Teacher Conference on Health and Wellness
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Teacher Conference on Health and Wellness

Good morning Mr. Richard, Hello Ms. Johanna. I’m glad to see that Sebastian is going to be part of our infant’s classroom. Yes,
we’re very happy as well I know that he’s gonna be well hands. Yes, he will. To best take care Sebastian we would like to know more about him, the way we
can provide him with the attention and care he needs
yes, what would like to know about him? first, I would like to know, is Sebastian up today with all vaccinations? Yes, he’s up to date with all vaccinations
and I bought a copy of his shot’s record. Oh excellent
as far as you know the Sebastian have any medical condition or is he taking
any medication? No, he doesn’t have any medical conditions and he’s currently
not taking any medications. when was Sebastian last seen by a doctor and did he identify
any development issues with him? He was last seen by a doctor last month and the
doctor said that he’s on track with the development of any six-month-old baby.
That is great news. As far as his diet can you tell me about Sebastian’s daily diet
and allergies? Oh he’s very well, he doesn’t have any allergies, he continues
to be breastfed at night, but during the the day he drinks formula about three to
four hours a day, but we are starting to introducing to vegetables and fruit
purees a couple times a day. Very good. At night, how does he sleep and does he take any
naps during the day? He’s very well night and during the day
he likes to take an hour nap around ten o’clock in the morning
perfect. Currently is your family having any problem
that might affect your child? No, we’re not having any issues, thank you for asking
Excellent! everything is going to be fine with Sebastian, I would like to share a
few things to keep in mind. Sure. Please, it’s important that you
let us know the following. In case that Sebastian shows any signs of flu or
fiver please give us a call. Okay. Also, let us know when he gets new shots,
so we can take special care of him Sure, finally, please continue to introduce
Sebastian to nutritional and well-balanced new foods, and continue to interact with him
at home to support his development as a healthy boy
sure we will. Thank you, Mr. Richard. thank you, Ms. Johanna.

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