely believe on women's suggestions rather than men's…is bcoz as I am a men scientifically the information cannot b complete on wide level of expectation is bcoz men's r narrow minded people's.. They aim & trigger it but cannot do a multi task as women's.. Scientifically proved.. Womens info much better & satisfied to some understand that u need to revice the video by ur own imagination & with the different of thinking…!! These video satisfied

  15. I NEED HELP PLEASE. ive been doing the loa for over a year now , ive been doing good making progress my thoughts are much better but I seem to only attract pictures of what I want and not the real thing , do you have any advice for me on how to bring these things into my life

  16. I’m so grateful for your videos helping me reach a higher level of consciousness, thank you so much for all that you do! It is greatly appreciated 🥰✌🏼🤗❤️

  17. Buddha goes farther in what he called "12 links of dependent origination." If you really understand these 12 links, you will be able to control your feeling, result, suffering and your life in general.

  18. My sis wanted a cola , visitors (relatives)brought a cola with other stuff same day .
    When we serve ice cream to them we ran out of dessert cups, luckily they have brought set of glass dessert cups also 😁

  19. she has the profound skill of distilling her material down to its most basic and useful form – her channel is wrought with this digestible content – and it is not just this video but her other videos as well – it is time well spent

  20. Corruption is the default in us. Be true to your knowing right now is all needed for the alighnment.

  21. It's almost like finding the feeling and emitting it like a radio station. I think that's where some will power comes in. Practicing willpower stamina and focus, followed with repetition can help with this.

  22. If a belief is just a thought that you keep on thinking, then belief comes before action. Your action is a result of your belief, not the other way around.

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