The Moji Minute – How to Massage Your Neck & Traps
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The Moji Minute – How to Massage Your Neck & Traps

Hi it’s Samantha here with Moji. Welcome to
the Moji Minute. As an athlete and runner, I’m going to show you how to use the Moji
Curve PRO and the Moji Mini PRO to relieve soreness in your neck and traps. To target
your upper traps, place your hand on the center of the massager and place the massager on
the side of your neck. The upper trap muscle runs from the side of your neck to the top
of your shoulder. Make note of any sore spots. The Mini massager is ideal for cross-friction
massage – massage against the grain of the muscle, providing a deeper massage. Utilize
the flexibility of the Mini to wrap around the muscles and get a very compressed massage
of these areas. Use the larger spheres for sustained pressure to target sore spots. To
take your relief to the next level, throw your PRO massagers in the freezer and enjoy
an ice massage. Check out our website at for more massage and recovery tips. Thanks for

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