Thank You For the Gift of Medical Care!
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Thank You For the Gift of Medical Care!

Do you have access to a nearby health
facility be it a hospital clinic or doctor’s office? If so, you should feel very lucky. Around the world thousands of men women and children live with physical pain and burdens from deformities and sickness. The healthcare
options for these people are scarce. Often the facilities are far
away and their only option is to walk and even when they arrive they often
find they cannot afford treatments. Children with cleft lips are hidden from
their communities, as their parents feel they will be ridiculed. Those with knock knees or bowed legs cannot run and play like other children around them. Climate, dirty water, and physically demanding occupations all take their toll on the bodies of people all over the world. But their visit to the pharmacy is not a quick drive down the street. But thanks to the support of our
generous partners, Operation Blessing is able to provide healthcare options to those in need! You can provide life-changing surgeries
for those with cleft lips, bowed legs, cataracts and more. Medical brigades and travelling pharmacies make their way into remote villages to serve families who otherwise could not access healthcare and the results are life-changing. We are grateful for you and your heart to see lives changed around the globe. To get involved go to

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