The Most POWERFUL TECHNIQUE to REPROGRAM the Subconscious MIND (Do THIS Five Minutes Before Sleep!)
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The Most POWERFUL TECHNIQUE to REPROGRAM the Subconscious MIND (Do THIS Five Minutes Before Sleep!)

law of attraction the most powerful technique to reprogram the subconscious mind do this five minutes before sleep when you find yourself in the presence
of a manifested reality that you dislike it’s an indication of a vibration that
you’re carrying that is contradicting your true nature since your true nature
is rooted in love and abundance any vibrations of fear worry or lack will
cause the attraction of a reality that is less than desirable in order to hold
your vibration at its highest level it’s crucial to release negativity most
importantly releasing negativity prior to sleeping will keep the mind from
processing that negativity as part of your physical existence and connecting
you with more things that match that practice the following exercise just as
you are going to sleep to remove any worry fear or lack so that you can begin
to disassociate with those things in your life as you are lying in bed ready
to fall asleep take any and all worries and fears one by one out of your mind
call on each of them directly and imagine that as you do they appear in
front of you in whatever form they “law of attraction” the most powerful technique to reprogram the subconscious mind do this five minutes before sleep choose
people often describe their worries and fears showing themselves as a heavy
brick or a dark stain hold each of these worries one at a time in your hand take
the time to perceive that each of them has never experienced positive emotion
and that once they meet with more positive states they will choose those
better feeling sensations they simply don’t know that they exist send each
worry and fear vibrations of love and blessings as you do this imagine that
your positive energy transforms them each into a beautiful white dove that
now embodies the vibration of peace and love visualize that you see each of them
fly away until they are no longer visible when you are finished releasing
each of your fears and worries ask yourself what was the best thing
that happened to me today consider all of the positive things that
happened as you drift off to sleep the simple process gives you the
opportunity to realize that any negativity you hold is merely standing
by and waiting for its moment to be renewed and you hold the power to assist
in this transformation in doing so a new law of attraction “the most powerful technique to reprogram the subconscious mind” do this five minutes before sleep positive energy replaces what was once a
negativity so that it can be sent into the universe to make transformations and
others additionally you remove this negativity from your mind and your
vibration field opening you up for more positive experiences most people find a
very peaceful night’s sleep follows this exercise this is because the mind
realizes that what once had a negative impact on it has now been released it
will then spend its time processing all of the positive things that happen
throughout the day and relate that to the new experiences it brings into your
reality should other fears and worries show themselves in the following days
simply repeat the exercise each evening until you are able to let them go – it’s
also very important to forgive everyone including yourself and make a daily
practice of letting go of any judgments you may have previously carried
each time we create a negative emotional debt within ourselves a money related
debt or a health related debt or a love related debt is likely to follow each
negative emotional block that we allow to permeate us interrupts all aspects of
life and in turn blocks us from law of attraction the most powerful technique to reprogram the subconscious mind “do this five minutes before sleep” receiving pay attention to how heavy
intents you feel when you hold on to judgment resentment or anger when this
happens make the conscious effort to choose a better feeling and see how that
makes you feel positive States feel much lighter more serene and freeing you may
also choose to use the process given to lovingly release the negative feelings
of judgment resentment and anger or any others that come up for you it is an
individual choice to hold on to negative emotions and incessantly mull over
negative circumstances when we do this because great harm to ourselves and our
inner workings the mind will believe that because we focused on these things
we want more of it or we can practice releasing negativity and offering love
and kindness in each moment including to ourselves and the emotions that surface
for us by doing so life begins to present
blessings and abundance in ways we may not have previously been able to see law of attraction the most powerful technique to reprogram the subconscious mind do this five minutes before sleep

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99 thoughts on “The Most POWERFUL TECHNIQUE to REPROGRAM the Subconscious MIND (Do THIS Five Minutes Before Sleep!)

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  2. Many people living today see with their eyes, but I see with my heart. I am young with not much too lose! 2 days ago I self-published the first of many books and will be using my YouTube channel to document the entire journey. It is hard to paint a clear picture, but I will find a way. I'm just 20 years old on a path that many wouldn't think to take. I discovered my purpose and now it's time for me to chase my dream! Go watch my last YouTube video and like!

  3. Beautiful! Another exercise for dream-time. For many years I've had terrible dreams. This morning I woke up from one & even though I don't remember the dream exactly, I woke up feeling gawd awful. Can't wait to try this exercise tonight!

  4. So beautiful…I love it!!!!
    I’m one that always has a fight with something and by doing this technique now, I feel that love replaces those things that don’t serve me and I need around me…
    I am love, I am peace, I am flawless, I am gods child, I am!!!! ❤️

  5. Forgive everyone? That's not going to happen. There are people who have viciously harmed me who deserve justice in return. I won't forgive until justice is served. That will make me feel better.

  6. This is such a loving deeply compassionate way to deal with this energy that a river of tears are just flowing from me especially when you said your worries may not have ever been treated with love (or words to that affect) , the idea that a worry would actually feel and that I have never considered it's feelings filled me with remorse and relief that I could at last show it compassion, kindness and a tenderness that we all deserve. I have had the most loving gorgeous beautiful day with friends that showed such a generus loving act of helping me dejunk my home that I am filled with joy and now this is the icing on the cake , sincerley thank you from a gracious heart <3

  7. This is an impressive presentation with which I agree entirely. Since the creator of this video
    mentions Mr. Napoleon Hill, I'm curious as to whether he or any of the viewers of this video
    have had occasion to listen to an only recently released manuscript by Mr. Hill heretofore
    unpublished (his wife actually pleaded with Hill not to release the manuscript for publication
    until after their death! ). Listening to the tape now available on you-tube should reveal why
    she felt that!). The name of the video on you-tube: "How to Outwit the Devil" and in it Hill
    has some statements about the american 'educational system', organized 'religion' and even
    Mr. Franklin Delano Roosevelt that might have cost him dearly had he not followed his wife''s
    impassioned pleas not to publish the manuscript while they were still alive!

  8. Some of the videos I notice after consistently following this channel is quite scary as they are too specific. I don’t think there is any need to be specific. Just keep it positive and negative or things that you desire and not desire. It’s a given thing that none want to attract debt, death, or ill health. Why be so obvious? I feel this puts me off.

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  10. this soothing self hypnosis technique might make me sleep better but it wont get rid of the bailiffs who keep trying to get into my house & take all my stuff!!!

  11. I laid back with my eyes closed and headphones in and felt this blissful feeling that I can't explain. Thank you for this wonderful, peaceful video.

  12. I don't have this power, im just a speck of dust. I can't manifest anything, since i have no real feelings. Others have this, but i don't. I believe this is real, but i have no control of my reality. God didn't give me this power, im just a worthless being.

  13. A brick of money works the best helps you release all life's losses and lesser people who let you down financially 😉

  14. Hello Your Youniverse! Thank you for another mind changing and extremely helpful video. Blessings to you all. My sincere hope is that you reach one BILLION views.

  15. This is life-changing for so, so many. Thanks for sharing these insights & practices. This is spot-on with a practice Wayne Dyer shared that he’d been doing for years/ decades before his death. ~*~

  16. I study and teach a very advanced profound Kundalini Meditation process and it is highly beneficial for everyone to forgive everyone including themself without naming or telling anyone. I've seen people who had migrain headaches for decades and on precription painkillers for 24 years, they spent a few minutes daily thinking, "Holy Spirit, I forgive everyone, I forgive myself" and within 1 month the headaches and prescription painkiller were both gone out of their life. You forgive others for your benefit or else hanging onto old grudges has multiple detrimental effects on YOUR Health. It has nothing to do with if the other person deserves to be forgiven it has to do with you deserve to be healthy and happy. Budda said not forgiving someone is like picking up hot coals to throw at your enemy, you are the one that gets burnt. You deserve to let go of the burden of carrying old grudges that actually harm you. Do it whether you believe this or not. I know it to be real as taught for 9 years as saw the effects of not forgiving, it can even effect your eyes and cause ringing in your ears, etc.. Let if go for your sake for your benefit.

  17. Hi Your Youniverse,

    Thanks for sharing this technique before sleep. It can really remove the negativity.

    Keep sharing!


  18. This can work for a calm mind. This may not work for a messed up mind, which can be due to demonic possession. And demonic possession can have deliverance through fasting and praying in Jesus name.

  19. I like the play on words "you"universe. I know as I came from a world of trying to save myself and was saved by Jesus John 3:16 that the Bible has a lot to say on this. I actually give those problems to the Lord. Instead of it going nowhere it goes to a real God who loves us and died for us. Just a thought to share.

  20. It's a great video on overcome anxiety before going to sleep. Thank you for sharing it ☺💓💖💕👌👍

  21. Greetings I've experienced an awakening through Jesus himself and was wondering when my energy picks up on someone I know I get the one heart beat and what can only be described as intensified tingles on my head and within my energy field it's more of a sensational feeling than bad feeling can somebody please tell me what is going on I'm a little baffled by this sudden change THANKFUL but baffled :S

  22. These principles are straight out of the Bible! Glory to Yahweh! No wonder Yeshua taught us not to harbor and unforgiveness in our hearts overnight because it will literally change us into someone we mever wanted to be and attract even more negative energy! Hey, you reap what you sow!

  23. I'm suffering from not breathing comfortably. Can I heal this using my mind by thingking positive? I sometimes have panic attacks. what should I do to be back to normal?

  24. egy jogdijam változatlan miest megérkezett a privát számlára megbocsájtást mindannyian elnyeritek :))))))))))

  25. I have a fun testimony! I’m at work in bed. I slathered on my magnesium all over my fibro flared shoulders neck chest. I took my ibuprofen and neurontin and hoped for a decent nights sleep. I’ve been in agony all day slathering that damn magnesium soooo I lie down and find a fun video. I start listening as Im praying and it gets to the part of bisualizing worry. I pictured my one big fear right now as a candy cane it crushed into powder i swallowed it said it can’t live anymore. I barely moved my neck and my entire neck back and shoulders released from pain level nagging 8 for days to 1. Who’s surprised? Not me. I live and teach this thank you all who work so hard on this channel I love every video it’s helped me go from suicidal maniac to my publishing company and books coming out. Spokesperson for this.

  26. Thank you for making our lives easier . This practice is going to transform me entirely. I can’t thank you enough.

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