Taylor – Nursing at Queen’s University
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Taylor – Nursing at Queen’s University

My name is Taylor. I’m in my third year of nursing, and I’m Mohawk from six nations of the Grand River And I sit with the turtle clan my daughter granddaughter and aunt a sister a friend and the athlete everything I fell in love with the campus when I came for a tour and just the sense of community I had been in contact with some of the staff from four directions, and I saw the center and completely felt at home, so I’ve done a lot of work with the indigenous community so kind of getting to increase of visibility of indigenous culture on campus helping first year students. He came. He didn’t really know who they were kind of helped him through that struggle and got them more associated with four directions like trying to figure out their culture where they come from that kind of thing. So I went through a really tough time in second year and at one point I felt really alone and actually, I had gone to four directions first and then they supported me and I also went to the school nursing and got a lot of support I know that there’s a lot of people out there who are going through much worse times so wanting to give back to them. It’s a dream.

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