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TeamViewer – Customer’s Stories – AnyTech365 –

TeamViewer, for us, is much more than overcoming
challenges. TeamViewer is the cornerstone of our business; actually TeamViewer is the
reason why we started this business in the first place. AnyTech is a professional tech support company, helping people and small business with all
sorts of problems they might have. We offer unlimited access to our clients. So if you
have a subscription with us, it doesn’t matter how many hours of help you need, we offer unlimited access. So, after every initial clean up on the computer,
we put the TeamViewer icon on the desktop, so it’s always easy for the customer to find.
If the customer then has another problem, they are going to call us up, and we can connect
to their PC straight away, and see what the issue is. And then the technician will fix the problem. We are based in Marbella, which is in Costa
del Sol, which is known for a lot of things, but it’s not known for internet business. With this particular business model, we can stay at home so to speak. Using the TeamViewer technology, we can actually service computer users all over the world. It’s important for us to have partners and technologies which can scale with us. At the moment we add 10 to 15 new employees every single week, and I believe that the licensing
model that TeamViewer has, where we can just add a license every time we have an agent,
is very flexible. A lot of people we’re working with, they’re
actually quite amazed that even being 5,000 Kilometers away from them, that we’re still
able to control their PCs. So, I think they very quickly understand that because of this technology, we’ll be able to provide the service we are promising them, because they know how
easy it is for us to access their PCs through TeamViewer. You cannot say that TeamViewer helped us; TeamViewer is our business. So, this particular business would not be, if this technology of ours would not around.

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16 thoughts on “TeamViewer – Customer’s Stories – AnyTech365 –

  1. Aangezien mijn engels niet zo goed is een berichtje in het nederlands: Ik ben heel erg blij met jullie, speciaal met Richard van der Kooy en Bob. Geweldig werk wat jullie doen en zó vriendelijk 🙂 .

  2. I have had this service for almost a year and they have already completely cleaned up my computer twice. It is such a relief to know that help is at hand when I need it.

  3. Jammer genoeg was het laatste half jaar niet goed meer, ook teveel wisseling van mensen. Stuurde emails die niet werden beantwoord en op een gegeven moment zoveel problemen dat een computer nerd 2 dagen hier bezig is geweest met alles na te kijken en op een gegeven moment alles terug heeft gezet naar fabrieks instellingen. Jammer Anytech, een klant kwijt.

  4. I'm confused now… is it a scamming company or not? Can't believe that TeamViewer would support scamming companies.

  5. Cuidado con esta empresa , ya tiene dos juicios pendientes en Alemania y Holanda , si te sientes estafado no dudes en contactar con nosotros en

  6. Hello,
    AnyTech365 is now the first European company in the industry certified for compliance by the renowned consumer protection organization AppEsteem ( ). We are also a Chartered member of – another consumer rights group creating a safer Internet space.( I have been working at AnyTech365 for more than 4 years and I am currently the Chief Compliance Officer, leading a robust compliance operation that aims to ensure delivering great service with customer protection on top of mind. We have been working very hard towards compliance. Compliance is our vision for the future and I am extremely proud to be able to be driving this effort.

  7. AnyTech365 has been working really hard towards getting the certification from AppEsteem ( I am working here as the project manager and we have some great partnerships with very serious companies. We find it extremely important that our customers are treated in the right way and that they are protected. This is top priority always!

  8. My computer had a virus and was very slow. Now it has a new lease of life. Very happy with AnyTech365 and Teamviewer for the connection!!

  9. I am a new customer and I am very happy that I am apart of this company I have received great support with my pc laptop cell phone, etc., I have already shared with others how great your support is, David and Djamel to me to me have been very helpful Thank you

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